Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 11- Seeking Permission for Pilgrimage

He approached his mother Veera Papamamba and spoke like this, “O dear mother! I have a strong desire to visit all sacred places. I want to be in the company of the great sages. I have come here to seek your permission for the same. Please bless me and let me go for the pilgrimage”.

Hearing those words his mother Veera Papamamba said this way, “Son! Veeram Botlayya! Even though your father has died, I’m living only by looking at you.My dear! Can I even live for a second without you?Without you what will I do with this Mutt?In general all sons would live their life in their style after their parents depart right? Even the most illiterate people also consider their mother, father and teacher as god and remain in their service. Don’t they , my son? All intelligent ‘you’ want to leave your mother and go. How far is this justified? I have set my expectations on you and my desire is to get you married and to see our lineage growing due to you. You are trying to make all my desires and expectations null and void.In another few days you would be appointed as the Mutt Adhipati for this Papaghni Mutt. I was desirous to see you sitting in the Mutt and resolving the spiritual queries of all the devotees who come in. You have burnt all my desires to ashes my Son! Why don’t you reply? Look into my eyes, think about my feelings in your heart and tell me whether your desire and decision is justified?”

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