Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 15- Tarakopadesam

He said, “Mother! I’ll teach you easiest Yoga Marga (way through Yoga) to realize Para Brahma. Listen carefully”.

“Mother! You need to sit in Padmasana with focused mind. Mind is something which flows faster than wind”. He then kept his finger on her forehead Bhroomadhya (central point in between the eyebrows), and she started seeing a divine light. He continued, “Now whatever light is being seen by you, you should focus your mind on it. If one succeeds in focusing his mind with zero external thoughts on the same pram jyoti, he would be able to see the vision of ‘Sri Gurumurty’. That is ‘Micro Jyoti’ from which all the greatest light sources more dazzling than the sun are born. From the same jyoti, all worlds were born and would vanish in the same”.

This way he showed him the vision of Param Jyoti within her mind itself and asked her to practice Dhyana everyday and experience ultimate bliss in dhayana mudra by realizing the Supreme Being through her own mind’s eye. Listening to all these, Veera Papamamba realized the divinity of the child and within her heart she spoke like this, “out of my motherly love for him I was in illusion and was totally attached to him and could not realize his divinity. He is in reality the divine soul an incarnation of that Supreme Permeswara. Now things are getting recollected to me. Yes! While handing this boy over to me, Sage Atri informed me the same that this boy is not an ordinary child. He is a divine incarnation. I have wasted all my time by considering him an ordinary child”.

Thinking this she took that boy in her lap and held his hands with those of her, held his chin affectionately and said. “Kumara! Out of my motherly attachment I could never realize your divinity. Just in mere 6 months time Sage Atri could recognize your divinity but even after taking care of you for these many years I couldn’t realize your true self. It seems to me that I have wasted a lot of time in ignorance. Son! You have preached Sankhya and Taraka Yogas to me in detail. The same I used to hear from your father also, but with this much finer detail I could never understand. Could you clarify some more doubts of mine? I want to understand ‘Aikya Sandhanam’ also.”

Hearing this, Veeram Botlayya who was sitting on the lap of his mother, looked at her and became pleased to answer all her queries.


Here this topic has been presented in short. The same thing would repeat in much more finer details when Veera Brahmendra Swami teaches the same to his disciple Siddhaya.

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