Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 18- The Hunting Expedition

Eswara Avatara Sri Ananda Bhairava Yogi who belonged to Kashi nagaram, planned and set himself for a hunting expedition with his friends.

All ofthem reached a dense forest and were pleased to hear the sounds made by various brds, they all enjoyed the adventure in that forest. On the way they would sometimes sit and listen to the chirping of birds, sometimes would enjoy the honey from the bee hive, sometimes they would bet on something and each time Ananda BVhairava Yogi would win the bet.

This way they spent their whole day and that night they resided under a huge banyan tree. Next day they woke up early and set themselves moving further into the forest. On the way they hunt many wild animals like Lion, Bears Jackals etc. and sat under another banyan tree to take rest.

There a cow after grazing fully to her satisfaction, came to drink water in the lake near which that banyan tree was standing. But there was a leopard which hid in the bushes and aimed at that Cow. None of the people noticed all these happenings as they were busy in gossip. But only Ananda Bhairava Yogi noticed all these and also understood that there was a wild animal nearby.

He decided to protect the cow and took his Bow and Arrow. His friends didn’t notice even this step. At that time when the cow quenched her thirst fully, she wanted to make a move when that leopard came out of the bushes and sprang at the cow.

In order to protect the cow Ananda Bhairava Yogi aimed his arrow at the leopard and released it. But unfortunately it missed its aim and instead of protecting the cow, it took away the life of that innocent animal. Leopard fled away.


  1. Yogi, has love for all animals. No yogi hunts. Hunters are worst lowest level of insects. Ths story s maningless, untruth. Fabricated. Lie.

    1. Mr. Anonymous!

      may I recommend a re-read of these articles? That person's name was "Ananda Bhairava Yogi" and he was NOT a YOGI as such, it was just his name. Got it? He was a prince and princes usually go for hunting.
      I guess you are considering him as Brahmamgaru, if yes, then your assumption is WRONG!

      Please read thoroughly before you use words like "meaningless, untruth. Fabricated. Lie". etc.