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कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियेर्वा
बुध्यात्मनावा प्रकृते स्वभावात्
करोमि यद्यत सकलं परस्मै
सदाशिवयेति समर्पयामि
ॐ तत् सत्

Whatever I do with my Body, Whatever I do with my Speech, Whatever I do with my Mind, Whatever I do with my Sense-Organs, Whatever I do with my Wisdom, Whatever I do with my Soul, And whatever I do with my Nature!

I dedicate all that I do, To Lord Sadashiva.

Om! That is the truth!


It’s too late to express my thankfulness, but as they say, ‘Better late than never!’ I take this opportunity to speak my heart out and give tribute to all those people who influenced this work.

Fifteen years back, during my schooldays our neighbor -‘Late. Smt. Poosamma’; whom we used to fondly call as ‘Ammamma’ (means maternal grandma), used to tell us stories of Sri Veerabrahmam. It was believed that she had the vision of that divine Saint many times in her life. I express my thankfulness to her from the core of my heart since had she not enriched my mind with the stories of this great Saint, perhaps I wouldn’t have known about this great Saint whose works and life is still unknown to everyone in India. I dedicate this book to ‘Ammamma!’

Secondly, I am greatly indebted to my Mother ‘Smt. A. Ramani’, who used to read out these stories and explain us the complex meanings of Advaitic philosophy. Being a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya and having lived outside Andhra Pradesh, I didn’t know reading Telugu font. Therefore she used to read out stories line by line. Hence, for me the second person whom I’m indebted to is my mother, and I’ll be grateful to her always.

Thirdly, I would thank Mr. Devi Prasad Acharya, who works as a software professional in Infosys, for taking time from his busy schedule to read this book and write the ‘’Foreword’ for me.

Next, I would thank all those members of Orkut devotional forums who actually encouraged me to come up with this book.

Lastly, I would say whatever happens, happens at the God’s will. So, if this book is in place today, it means that Lord has shown his mercy on me. Thanks to the Jagadguru ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra!’

- Santosh Ayalasomayajula


This book contains many great Yogic techniques which leads a human towards Self Realization. They have been preached by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami to his Disciples.

Yogic methods are very useful and take a person towards Salvation, but they must be strictly practiced under the supervision of a learned Guru (Spiritual master). That’s what has been the norm followed since ages.

Hence readers are instructed not to practice any of the Yogic methods on their own since reading a text may lead to various interpretations by various people!

Santosh Ayalasomayajula


Before reading this book I never knew that India had such a great saint who could see through the future and predict future events with high end accuracy! Veerabrahmendra, a saint who lived in 13th Century, had authored a book of prophecies called 'Kalagyanam'. It reveals a secret that Veerabrahmam was the forerunner of Kalki and came on earth to establish Dharma.

His life story reveals many divine teachings on Yoga viz. Sankhyam, Tarakam, Amanaskha, and meditation techniques like Lakshyatriambakam. Mainly his preaching on "Atma bodha' and ‘Advaita’ are awesome. Shat-Chakra Yoga (Kundalini), Drukkatma, Chaya Purusha, Swara Pareeksha kind of divine Yogic secrets of Self Realization, have been taught beautifully with granular and finer details. I doubt if such preaching(s) exist today elsewhere. Apart from being a Guru, he had also shown his divinity through many miracles like; making dead men alive, drinking hot molten iron, curing leprosy instantly, and lighting oil lamps with Water etc.

World War-I, II, Tsunami of 2004, San Francisco Earthquake of 1902, Super Typhoon Nina of China, Famine of 1974 in Bangladesh, British rule on India, Mahatma Gandhi, Invention of Electricity & Automobiles, Democracy replacing Monarchy in India, Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984; If these really happened and they aren't fiction, then I must say that these were predicted 700+ yrs ago itself. After reading his life history I personally rate Sri Veerabrahmendra as one of the Sadgurus like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, and Adi Shankaracharya. I'm happy that the life history of such a great saint has been brought to the limelight.

Coming to the author, I would say that his story telling skills are appreciable, the way his narration & screenplay goes; it looks as if one is watching a movie. He has also put his own commentary as ‘Footnotes’ in many chapters which reveal many additional secrets of Hinduism. It was a nice reading experience and I'm sure whosoever reads this, would hold the same opinion.

I wish all the best to Mr. Santosh Ayalasomayajula and hope he becomes successful in his aim of bringing that hidden Saint to the front stage!

Technology Lead, INFOSYS Technologies


If we’re asked whether we’ve heard about ‘Nostradamus’; all of us would be quick enough to raise our hands and unanimously say, “Yes, Sir!” But how many of us would say “Yes”, if we’re asked whether we’ve heard of any such person from India? Probably none, or one, or few! And then, if we’re given a small introduction about a person from India whose predictions are actually working; then wouldn’t we be interested to know about that person in much more detail? If the general psychology says the answer would be ‘Yes’, then I must say that - that was the reason why I came up with this book today!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce a saint of India, ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’, who lived 700+ years ago.

He was the author of a book called ‘Kalagyanam’, which was written on the leaves of a palm tree. Kalagyanam contains approximately fourteen thousand verses of prophecies for the whole world. Many of those prophecies have already happened correctly, many are happening, and many others are yet to take birth from the womb of the future. Seven hundred years ago (or even before) he predicted future events correctly which includes (but not limited to):- Lamps running on the power of water (Hydro electricity), Lifeless vehicles running without bullocks or horses (automobiles), Birth of Mahatma Gandhi, British rule over India, Nuclear holocausts (Hiroshima-Nagasaki episode), world wars (twice happened, possibility of third one also exists as per Kalagyana), love marriages, Earthquake in America (San Francisco Earthquake happened in 1906), Tsunami of 2004 etc…

He was not just a prognosticator; in fact he was a great Yogi, a great Saint, a philosopher, a preacher of ‘Advaita’ (Non-Dualism), a rational thinker, and a ‘Sadguru’ (True preceptor) in real sense. During his lifetime he traversed through various states of the country and rationalized the thinking of many ignorant people. He preached Vedic knowledge to many people who were submerged under the ocean of ignorance, false beliefs, superstitions and atheism. When people were suffering from the tortures of caste system, he rationalized their thoughts and preached them that, ‘Caste is not by birth, it’s decided based on the Karma of an individual’. He taught many secrets of Yoga like – ‘Sankhya’, ‘Taraka’, ‘Amanaskha’; meditation techniques like ‘Lakshya Triambakam’; and method of self realization through ‘Kundalini’.

His life history also speaks about many miracles that he did in his life like, making a dead man become alive, giving life to a murdered woman, curing a long term leprosy patient instantly, drinking molten iron as water when offered by a rude person, lighting lamps with water instead of oil when tested by a Nawab and many more.

It’s worthwhile to mention what he stated in his Kalagyana about himself. He said he would come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and would be popularly known as –Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His life history speaks about his divinity and tells that he was the precursor of Kalki and came to set the stage for his future incarnation!

There is no proper evidence which tells us about his exact year of birth. But we have few references from which we can estimate his date of birth approximately. First reference is - the Tamarind tree which grew up on the Pot of Kalagyana which Swami had hidden safely under the ground in Banaganapalle Mutt, that tree is believed to be 700+ years of age as per the Mutt people. Also, Swami was approximately a contemporary of Vemana Yogi. Swami wrote Kalagyana in two styles viz. Vachana Kalagyana (Kalagyana as prose), and Padya Kalagyana (Kalagyana as Poetic verses). His Padya Kalagyana which was like two verse statements, resembled the Vemana Yogi’s poems, hence in Andhra Pradesh, poetry of Veerabrahmendra and Vemana are equally famous. Even Vemana’s exact date of birth is not known. However, C.P. Brown who researched on Vemana, estimated that Vemana lived around 13th century by studying some of Vemana’s works. Based on the Tamarind tree’s age and Vemana’s era I suppose Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami would have also lived around 13th Century. So, approximately, Sri Veerabrahmendra would have taken birth sometime in late 12th Century or early 13th Century.

Today we find few contemporary writers, blogs, and internet websites calling out Swami's date of birth as 1610 CE. But this information is incorrect since there is no reference which would give such an absolute estimate of his date of birth. I have read Veerabrahmendra Swami’s life history in Telugu language written by three different authors of yesteryears; but in none of their works I could find any exact mention of Brahmamgaru’s date of birth. Based on the aforesaid references of Vemana and Tamarind Tree, definitely Swami dates back to somewhere around early 13th CE. Apart from these two points, another logical reasoning can be drawn which contradicts the possibility of 1610 as Swami's birth year; that is, East India Company was already formed in 16th century which established its trading points in Surat, Madras, Bombay and Calcutta; and a Kalagyana verse which talks about 'British Rule on India', was believed by people as a 'Prediction' (a foretold prophecy). Had Swami been born in 1610 then surely Swami wouldn't have gained so much respect and popularity because people wouldn't have believed his verses as ‘predictions’ since, living among British, to say British would rule the country would be an absurd statement rather than being a prediction. If till date people from all the generations respect Swami as a 'forecaster' then it becomes evident that he wasn't born in 1610. Nevertheless, these trivial differences shouldn’t matter in front of his teachings, his blemish less life, and his Kalagyana.

His life history & teachings are very influential and establishes the importance of rational thinking, Dharma, renunciation, detachment, yoga and Vedic understanding of the scriptures. His ‘Kalagyana’ was a book of “predictions” which never failed, and that’s probably the reason why people who know about him, venerate him and always look forward with alacrity to see the future events happening.


10th December, 2010


The vision behind this book is just a simple & humble attempt to bring the glories of a great saint to the forefront and give a stage for it to flourish. In my childhood I read the life history of Potuluri Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami which inspired me a lot towards the divinity. A year back, in a social networking site –, in a forum I happened to discuss few things about this Saint where I found an overwhelming interest from the audience. Most of them were non-Telugu speaking people. They wanted me to tell more about this saint where I failed since I didn't have any e-book or website link in English. When I expressed my inability to provide complete life history in the language they could have understood, one of them gave me an idea saying, "I understand that it's a time consuming effort but why don't you come up with your write up in a language known to all?”

Probably that was the turning point for me, and I decided to bring his complete Life History in English so that everyone could get benefited out of it since ‘English’ is a universal language! So, on March 7th 2010 I started this project and completed it in a period of nine months.

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami was a great Saint, a ‘Sadguru’ (true spiritual master) and a very influential personality. He is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

My only aim is to spread awareness about him and his teachings among the larger audience through the medium of ‘English’, erasing the restrictions or barriers created by local languages. This is a humble attempt to bring the hidden works to forefront of that great saint who walked on the earth 700+ years ago teaching the path of righteousness and rationalism.

Yes it’s sad and bad on our part that not everyone knows about the great Indian saint - Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami. So through this book I would try to tell Indians (and the world) about the ‘Nostradamus of India’.

Hope the readers would enjoy reading this book!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 1- Kalagyana Highlights – Which Already Happened in the Past

Before proceeding with reading the life history of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami (which includes Kalagyana chapters as well), let’s visit some of the Kalagyana highlights which have already happened in the past.

प्रभव पार्धिव मध्ये बहु प्रलय निश्चयं अनन्तर आनन्द मध्ये रक्तपातो रणरङ्ग भूमे Kaliyuga’s 5000 years hence starting from the years by name ‘Prabhava’ to ‘Pardhiva’ there would be many cataclysms all over the world. Mass deaths of people, animals, and soldiers would happen. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines, deluges in rivers and oceans would wipe out lives on a large scale [Refer to Ch. 35 – Verse 13]”. World War-II ended in last Pardhiva (1945); again the next Pardhiva was 2005 before which we had seen Tsunami which claimed 230,210 lives.

शनि स्तितौजुम्वरासौ भवेत् भूभार नाशनं आनन्दे धनुजब्द्येतु लोकेस्मिन कलिनाशनं When Saturn enters Zodiac sign Gemini, many sinners would be killed and in the year named ‘Ananda’ ‘Kali Dharma’ would decline, which means again loss of lives to relieve the burden of earth [Refer to Ch. 35 – Verse 14]”.

When Saturn enters a zodiac he remains there for 2.5 years as per astrological calculations; but when he enters Gemini, due to the effect of Kalagyana, that period remains devastating to the world. Saturn entered Gemini in the years 1913, 1943, 1973, and 2003. In 1913 (created World War-1 where causalities were 37 million), 1943 (killed 50-70 million in World War-2), 1973 (Famine of 1974 in Bangladesh claiming 1,000,000 lives, Cyclone named 'Super Typhoon Nina' in China claiming 210,000 lives), 1973 (Dhaka Tornado of 1973 claimed 681 lives, & Banqiao Dam failure-China in 1975 claimed 231,000 lives), 2003 (Bam earthquake-Iran claiming 26,271 lives, European heat wave claiming 40,000 lives, Indian Ocean Tsunami of Indonesia in 2004 claimed 230,210 lives, Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 claimed 79,000 lives). The year named ‘Ananda’ repeated itself in 1915 and 1974 whose death tolls have been mentioned above.

Fair faced (Sweta Mukhi) people would rule this country [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 3]”. This verse foretells about British rule on India.

…a woman would rule for sixteen years [Refer to Ch. 94 – Verse 25]”. Indira Gandhi ruled for sixteen years.

After 4999th year of Kaliyuga a great soul called ‘Gandhi’ would be born, he would become famous as ‘Mahatma’; He would bring freedom to the nation. He would establish certain number of ‘Dharma’ (righteousness) in the country [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 1]”. This verse is self explanatory and tells us about ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ the freedom fighter of India.

Non living vehicles would come [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 4]”. This Kalagyana verse talks about the advent of Automobiles which do not need any bullocks, horses, or elephants to pull them.

In the entire world lamps would be lit with water [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 5.]”. This talks about the advent of Electricity -Hydroelectric Power Generation.

Self realized Gurus would become rare, fraudulent Gurus would become innumerable [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 10.]”. It’s a very true and self explanatory statement indeed! Today do we have Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Ramana Maharshi kind of self realized saints?

Traditional method of ruling country (monarchy) would be replaced by a new system where citizens would become rulers [Refer to Ch. 98 – Verse 26.]”. It happened correctly after the independence of India. Monarchy was replaced with Democracy.

In the year named ‘Prabhava’ massive earthquakes would occur in America killing thousands of lives and huge loss to property [Refer to Ch. 94 – Verse 12.]”. Happened exactly in 1906 (Prabhava) – the Earthquake of San Francisco killing over 3000 lives.

Ambrosia would trickle down from Neem tree [Refer to Ch. 24 – Verse 70.]”. Happened on Oct-28, 2010 in a village of Andhra Pradesh and was telecasted on ‘TV9’ - An eminent news channel of Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayanagaram city would be venerable for some time and would lose all its glory afterwards [Refer to Ch. 24 – Verse 45.]”. This has already happened. Great king Sri Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom ‘Vijayanagaram’ had lost all its glory and now it is present only in school level history books.

Images on the screen would rule countries [Refer to Ch. 24 – Verse 54.]”. Means cinema actors would become political leaders it is happening; NTR, MGR, Jayalalitha, Chiranjeevi, Rajni Kant, Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more examples can be cited.

Chapter 2- Knowing ‘Kalki’ through ‘Kalagyana’

Here are few selective points of Kalagyana taken from the individual chapters of this book which were spoken by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami. These are found to be in close match with the incidents cited in Kalki Purana.

In the year named 'Vishwavasu' I would be born carrying a name 'Sri Veerabhogavasantaraya', and would later become famous by the name 'Kalki'. I would learn many Vidyas (arts/subjects) from Ashwatthama, Lord Dattaatreya, Sri Sanaree Vishveshwara Swami, Sri Achaarya Nagarjuna, Sri Swarna Amaralingeshwara Swami, and many other saints. [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 7]”. This verse is in sync with the story from the Kalki Purana where it is written that Kalki would learn many subjects and martial arts from Dattatreya, Ashwatthama, Parashurama, and other saints.

In the year named ‘Parabhava’ I as Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ would gain some boons from Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ and would go to ‘Vindhya’ mountains to visit some ‘Rishis’ (saints). After accumulating the required boons and blessings, then finally I would be called as ‘Kalki’ [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 8]”. This is also indicated in Kalki Purana that Lord Kalki would visit many great saints dwelling on mountains and would take their blessings.

As ‘Kalki’ in the year named, ‘Pramadicha’ I would become eight years old boy. [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 9]”. That means, probably education, blessings acquired etc. would happen in his childhood before eight years of age.

In the 5047th year of Kaliyuga (not to be confused with the English AD number) which would be called by name ‘Pingali’ a fierce war would start and would continue in the northern countries till the year named ‘Kalayukti’ [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 12, & Ch. 94 – Verse 11]”.

In the year named ‘Durmati’ by the ‘Kartika Suddha Pournami’ day (full moon day of November) I would become sixteen years old youngster and would be hailed by the name, ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ and would become famous by name – ‘KALKI’. I would protect the virtuous people and take care of them as my children. I would punish the sinners for their evils [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 14]”. Here Swami mentions the various names by which he would be known as. Also he clearly states that the name Kalki would be the most famous name.

In the year named ‘Raktakshi’ I would get married [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 15]”. Kalki Purana states that Kalki would marry ‘Padmavati’ from the region called, ‘Simhala’. Some scholars believe that Simhala is another name of ‘Sri Lanka’, and some others believe that Sri Lanka was never referred to as ‘Simhala’ in epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, and hence they map that region with ‘Vijayawada’ of Andhra Pradesh which is the abode of the Goddess Durga - the rider of Lion (Simha). Only Lord ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya (Kalki)’ might know about the truth behind ‘Simhala’.

From the year named 'Virodhi', I would start my mission of 'Dushta Sikshana Shishta Rakshana'. From that year onwards stars, planets, and fate would work under my control. Destiny written by Brahma would no more remain functional; people would have to face the fruits of their Karmas accordingly as per my desire. I would decide pleasures and pains of individuals based on their past deeds [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 16].

In the year named ‘Nandana’ I would visit ‘Sri Sailam’, I would worship Lord ‘Mallikarjuna’ by following 'Pasupata Diksha' (also called as Viraja Diksha). From Lord Shiva I would get a horse by name 'Devadatta', a parrot by name 'Shuka', a mighty sword named 'Ratnamaru', a celestial bow by name 'Karmukam', 'Akshaya Tooniram' (inexhaustible quiver), as boons from him. Again I would sit for penance in ‘Sri Sailam’. But before I sit for my penance, there would be some calamities on Earth which would indicate about my presence to you. In the year named ‘Nandana’ innumerable stars would fall on the earth erasing many lives from the surface [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 17]”.

In the year named ‘Durmukhi’ starting from the ‘Kartika Suddha Chaturdasi’ day (fourth day after new moon in the month of November) I would start eliminating the sinners and that year onwards there would be many ‘Mahapralayam (cataclysms)’ [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 18]”.

In the year named ‘Raudri’ in the month of November fierce wars would happen [Refer to Ch. 91 – Verse 13]”. As per some sources there would be World War-3 somewhere after 2037 and would last till 2046. If we translate this Hindu calendar year ‘Raudri’ into Christian calendar it maps to 2041.

In ‘Badarikashrama’ place, I would reveal my true form to the great sages of that place for their long awaited desire. Then I would come to ‘Nandikonda’ village where I would teach them warrior skills [Refer to Ch. 94 – Verse 5]”.

In ‘Kartika’ month (November) people would believe me and worship me as ‘Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’. On the ‘Kartika Suddha Dwadasi’ day (twelfth day after new moon day in November) people would recognize me as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and would develop devotion towards Vishnu. People would pray me with verses from sacred book ‘Sama Veda’. Ignorant people wouldn’t be able to know me [Refer to Ch. 90 – Verse 11]

The way ‘Dharmaraja’ and ‘Sri Rama’ ruled over the country with righteousness I would rule over this world with the same integrity and righteousness for one hundred and ninety five years. That’s true! [Refer to Ch. 90 – Verse 17]”. Kalki Purana also states that Lord Kalki would rule over the entire world righteously and that time all religions would merge into one. This verse spoken by saint Veerabrahmam in his Kalagyana is in close match with the Kalki Purana.

So, from the above Kalagyana verses it becomes evident that ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ would otherwise be called as Kalki.

Then another related question arises, “Why did Lord Vishnu incarnate as ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’ well before his planned tenth incarnation – Kalki?” The answer to this is given in ‘Chapter - 7’ of this book.

In fact Veerabrahmendra and Kalki are complementary to each other and together they achieve the purpose of the ‘Avatara Dharma’ (purpose of incarnation). It would be understood gradually as and when we progress through the chapters and finally in the Epilogue we would see that both incarna-tions are complementary to each other and serve the same divine purpose.

With this introduction and analysis about the forthcoming manifestation, let’s now proceed ahead.

Chapter 3- This is Not the End…

That was the ‘Vaisakha Suddha Dasami’ day (tenth day after the new moon day in the month of April) and it was nearing 2 o’clock in the noon. And 2:30 was the predefined auspicious time for Sri Veerabrahmendra’s Sajeeva Samadhi. Entire village flocked at Kandimallayya Palle Mutt together with the Nawab of Kurnool. Many devotees from other villages also assembled at the venue.

Addressing the crowd for the last time, Swami revealed many more secrets of his Kalagyana about his arrival as Kalki.

Then, addressing the entire crowd, he instructed, “Children! Remember my Mantra which is the ‘Beeja Samputi’ (seed letters); this would bestow you with all sorts of happiness and would protect you like an armor from any kind of calamity. ‘Om, Hreem, Kleem, Shreem, Namah Shivaya, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamine, Namah’. Chant this Mantra regularly and remain blissful while you live; and when you leave, you would get liberation for sure! There are no restrictions for anyone. Women, men, people from all caste and creeds, can chant this Mantra of mine. With my mantra, there are no limitations like time, day, cleanliness etc.”

Then Swami called his wife ‘Govindamamba’ and said, “Devi! It’s almost the time for me to enter into the Samadhi. So, listen carefully to what I tell you now! You should not remove your ‘Mangala Sootram’, Bangles, saffron mark on forehead, and other items of a ‘Sumangali’ (married woman). The way you used to decorate yourself till date, you should continue the same in my absence also. Remember that those who consider you as a window and hate you for not having abandoned the aforesaid items; such people would get destroyed. The way you were worshipped till now, you would remain venerable by everyone in future as well. Remember that I am alive! I would remain alive! I’m not an ordinary human to die sitting in Samadhi; I’m entering Samadhi for penance and would remain alive for next hundreds of years till I come back as Kalki! This is not the End…this marks the beginning of my future manifestation called ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’, otherwise known as - KALKI”

Swami addressed his children and the spectators saying, “Dear sons and devotees! It’s time for me to enter the Samadhi. My suggestions for you all are; remain peaceful and calm natured, remember me always, remain devoted to the almighty, and follow the path of righteousness. Children! There are many more secrets which I can preach you, but I am running short of time. Be affectionate with Siddhaiyya. His name and fame would remain inerasable till the time sun and moon would last!”

Swami’s sons asked Swami to give his hand stick, ‘Paduka’ (wooden slippers), and ‘SikhaMudrika’ (an ornament worn on the matted hair lock) to them, but Swami refused and said, “These are the property of that pious disciple, who had served his Guru for continuous twelve years, with full faith and devotion. These are for my dearest son – Siddhaiyya!”

Then Swami sat in ‘Padmasana’ (a yogic posture) inside the Samadhi and lit an ‘Akhanda Jyoti’ (everlasting flame) inside. Then he asked those devotees to seal the four walls from all sides completely. Devotees closed the doors and sealed the walls from all sides.

That was the ‘Vaisakha Suddha Dasami’ day of 4094th year of Kaliyuga when that Lord of the Lords Vishnu who incarnated as ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’, after walking on this earth for 175 years; sat in Samadhi to prepare ground for his appearance in the future as Kalki…

Few questions arise! Where was Siddhaiyya? Why wasn’t he seen at the venue when Swami entered Samadhi? Why was he so dear to Swami? What’s the birth story of Swami? Who were his parents? What were Swami’s childhood pastimes? What were his lifetime glories?

To get answer to all such questions let’s travel 175 years backwards in time, from this venue. Let me take you to a small village of Andhra Pradesh, which was called by name ‘Nandikonda’. This was the origin, to where Swami’s story traces its roots. From there we would trace our journey backwards, capturing every small moment of Swami’s life till this point (and beyond) where from we’re beginning our time travel…