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Chapter 101- Siddhaiyya’s Exploits


One night a rich business man named ‘Timma Reddy’ got bitten by a cobra. He started spitting foram from his mouth. His family members called for a ‘vaidya’ (doctor) who tried to save his life but in vain. Timma Reddy’s life breath got released out. The next morning his relatives arranged for his funeral and took him to the cremation ground which was at the outskirts of their village. At the other side of the cremation ground there was the ‘Mudumoola’ village where Siddhaiyya used to live. Perhaps due to the divine intervention luckily Siddhaiyya happened to pass through the road which was near the cremation ground. Siddhaiyya stopped, approached them and asked, “Who is this man? Why are you trying to cremate a living human?”. They replied, “Sir! He died last night itself. We couldn’t succeed to protect him even after trying out many methods and medicines”. Siddhaiyya closed his eyes, remembered his Guru in his mind for a while and used the power of ‘Suryopasana’ (Worship of Sun) which he learnt from his Guru ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’; opened his eyes and casted his vision on the body of Timma Reddy. That’s it! He got up and sat on the pyre. When enquired, his relatives narrated everything to him and everyone recognized Siddhaiyya’s divinity and his devotion for his Guru.

All these sequences were closely watched by a Brahmin called ‘Govinda’. He became so mesmerized by Siddhaiyya’s divinity that he insisted to become his disciple as like as Siddhaiyya did with ‘Veera Brahmendra Swami’ in his childhood. After testing his tenacity, and devotion levels when Siddhaiyya found him as the perfect candidate for ‘Upadesam’ (initiation) he made Govinda his disciple and conferred all the Yogic teachings along with his blessings on Govinda.
Govinda looked like another Siddhaiyya in making. Siddhaiyya gave him a divine mantra which was a combination of ‘Shadakshari’ (six letters) and ‘Astakshari’ (eight letters) along with ‘BeejaMantra’ (seed letters) as, “Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Namah Shivaya Sri Veera Narayanaya Namah”. By constantly chanting this Mantra and remaining devoted to his Guru – Siddhaiyya; that great disciple named ‘Govinda’ became equal to Siddhaiya and propagated the divine wisdom to his descendents and followers further.


In ‘Mudumoola’ village there was an accountant who used to deal with money matters of the village. Siddhaiyya’s glories were rising day by day. He became a well known Guru and his disciples grew in great numbers. Day by day seeing his glories renting the skies, this accountant couldn’t tolerate. He started abusing Siddhaiyya in all public meetings. People who were great admirers of Siddhaiyya stopped touching any topics related to him in front of that accountant. But for an evil minded person, there would be many ways to pinch the gentlemen. That accountant himself started raising topic on Siddhaiyya followed by abuses.

One day Siddhaiyya happened to pass by that accountant’s house where he was sitting outside with his followers cracking jokes on good people of the village. He found Siddhaiyya coming, and took that as the golden opportunity for insulting him and cried, “Brother Siddhaiyya!” Siddhaiyya stopped and looked at him. “O holy one! I’m so lucky to have sighted you. Come! Come in, Sir! Allow me to show my devotion for you by ding little service to you!” said the accountant. Siddhaiyya read his mind with his Yogic vision but still entered his home. After sitting and discussing about random matters he asked Siddhaiyya, “Siddhappa! You ran away from our village in your childhood, right? So, what did you learn from that Guru of goldsmith caste?” “He taught me the ways and vision to realize the Virat Paramjyoti, of Lord Sadashiva!”, answered Siddhaiyya. He said, “Oho! Alright! Then before dying what property did your Guru hand over to you apart from these saffron clothes, rosary of Rudraksha beads, and ash on your forehead? Well, just out of curiosity I’m asking, don’t take it otherwise- There are so many Gurus, why did you chose that Guru of smith caste?”

Siddhaiyya answered, “Property and things of creature comforts are useless things. He gave me that property which would help me raise myself above all worldly things and would make me merge into the Para Brahman. These saffron clothes, sacred ash, and Rudraksha are more precious that all wealth of the world put together. Now regarding my Guru, he is none other than Lord ‘Sriman Narayana’ himself. And he didn’t die. He is doing penance. He also gave me ‘Yoga Staff, hand stick, wooden sandals, and hair clip”.

“Hahaha!” that accountant laughed and said, “I’m sorry, that was rude but I couldn’t stop my laughter. So, your goldsmith Guru gave his used slippers to you! What a great Guru he was!”…He continued becoming harsh to harsher in his words of abuse, but Siddhaiyya seemed to be thinking something else. Siddhaiyya turned his face eastwards and shouted at the top of his voice, “Dasaaa!” That sound made everyone shiver with fear for a while. Then that accountant scolded him saying, “What’s this? What do you think of yourself? Many village elders are here with me and we were having a formal meeting with you. To shout like that in public, is it a sign of a realized soul like you? You are proud! Don’t you think we are humans and might get scraed with such kind of screems?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Sir! I’m sorry to have scared you all by shouting all of a sudden. I’m a human being hence I can make it out that you all are humans. My intension wasn’t to disturb the peaceful environment of your home. Actually at the outskirts of our village in the eastern direction a pregnant cow was grazing. From nearby forest a leopard tried to pounce at her. In order to scare that leopard I shouted and saved the life of mother cow”.

Those men including the accountant who all heard Siddhaiyya’s explanation didn’t believe it as true. Accountant said, “Oho! So I should believe what you said, right! I’m not as blind as your followers. Let me scrutinize that”. He sent one of his servants to find out the truth. On reaching the east side ground that servant found few cow boys coming with their cows. On asking whether any accident took place, one of them said, “Yes, brother! A leopard pounced on that pregnant cow. But Siddhaiyya Swami came here at the right moment, shouted on that leopard and shove it away. Otherwise today this cow would have lost her life. See the scratches on her stomach”.

When that servant narrated the whole story to that Accountant; the latter man felt repentant of his actions and begged pardon to Siddhaiyya. He said, “O holy one! I had always tried to insult you. I never understood your divinity. I was jealous of your good name and fame. Kindly pardon my sins, O high souled one!”

Siddhaiyya smilingly replied, “Son! You have done nothing wrong with me. You had doubts on me and hence you got them clarified through direct questioning. I didn’t take your words as offenses at all”. That accountant and others became the followers of Siddhaiyya and gave him a name, ‘Sihhendra Swami’.

Siddaiyya in his previous birth as ‘Ananda Bhairava Yogi’, unwontedly killed a cow, and in this life as ‘Siddhaiyya’ he paid his debt to the mother cow by saving her life. Siddhaiyya became a great Guru as like as his preceptor and converted many ignorant into wise men with his divine preaching. Finally he also entered a ‘jeeva Samadhi’ in his Mutt which is situated in ‘Mudumoola’ village. It is believed that till date his name is taken with rewspect as ‘Siddhendra Swami’ in his village and nearby villages. It is also believed that his glories are still heard and preached to the children by the elders of that village.

That’s how those two great Lords – Narayana and Shiva incarnated on this earth to uplift this world from the ocean of ignorance. They had executed their jobs perfectly and showed many foolish people the path towards salvation, converted many evil minded people into pious souls, many sinners turned over a new leaf and became saints under their influence.


  1. Respected Author,

    I would like to express my deepest and most sincere feelings of gratitude to you for having given direction to a misguided soul. May the almighty bless you and help you in your efforts to guide all the lost souls.

    1. Dear friend,

      i am delighted to know that this work on Brahmamgaru helped you. All the credits goes to brahmamgaru. I am just a medium.

      May god bless you too and thanks a lot for reading this blog.

  2. Dear Santosh. It was thrilling to read the charitra of Svami VeeraBrahmendra. Thank you for spending so much time on translating the Telugu work into English for everyone's benefit.

    I'd like to buy this book and give it to my aunts and grandma as they are very spiritual people and will enjoy reading about Svami. How do i go about purchasing the same?

    -- Guha

    1. Dear Guha,

      You can purchase this book from the following publishers online.