Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 22- Achchamma spies on Veerappayacharya

The next day as usual when Veerappayacharya went away to the Ravvalakonda area with the herd of the cows, Garima Reddy Achchamma quietly without telling him followed him.

As usual Veerappaya Swami flocked the cows together and drew a circle around them. Then he went to the palm tree and plucked few palm leaves and went inside the cave. Seeing the cows obey his orders and the palm tree stooping down etc. she was very much perplexed and didn’t know what was going on.

She silently went towards the cave and to her consternation, that dark cave was entirely dazzling as though the morning sun had entered inside the cave. She went inside and got mesmerized to see the divine swami sitting and writing something. She felt as if she was standing in front of Lord Sriman Narayana in Vaikuntha.

For a while she couldn’t think of anything and stood like a statue and watched him constantly. Then she regained her senses and silently stepped backwards and went back straight to her home. But her mind was constantly on Veerappayacharya only. She was moving inside her home impatiently like a mad woman eager to see Swami coming back home.

As usual when dusk arrived, Veerappayacharya hid all his writings in the same cave and took all the cows with him to the home. As soon as Achchamma saw him coming, she came running and fell on his feet and prayed to him saying, “Hey Lord! You are truly the Vaikunthavasa Vishnu. Why did you behave like a silly fellow till date? I have been behaving with you carelessly considering you a common man. Please pardon all my mistakes considering me as your daughter O Protector of the worlds! Hey Lord of universal form!”

This way she prayed to him multiple times with her eyes filled with tears. Hearing this Veerappayacharya said, “Mother! Why are you falling on the feet of my kind of crazy fellow? You are a very rich lady. You have the capability to feed my kind of many people. You have been taking care of many such men. That is why my kind of people seek shelter under your roof. In this world still you kind of great souls exist, that’s why we all are surviving”.

To his words Achchamma replied, “Swami! You are a divine soul but due to ignorance and illusion I could not receive you properly. Keep all your grace on me, give me Brahmopadesam and erase all my sins considering me your own child”.

Seeing a sacred heart within that lady, Veerappayacharya replied, “Mother! Alright! Tomorrow get up early in the morning. We would go to Yaganti village and there I would give you divine wisdom”.


There is a great learning what we can draw from Achchamma’s act. She said, “Swami! You are a divine soul but due to ignorance and illusion I could not receive you properly”.
That’s the irony of human beings. We humans give value to someone only after knowing their importance. But saintly people see divinity in everyone.
However, when the same person realizes his/her fault and accepts it, he/she becomes divine in that same moment.
Saint Rahim who was a Muslim by birth but adopted Hinduism wrote, “Rahiman is Sansaar mein Sabse Miliye Dhaayi; Na Jaane Kehi Roop mein Narayan Mili Jaayi”. It means, “Hey Rahim! Run, Meet and accept everyone with open heart since you never know in which form you would find Lord Narayana”.
So, basically only when a human attains saintly levels of perception, that human becomes divine in the very same life!

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