Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 10-Childhood of Veerambotlayya Swami

Since Veera Papamamba didn’t have any of her own children she and her husband started rearing the child with their parental love and care. As like as moon grows in form after Amavasya till poornima, the same way this boy also started growing fast.

This boy used to follow all the religious practices as advocated by his elders and parents, and always would sit in Padmasana. He always would remain silent and occasionally would speak. But when speaks only pure wisdom used to come out of his words.

As soon as he attained the age of 7 years, he was admitted in a school. He was comparatively far more brilliant than any other fellow students and became master in fourteen Vidhyas within no time.Meanwhile his father Veera Bhojayacharya went into Jeeva Samadhi and united himself into the supreme soul. With this incident Veera Papamamba was greatly shocked and wanted to end her life as like as her husband did. But due to the immense attachment with her son she couldn’t do so.

Veeram botlayya after learning all the Vidyas understood that the root cause of all sadness is Samsara. One who can remain detached to the worldly things with Vairagya Bhava (feeling of renunciation), he would never face sadness instead he would always be in a state of bliss. With this realization he was filled with an immense desire to go out for pilgrimage, meet saints and establish himself in the ultimate bliss by detaching himself from samsaara. He finally decided to go, and with this decision in mind he went to his mother to seek her permission.


  1. 3 Paragraph starting line has word 'soon' misspelled. please correct it.

  2. Dear Santosh.

    Thank you for translating the Telugu work and letting us know about Shri VeeraBrahmendra Svami.

    Just to bring to your notice, 'Vidya' is mis-spelled as 'Vidhya' in this chapter. Pls do correct it.

    I would like to get a hardcopy of this and give it to my grandma. Where, in Bangalore, can i purchase a copy of this book? And the cost?

    1. Dear friend,

      You can get a hard copy of the same here:

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