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Chapter 23- Brahmopadesam to Achchamma

Veerappayacharya decided to take Achchamma to Yaganti early morning the next day and went to sleep for that night. Early morning Achchamma got up and washed the feet of Veerappaya Charya, prayed to him and both of them went to Yaganti Village.

In Yaganti village they entered the temple of Lord ‘Sri Yaganteswara’ and worshipped him for a while. Then they found a peaceful place to sit on a rock.

Achchamma with folded hands asked Swami very politely, “Lord! We all know that, this universe is totally pervaded by the Divine Supreme Being. Is that supreme soul a female or a male?”

To her query, Veerappayacharya replied, “Mother! Listen!”

“पुरुष रूपं भवेद-देवी स्त्री रूपं भवेत् शिवः

अथवानिष्कलंध्यायेत सच्चिदानन्द विग्रहं”

“It means the ever blissful (chidananda roopa) Lord is beyond the form or gender discrimination. But that Lord is the one and only one who is spread everywhere.”

Having heard such a beautiful explanation of non-dualism from the Swami she felt happy and requested him saying, “Swami! Consider me as your servant and kindly give me Brahmopadesam”.

To that Veerappayacharya became happy and said, “You have asked for something which is very pleasant to give. Hence listen to me with a pure heart. ‘ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं स्रीं शिवाय ब्रह्मणे नमः (Om hreem Kleem Sreem Shivaya Brahmane Namah)’”.

Thus he gave her that great dwadasakshari mantra and said, “Child! If you chant this mantra always, it would lead you to salvation. Now I would preach you Advaita (non dualism) Vedanta”.

Achchamma interrupted and said,”O Father! You were writing something inside the cave, if you could kindly preach me that thing, I would be grateful to you”.

Veerappayacharya said, “Mother! I’m writing ‘Bhavishyat Grandham’ (Book of future happenings). All the things in that book are divine secrets. Normal humans wouldn’t be able to comprehend them. Only Brahmagyanis (realized souls) can enjoy the bliss by listening to that book. Having said that, I know that you deserve the status of a Brahmagyani hence I would definitely preach you what you have asked for. Listen!”


Garimareddy Achchamma was the first lady to know about ‘Kalagyana’ (Predictions of the future)

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