Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 16- Veerambotlayya shows his Universal form

He said, “Mother! Listen. I would give you that complete knowledge Close your eyes and concentrate on your target and keep your mind focused which usually tends to wander like the flame of a lighted candle which doesn’t stand erect. Consider everything in this world as the form of that satchidananda swaroopa and follow the Aryokti (Vedic verse) ‘सर्वं खल्विदं ब्राह्मं (Sarvam Khalvidam Brahman)’ which means everything is Brahman, and the form of Brahman. One who realizes his own self as the very own Brahman that person becomes free of all illusions and attains salvation”.

This way he explained ‘Brahmaikya Sadhanam (method of uniting oneself with the Supreme soul)’ procedure also to his mother, and then she got filled with devotion on listening to her son’s divine speech. She said, “Son! Sage Atri told us many times in many ways that you are the Parameshwara of universal form, you aren’t a common man. But due to ignorance I could never understand your actual form. At least now, I pray to you and request you to consider me as your Devotee and protect this devotee of yours with your full grace”.

Hearing that, Sri Veerambotlayya said, “Mother! Please close your eyes for a minute”.

She did the same as instructed by her son, and felt some light entering into her eyes. And when she opened her eyes, to her consternation she found that small kid in his cosmic universal form (Vishwaroopam), she saw him with thousand hands, thousand feet, spread across the whole firmament. His feet were the nether-lands; his head became the Satya Loka. She saw that his middle portion of body contained all other worlds, two eyes were Sun and Moon, Nostrils were the doors of Satya Loka, Tongue became Varuna (God of rains), Stomach showed as seven oceans and his arteries and veins were all big rivers, Chest showed up as greatest Trees, Bones looked like mountains, Hair resembled dark and huge clouds, Also she found Indra, Brahma and various other deities within his body. She also saw that his semen was Dharma marga, and his Spine was the origin and place of Dharma. His voice box was Agni, Teeth the god of death, Yama. Like this she observed many divine things in his cosmic form.

She prayed, “Hey universal God! Everything is within you and you are everything. Out of ignorance we consider each one of us as a separate entity, but there is nothing except you. Everything is you. I am not able to use any words in your praise. Now please take pity on your devotee and kindly come back to your child form.”

Hearing the prayers and request of his mother, he came back in his normal child form and with his gentle hands he affectionately wiped out the tears of his mother and said, “Mother! What’s happened? Why did you tremble?” She hugged him and said, “Son! I don’t know how to address you now. You are the great Lord and you have made me disillusioned. You have shown me your cosmic form and made me achieve the ultimate bliss”. Like this she praised and prayed him a lot.

Hearing this, her son said, “Mother! You are a highly pious woman, that’s why you deserved and could see my universal form which remains difficult to be seen by even great deities. Now onwards you need to do Penance in this same Papaghni Mutt and reach the divine. With this I would like to take permission from you to go for pilgrimage.”

Veera Papamamba said, “Son! Who am I to permit you? You are everywhere. Go and visit all the sacred places and teach the ignorant sages out there and lift them up to the level of knowledge.”

Then she finally asked few more doubts what she had and Veerambotlayya clarified everything to her satisfaction.

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