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Chapter 100- Potulurayacharya Breaks Swami’s Samadhi

Potulurayyacharya became restless with that incident and often the thought of breaking Swami’s Samadhi used to rise in his mind. Desperate Potulurayya again expressed his thought to his mother. His mother said, “Son! Leave this thought of practically verifying whether your father is alive or dead. This thought itself looks like some bad omen to me. You might end up getting cursed by him if you do so. I suggest you not to go with that idea”.

Potulurayya’s desperation was increasing day by day. Seeing his determination Govindamamma suggested him to consult Siddhaiyya. He accepted her suggestion and went to ‘Mudumoola’ village which was eight miles away from ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’ village. He met Siddhaiyya and expressed his wish of breaking Swami’s Samadhi to check whether his father is still alive or has become one with the soil. Siddhaiyya replied, “Brother! I suggest you not to take such a step. Swami is a divine personality and he is doing penance inside the Samadhi. In no way he has left his body”. Siddhaiyya tried his level best to explain Swami’s divinity to Potulurayya. But all his efforts went in vain. Potulurayya said, “Keep your valuable suggestion with yourself. How dare you teach me about my father! I know my father better than you”. That was the behavior of Potulurayya towards Siddhaiyya.

He returned home and pretended as if he had got relieved by Siddhaiyya’s words. He kept silently watching till everyone went for sleep. Same night he slowly went outside taking some tools in his hands. He broke few sides of the Samadhi and then broke the top slab also. He was amazed to see his father sitting in ‘Padmasana’ (Yogic posture). But still his weird mind didn’t get enough testimony for Swami’s existence. He stood behind Swami and shook his body. Swami didn’t show any movement being in a ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’ (deep meditation). He took Swami’s head in one hand and in another hand he held Swami’s chin and then shook his head multiple times saying, “Father! Father! Are you alive? Wake up!”

That action directed Swami’s inner consciousness outwards. He opened his eyes and said angrily, “Who is that idiot who broke my Samadhi! Who invited my fury! Come infront of me!” Potulurayya started shivering with fear and said, “Father! I’m your son-Potulurayya. Please don’t get angry with me. Kindly pardon me and let me go!”

Swami replied, “Potuluru! You have taken birth from me, hence you are protected from my anger. However you should pay the penalty of this sin. I curse you to stay away from home for twelve years. Go with your wife to ‘Malameedi Palle’ village. There you would find a small hill in its outskirts. On that hill there would be a barren Tamarind tree near a small pond. Do penance for twelve years sitting under that tree. That tree has never produced any single tamarind fruit till date. But after twelve years when your penance would ripen, it would bear only one tamarind fruit which would directly fall in your hands. Eat that fruit and then come back to home and go into Samadhi.”

Potulurayya narrated all these sequences to his mother who became sorrowful on this incorrect job done by her son. Next day Potulurayya and his wife left their home towards ‘Malameedi Palle’ village. Govindamamba remembered ‘Poleramma’ who was the ‘Grama Devata’ (village deity) for that village. As soon as she remembered her, goddess Poleri appeared in the form of a young girl.”why did you summon me mother?”, Poleramma enquired. Govindamamba replied, “Mother! My son has to live under a tree doing penance for twelve years as a result of a curse. I pray you to help him in all his needs. Please remain protective of him through all these years and return my son safely back to me after the completion of the curse period”. Poleramma agreed and said, “So be it! I’ll protect and nourish your son. Don’t worry.” And she disappeared from that place.

That day onwards goddess Poleramma in disguise of a milkmaid used to come and give milk to Potulurayya. Twelve years passed and finally as told by Swami, that tamarind tree bear a single fruit and dropped it in the hands of Potulurayya. Finding his penance becoming a success, he packed his bag and baggage for returning back home. He sighted that milkmaid lady and asked her, “Mother! Who are you? You have been giving me milk daily till this date. I owe you how much money? Please tell me the cost so that I can pay you after returning home”

Milkmaid said, “Son! I’m goddess Poleramma! I have been protecting you as per your mother’s wish. I don’t want money in return however if you could establish my shrine in the Mutt of Sri veerabrahmendra Swami, that would be a great help for me”. Potulurayyacharya replied, “Mother! In our Mutt establishing you is difficult for logistics reasons. However nearby there is a ‘Neem tree’ in which you can reside. I assure you that on every ‘Vaisakha Suddha Ekadasi’ day (Eleventh day after new moon day of April) there would be a grand festival organized for you”.

Goddess Poleramma accepted and merged inside that ‘Neem’ tree. That day onwards till date it is believed that people of these villages take processions of the goddess, offer her many sweet dishes, and celebrate the festival every year in the month of April.


From this chapter it becomes very clear that Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami wasn’t any ordinaly self realized saint. Entering Samadhi means ‘Death’ for normal saints. Swami warned people before entering Samadhi asking them not to consider him as dead. But baed on comments from few disbelievers, Potuloorayya breaks the Samadhi, and finds him alive. That was done after a period of ten months from the day Swami entered Samadhi. A human (read God) who can live for ten months inside a tomb can survive for years together. How trye were Swami’s words! But unfortunately people don’t believe even if spoken by God!

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