Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 12- Discourse on Virakti - Renunciation

Veeram Botlayya addressing his mother explains her this way, “Mother! You being so wise and filled with divine knowledge if you behave like an ignorant person like this, is it justified on your part? Janani! Kindly come out of this illusion known as ignorance.

Due to Karma Bandhanas, humans get related and shackled under many fetters called as relations. Due to Karmas people get related to mother, father, wives, husbands etc. But all are ephemeral. It’s all like a water bubble formed on water surface. Within no time it would burst and end. All these are born out of Maya but ignorant humans fall under the false impressions considering that their body is imperishable, this world is permanent and due to these illusions always remain attached to their wives, sons and grand children. Due to such ignorance they also fall prey to all the 6 bad qualities (arishadvargam) viz. Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Dwesha, Mada-Maatharya. Under the influence of these 6 negativities they fall in the false beauty of women and get fettered in their locks as like as birds in the cages. Due to the immense attachment for their wives and children, they face many troubles in order to satisfy them. Even after dedicating whole life for them when they do not get their efforts returned in terms of love and care finally when they remain on their death bed that time they repent seeing the useless past life. Thereafter due to these illusions where they didn’t do anything good in their lives, they fall in Hell and live there for some period and again take birth on the earth. This cycle continues till they actually realize their true self and come out of illusion”.

“Dear Mother! Kindly listen to my speech with full devotion and interest. Do not believe this body. These bodies are not permanent. Realize the Supreme God present within this disgusting body. This body is a combination of disgusting substances like, flesh, blood, bones, skin, urine and faeces. When people get to look at these things in detail they would get the feeling of disgust on this body. But unaware of all these things, people increase attachments of these material bodies and remain submerged in this Samsaara Koopa (well of worldly matters). Who are you? And who am I? Think deeply on these two questions, you would realize the facts”.

After listening to his explanation she herself being very wise in all these concepts she couldn’t speak anything to support her motherly attachment. Then she said, “My Son! This disgusting body itself becomes the origin of generation for the next organisms. Many a times your father had explained me the process of Pindotpatti- the science of how new life gets created from the body. But I would like to know the same in more detail from you. Please enlighten!


It shouldn’t look shocking to see a mother asking her son to explain the process of reproduction. Here her question isn’t externally focused; rather her question targets the internal stages of development of a fetus.

Secondly, steps of procreation used to be discussed as a science in olden days. Unfortunately today’s generation discusses or experiments with it just for deriving pleasures. That sacred process of procreation which is the reason and power behind the continuation of races on this earth; has today become a taboo because of people associating filthy thoughts with it to satisfy their carnal desires mentally.

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