Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 20- Mantropadesam (initiation) to Ananda Bhairavayogi

Veerappayacharya came out of his meditation and found Ananda Bhairavayogi sitting near him with folded hands. Seeing him he asked, “Son! Who are you? Where from have you come? Why do you look so sad?”

To these questions of Veerappayacharya, Ananda Bhairavayogi said, “I belong to Kashi Puram. My name is Ananda Bhairava Yogi. I have committed the greatest sin which I am not able to tell through my mouth. Words aren’t coming out of my mouth. Neither my mouth can dare to tell about that sin nor can your ears hear those words. How should I speak something which is the most heinous crime? But I think only you would be able to show me a path”.

Having said that, Anand Bhairava Yogi narrated all the things what happened in that hunting expedition. He continued, “After that I visited many sacred places and reached Hari Hara Puram. Here I saw you and sensed you as some divine incarnation. I feel that you are the right person to approach for hence I sat near your feet here”.

Seeing the humble and respectful nature of Ananda Bhairava Yogi, Veerappayacharya closed his eyes for a second in meditation and learned everything about him.

Verrappaya Charaya said, “Ananda! Who are you thinking you are? You are the incarnation of that silver hill dweller - Sankara. I’m Vaikuntha Vasa Vishnu’s incarnation. Saraswati’s Husband Brahma is visiting sacred places in the form of a sanyasi by name “Annajaiyya’ and preaching the ignorant ones with his divine wisdom.”

“We three had decided to come in human forms on earth and preach divine wisdom to the people here and uplift the status of the society.”

“But even if you are Lord Shiva’s incarnation, since you have committed the sin of killing a cow, there is no escape from that sin. Soon I would be known by a new name ‘Veera Brahmam’ and would stay in ‘Kandimallaya Palle’ village. You put an end to this life and take birth in a Muslim family. In your next birth you would become my disciple, would be unparalleled in your devotion. You would preach lot many people the divine wisdom being my disciple and would gain lot of good name and would be called as ‘Siddha’.

“However, I would also want to initiate you with a divine mantra. Keep chanting this mantra and also preach the same to others in your next incarnation as ‘Siddha’ as well. This mantra doesn’t need any special rituals etc. Even a low caste person can recite this and would get a divine vision of mine without any doubt”.

Having said that, Swami Veerappayacharya taught him the process of doing Pooja and gave him the divine Dwadasakshari maha mantra (Mantra of twelve letters) as ”Om hreem kleem Shreem Shivaya Brahmane Namah

With that initiation, Veerappayacharya asked him to go back to his home town Kashi.


This Anandabhairava Yogi would later on become ‘Siddhaiyya’ the famous disciple of ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’


  1. hi, dwadasakshari mantram is given as ”Om hreem kleem Shreem Shivaya Brahmane Namah” in your blog but ive read it as ”Om hreem kleem Shreem Shivaya veerbrahmane Namah” in some other website.
    pls tell me which one is correct. Also pls tell me how is this 12 letters.

  2. Dear Anonymous friend,

    "Om(1) hreem(1) Kleem(1) Shreem(1) Shivaya(3) Brahmane(3) Namah(2)"
    1+1+1+1+3+3+2=12 and 12 is called dwadasakshara.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for this information.

  4. A new ishta deva mantra...All ishta deva mantra is 12 letters - om namo bhagavate veera brahmendra