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  1. Hi Santosh,
    I am very thankful to you for posting the book, i was trying so much to get to know more on Sri Veera Brahmamendra Swami, other than talk to elderly one or inquiring about the works...ones who knew would reply saying they are only in telugu language.. but today you made my day..i cannot tell you how happy i am to see this link and i have already started..i would appreciate if you can paste the pdf as it would be very easy for us to upload and read where ever we are. again thanks for this great work

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for the interest in Brahmamgaru's life. Within 2 days I shall upload the PDF.

    Your happiness actually made my day, friend! I'm so delighted to see such an overwhelming interest from you.

    May god bless you!!

  3. Santosh,
    I am Maharashtrain and knows abuot a story about Brahmendra Swami from a Dattatreya Pothi. Brahmendra swami is not known to me till i read this Dattatreya book. The pothi claims Brahmendra Swami to be avatar of Dattatreya and from it I learn about Trikaladnyan ( त्रिकालज्ञान) written by Brahmendra Swami. I was searching for a book for a quite a time however there wasn't much information about it on net. Finally I landed to your blog. Great job translating this kaldnyan to English. One thing, as per panchang, Kaliyug started at 18 February 3102 BCE. This is mentioned on wikipedia as well as panchang and a book called Sripadvallab Charitramrut. This book is originaly written in Telagu anf you can read it. This book also mentions about Brahmendra Swami. ( Sripad Srivallabh was 1st avatar of lord Dattatreya )
    Sachin Bhinge

    1. Dear Sachin
      On which page no.of shripad shrivallabh charitramrut,You have found the reference of brahmedra swami ?

  4. The story of brahmendra swami is that, he was able to lit lamps with water, turns meat into fruits. Once villagers comes to Brahmendra swami to ask for donations to build a temple of Devi. Brahmendra swami refused saying he is sanyasi and have no money. Same time Brahmendra swami wanted to smoke 'Chirut' a form of cigarette and wanted fire to lit it. He asked to villagers about it however, villagers angry that Swami didn't gave them donation refused to give fire. Swami asked goddess to come quickly and lit the cigarette. The goddess appeared from a temple with hot coal, bowed to swami and gave fire to him. I didnt read complete books of yours till now, however i think this story must be present somewhere in this book.

  5. All these lighting lamps with water, turning meat into fruits ebverything is there in this blog. Please take your time to read it in leisure. You may also download the same book as PDF from the linbk given in the "Notice Board" and save it in your comp. for later reading.

    Good to see a Maharastrian knowing about this Saint of AP whose works are otherwise not well known outside AP> I'm very happy to learn that you had already heard about Brahmamgaru. It's interesting to know that he was mentioned in Sripada Srivallabha Swami's book.

    As per Brahmamgaru's life history given in any telugu book, he was an incarnation (direct) of Vishnu. You'll find the detailed story in this blog chapters.

  6. Hi Santosh,

    I'm an avid reader and traveler. I recently came back from a trip across Southern India visiting several historical places; some well known and others obscure. I'm someone who is fascinated by our history and jump to always learn more.

    As part of my numerous trips to India, I became interested in the architecture...which really pushed me to learn about the sculptors and their patrons as well as the scores of prolific people from that era.

    One of the things that really strikes me in the pursuit of this information is that how little people actually pay attention to their history and their surroundings. Often, when I would begin a discussion with people who boast of their expertise to learn more, they could never give a straight-forward, informative answer.

    But as I'm finishing up my degree and pursuing higher studies, I took advantage of my free time to read. I became interested in Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami when I was trying to decide where in India I wanted to visit next.

    I didn't find anything as informative of my tastes as your site. I just started reading through your collection of information. I wanted to thank you for posting this PDF. Most of all, I appreciate your aim in posting this and cannot thank you enough for undertaking such an effort in presenting this material.

    Thank you very much!

  7. Dear RKR,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment. God bless you!

  8. Please can you let me know the Janma tithi of Veer Brahmendra Swami

  9. Was Veera Bramendra a Saivite and was there any connection with Saivaism. did he actually say that he was going to return and veera bohga vasandhraayaa

    The reason I ask is that the History of my Spiritual Master here in South Africa says that He descends from a very devout Telugu Veera Saiva Family. For almost 60 years now, a song which He wrote has been a puzzle to us all. This is it:
    61. தருணம் இதே

    தருணம் இதே தருணம் இதே
    வீரபோக நீ வாவா வீரபோக நீ வாவா
    மருளைத் துடைத்த மெஞ்ஞான முனியே வீரபோக நீ வாவா
    இருளைத் துடைத்த நன் சிவஞான போதா வீரபோக வசந்த்ராயா
    ஜகமெல்லாம் போற்றும் ஜக குருபரனே வீரபோக நீ வாவா
    சுக பிரம்ம ஞானிகள் யாவரும் போற்றிடும் வீரபோக வசந்த்ராயா

    61. Tharunnam Idheh

    Tharunnam Idheh Tharunnam Idheh
    Veerabohga Nee Vaavaa Veerabohga Nee Vaavaa
    Marullai Thudaitha Mennyaana Muniyeh Veerabohga Nee Vaavaa
    Irullai Thudaitha Nan Sivanyaana Bohdhaa Veerabohga Vasandhraayaa
    Jagamellaam Pohtrum Jaga Gurubaraneh Veerabohga Nee Vaavaa
    Suga Bramma Nyaanigall Yaavarum Pohtridum Veerabohga Vasandhraayaa

    Now, my spiritual master, Veera Bramma Shree Siva SuppramaNiya GuruswaamigaL, is Saiva Sithaandhan. Here in South Africa, a book called the Veera Bohga Vasandhraayaa is chanted during Puruttaasi in praise of VishNu so, the book is very much inclined towards VaishNavam and Prophecy and, the author is said to be called Veera Bohga Vasandhraayaa. So, you see our dilemma. This was until I decided to research and came upon the name Veera Bramendra Swamy. As I skipped through all the sites, it was the same thing until I found a site which said that he was also known as Veera Brammamoo Gaaru. I refer you to the Life History of my Master please note that all the info on this site isn’t correct but, the part I want you to read (which appears below the pictures on the home page, around the second paragraph) is true as we have it in His hand-writing, together with script in Telugu which we can’t read, let alone, understand.

    1. Thanks for visiting this site. Well, we all frame our opinions based on the scriptures and ancient biographies about the people who lived in the past and whom we haven't seen.

      So, based on all versions of the life histories available today about veera brahmendra swami, I can confidently say that yes, he mentioned that he would reappear as veerabhoga vasantaraya.

      If your confusion is based on the name prefix "Veera" in brahmangaru's name in thinking that he might have hailed from a Veera-shaiva family; then let me clarify it. His name prefix is JUST a prefix and he didn't hail from any shaivite family. By birth he belonged to the caste of Vishwabrahmins (who are smiths - goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters etc).

      We don't have Brahmamgaru to testify the facts so we need to accept or decline (as necessary) the information what is available in his charitra.

  10. Did Veera Bramendra Swami actually say that He accepted all? Or could this just be an imposed modern idea that is making its rounds at the moment on a traditional and sketchy history to make the kaalanyaana more appealing? Remember, by the 16th century, the attire of one belonging to a certain sect was pretty much finalised and, even in that time, people were devoted to a certain path. Saiva Sithaandhans respect all religions and do not condemn but, revere their own and will defend it if attacked. In this song, which I believed is dedicated to Veera Bramendra Swami, GuruswaamigaL is saying that He taught the Wisdom of the Siva Nyaana Bohdham, as imparted to earth by ThenmugakaDavuL/DhakshaNamoorthi via Thiru MeykaNDa Sivam. This article also says that Bramendra Swami’s chief disciple preached Athuvidham/Adwaita. Now, if Bramendra Swami accepted all, He would not have accepted only Adwaita. It will be impossible to also accept Dwaita. Now, the question arises, which interpretation of Adwaita did He expound on. My money is on Suthadwaita which is the philosophy of Saiva Sithaandham as been taught, on earth, since the Thirumandhiram by classified by MeykaNDa. Suthadwaita has also been proven to be the only correct interpretation of Adwaita. Note that the tag line of GuruswaamigaL’s organisation here in SA is Athuvidha Yohga Kazhagam.

    There is a state experienced by a soul following in the path of Saiva Sithaandham, to which, Veera Saivam is a tradition. The state is called Sivameh yaam; also referred to as Thathvamasi and Sivohgam Baavanai. In such a state, the soul sees all as Sivan. Sivan as Mahabramma the Ultimate Creator, as Mahaa Vishnu the Ultimate Preserver, as Mahaa Rudhraa the Ultimate Dissolver… apart from that, it is realised that Sivan alone makes the various celestials perform their various duties by existing with the in a non-dual (Adwaita) state – He exists together with everything, as everything and different from everything, simultaneously. In this state, everything is Sivan. Remember, VishNu as KrishNa experienced this and also gave ArjuNa a taste of it (Vishvaroobam). Therefore he is respected by Saivites but isn’t given the same status as the Naayanmaar. Reason being is that KrishNa did not maintain this state whilst the Naayanmaar did. What are the chances that VishNu returned a spiritually mature soul as Veera Bramendra Swami and is currently in samaadhi performing penance to Sivan to receive the ‘sword’ that Kalki uses to put an end to Kali Yoogam? Remember, Sivan has been given quite a superior role in the Avadhaaarams of VishNu. Saivaism itself respects VishNu as a Saivite.
    My next question, what is the Aathmaanyaanam about?
    Please share whatever information anyone of you can with me at

    1. See...There are people who have falsely calculated Brahmamgaru's birth around 16th century. However my opinion is he belonged to 12th/early 13th century. Whatever be the time of his being on earth, even if you say people were divided into sects like saivites, vaishnavites; then also, it is very likely that people did exist who followed advaita.
      I have an opinion that there is no difference between Advaita and Shaivism in reality, Brahman of Advaitis is same as Shiva of shaivites. So, how does it matter if veera brahmendra swami preached Advaita even if he was a shaiva (as per you)?

      Brahmangau did say that he accepted all castes as one (read chapters 75-77). He did say that all gods are same. When he could accept a muslim boy as his disciple, you can understand easily how flexible he would have been towards all religions and towards all sects of hinduism. He never descriminated between vaishnavites and shaivites.

      To your doubt on Vishnu incarnating as spiritually matured soul I would like to clarify your misconceptiosn about Vishnu. Well, I am an ardent fan of lord Shiva but at the same time I cannot accept the low position of Vishnu that your statements are assigning him. Vishnu is the foremost guru as Hayagreeva. He is the great vedavyasa. He is is indeed the great dual sages Nara-Narayana who were the foremost sages and Narayana-rishi is the mantra-drashtha of Purusha suktam of Rig veda. If at all someone knows lord shiva very closely, I would say it is ONLY lord Vishnu. Even Mahabharata testifies the same in Bhishma's words.

      Neither I can accept Shiva as demi-god as attributed by vaishnavas nor I can accept Vishnu as spiritually not equivalent to nayannars as attributed by you. So, please remove all uch doubts around Vishnu's capabilities. He has been taking incarnations to save the mankind, and he would come as kalki in future.

      Your next question was on "Atma gyanam" - well atman gyanam means "knowledge of the self" whih is verily same as "brahman gyanam" knowledge of brahman; beause brahman is verily our Atman.

  11. Hi santhosh,

    My mother introduced me this person.I didn't know anything about him but after seeing this site I figured it out.This great person reveals some qualities that are outstanding.I hope you continue writing about many other great persons available in this world.

  12. any difference is there between free and purchased copys pls inform

  13. thank u very much

  14. Thanks for blogging this book. We have filed it under mythological fantasy and fan fiction category, in our ebook library.

    1. This wonderful account of brahmamgaru is a historical, biographical account, not mythology or fan fiction