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Chapter 21-Veerappayacharya authors the book - Kalagyana

Sri Veerappaya Charya then left for his journey towards Banagana Palle. On the way he visited many sacred places like Hampi, Virupaksham, Ahobilam, Mahanandi, Omkaram etc. sacred places and worshipped the deities of those places. Finally he reached a village named ‘Banagana Palle’. He roamed all over the village and towards the evening he stopped at a house which belonged to a lady known by the name ‘Garima Reddy Achchamma’. Since it was late evening he slept on her door steps itself.

Next day very early in the morning when Garima Reddy Achchamma came out of her house, she sighted this young boy who looked like a mad person. She thought to herself, “This person looks like a mad man by his dress and looks however his face has some divine aura. By face he looks like some divine soul”.

Thinking so she approached that person and enquired the following way, “Child! Who are you? What’s your name? Who are your parents? What is your native place? What are you here for?”
In reply Veerappaya Charya responded saying, “Mother! My name is Veerappaya Charya. I belong to Brahmandapuram. I don’t know who my parents were. I’m always a loner. My purpose of visiting this place is to meet you here but I’m everywhere”.

Garima Reddy Achchamma being a wise lady also couldn’t comprehend his pointers. She said, “what did you want to meet me for?”
Veerappaya Charya said, “Mother! From my childhood I used to take care of cows, I love to do service to cows, love to drink cow’s milk and also I am aware of treating diseases of cows and curing them. I heard that you have a big herd of cows. So I came to you. If you let me do so, I would like to take care of your cow herd. In return of this you can give me little food in a pack while I take away the herd for grazing. But I would not eat any food at your home. Mostly want to live on Cow milk only”.

She spoke, “Child! You may take my cow herd for grazing out. But never go to the dense forest areas. Instead if you take them to Ravvalakonda area and graze them there, feed them water in Zurreti river and come back with them in the evening, I would be pleased. But you don’t even look like having 14 years also in age. If you don’t do the work carelessly and stay away from reckless children of your age then there is no dearth of anything in my house for you”.

Veerappaya Charya said, “Mother! There are no dangers in those dense forests. The way Lord Krishna had taken care of cows and played divine sports with many gopikas and finally eliminated the ill mannered humans from earth to relieve the earth of her burden, similarly I would also take care of cows and would do 14 thousand things to remove the ignorance and blindness of this Kali yuga people by showing them the light of knowledge”.

Listening to his words she dismissed them in her mind thinking them to be words spoken by a mad man. She asked him to come inside and gave him a place to sleep and stay. She then brought cow’s milk for him and asked him to drink the same. After that she went inside and cooked some food and lay on bed thinking about him.

She thought, “Initially when I asked about his whereabouts, by his face and his answers he seemed to be a divine soul. But now he compares himself with Sri Krishna and tells as if there is no difference between both of them. The moment I saw his lotus like face, my heart has changed a lot. All these incidents seems strange to me”. Having thought like this she felt asleep.

Morning she woke up and gave cow’s milk to veerappaya Charya to drink and gave him a box of food tied in a cloth. Handing over to him all her cows she asked him to take care of them carefully.
Veerappaya Charya alongwith all the cows went near Ravvalakonda area. There he made all the cows assemble at one place and drawn a big circle around them. He then went towards a Palm Tree. That palm tree automatically bent itself so that he could pluck the palm leaves easily. He plucked the leaves and then the tree on its own became up straight again. He then searched for a plant called Gulazari and plucked it’s thorn. Finally he went to a cave in the Ravvalakonda hills and sat there to write the divine Kalagyana Grandha. That’s how he started authoring Kalagyana, the predictions of the future calamities.

The same trend he used to follow every day. Every day he would put the food contents what that lady gave in a container and never used to eat. But the cows that stayed within that circle itself, day by day started growing nicely. Their boney body became fleshy and they started giving excess milk. On the other hand other fellow cowboys howsoever hard they used to service the cows and feed them they used to remain skinny only. Those cows of Veerappaya Charya used to keep ruminating something within that circular boundary where there was no grass. But it seemed as if someone feeding them. But it was all the divine grace of that lord. Every day he would write Kalagyana and submit them in the same cave in an old container and would cover them with some stones.

One day few people of that village happened to pass by that area. They found the herd of cows standing and sitting within a circular boundary. They found no cow boy nearby. They got agitated and spoke among themselves about the carelessness of the cow boy who is seen nowhere nearby. They thought those cows lost their way and sat in that place and tried to take them along with them. However hard they tried, cows didn’t move even a bit. Finally they thought to enter the circular boundary and alas all of them who entered the circle became blind.

Slowly they stepped backwards and came out of the circle and found that their eye sight became back to normal. But still there was no change in the cows’ behavior. They all thought and identified that those cows belonged to Garima Reddy Achchamma and went straight to her place and narrated all that what had happened with them.

She listened to them and asked them to leave. She thought within herself, “Who knows whether whatever they are telling is correct or not?” and decided to see everything by her own eyes without telling the cowboy Veerappaya Charya. She wanted to dig into the case by herself.

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