Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 19- Ananda Bhairavayogi’s Repentance

Having seen that accident Ananda Bhairava yogi with sorrow sagged down and became unconscious due to that shock. His friends immediately paid attention to him and sprinkled some water on his face and bought him to consciousness and asked him what’s happened to him suddenly.

He ran to the cow crying and sat near her dead body and meanwhile his friends also came there. He narrated all the happenings to them with tears in his eyes. Ananda Bhairava Yogi thought of the god and prayed to him this way, “Hey Parameswara! Hey Lord of the Lords! One who is present everywhere, what a sin I have committed. There is no way visible to me now. How should I absolve myself of this sin of killing mother cow?” He prayed in a numerous way to the god and sat there crying aloud.

His friends tried to console him and said, “Ananda! As the saying goes, ‘What humans think, God thinks the other way’ this is pre-destined. Till yesterday we all hunted many wild animals but didn’t hit even a single innocent animal. Today also you didn’t join our gossip and sat separately and didn’t speak to us. You without saying a word to us decided to protect that cow from the leopard. All these incidents are purely based on your Prabdha and you aren’t the doer. There must be something planned by God behind this incident. So leave all your worries. This killing of the cow was just an accident and was not at all intentional. So, it wouldn’t make you a sinner. Come let’s go back to our palace. Come!”

This way his friends tried to console him and exhausted all their options but Ananda Bhairava Yogi who used to be very much affectionate for cows in his life, seeing a cow killed by himself he couldn’t gain any courage and energy to get and stand on his feet.

He said to his friends, “friends! You all go back home safely. I would travel all the sacred places for pilgrimage and would serve all the great sages there and spend my life like this. Tto absolve myself of this great sin I want to go for pilgrimage. I can’t come with you back home. You all may leave now”.

Having said that he made his friends go back home and he himself set out for visiting sacred places. He visited many sacred places and serviced the Sages out there, got their teachings and blessings and then came to ‘Hari Hara Puram’.

In ‘Hari Hara Puram’, he visisted the temples and sages living there and finally he happened to travel through the deserted silent place where Sri Veerambottlayya was staying for quite some days.

Seeing him, Ananda Bhairava Yogi thought within himself, “This sage whosoever he is seems to be a divine incarnation. His face radiates a divine glow. I have visited and serviced so many sages till now but none of them had such a divine attraction. He is the one who would tell me how to absolve my sin of Go Hatya”. Having thought thus, he approached that sage Veeram Botlayya with folded hands and sat near him.


One thing to note is, as per lord Vishnu’s initial decisions in Vaikuntha he said he would be known by three names in his incarnations. So in Hari Hara Puram this Veeram Botlayya named himself as “Veerappaya Charya”.

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