Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 24- Kalagyana Discourse to Achchamma

Swami says, “Mother! Achchamamba! Listen!”

1. When 4808 years of Kaliyuga get completed, god of Dharma would be limiting his places of stay to sacred places on earth only. Sins and sinners would rise like anything and would lead to many absurd disputes

2. Due to inclination towards excess food and excess sleep humans and animals would keep wandering here and there restlessly

3. People of peaceful nature, would turn angry

4. Sinners would become countless

5. Good people would become scarce

6. Brahmins would leave their traditional duties and would join work under moral less people, would leave their Shatkarma and would become useless

7. Kings would leave their Rajya Dharma, fall in various acts of mischief & sins and would finally lose their identities

8. Everyone would leave their castes and would follow acts of Adharma and would spoil their character

9. People belonging to Sudra caste would adopt lies as habit, would stay in the company of bad people and would finally go from rack to ruin

10. Every caste would lose its identity. All castes would become mixed and people would fight among themselves for their religion or castes due to mutual misunderstandings and die

11. Due to ill deeds, people would experience many kinds of ill effects in their lives

12. Harvest would decline

13. Cows’ would yield less milk

14. Fathers and sons would fight among themselves

15. Gods, Brahmins and Gurus would be ill treated and disrespected by people

16. People would lose the sense of differentiation between right & wrong and would indulge in incestuous relationships

17. One would always have an eye on others’ property and would steal the same

18. Cases of thievery and diseases would increase like anything

19. Calamities due to fire would increase

20. Wild animals would enter and roam in village areas

21. She Elephant would deliver a baby Pig

22. A she Pig would deliver a Monkey

23. Sins would soar to the skies day by day

24. Due to the infatuation for prostitutes, people would become beggars by giving up their wealth for those girls

25. Evil people would practice black magic; and count of such people who indulge themselves in Black Tantric activities would increase

26. Cholamandala would perish

27. Rocks would vomit flesh and meat. Eagles and vultures would get attracted for such flesh; and after eating they would fall dead then & there itself. Some people would take those dead birds in their hands and would dance madly

28. A day would come when lighter objects like thermocol would drown and iron would float

29. Mountains would burst. Volcanic eruptions would increase

30. Plan-chit kind of activities would increase

31. People would die of burning sensations in stomach

32. People would get ulcers in mouth, vomit blood, would get coronary failures, brain failures and would die

33. Animals would flock together and die at a time

34. All the cities would be ruled by one ruler

35. Foreigners would come to India and would rule entire country for years. In their rule everyone would get education under a new system

36. Due to education and literacy all castes would become one and mix with each other

37. The rule of democracy would get implemented which would be comfortable for all when compared to former days’ rules

38. Vehicles would not require bullocks for pulling (Means automobiles would come)

39. Lamps would be lit with water (Means invention of Hydro Electric Power)

40. Tiger and goat both would drink water in the same pond (Points towards the zoos where we see wild animals and normal animals both remaining in captivity obeying the orders and rules of their masters)

41. Every village would have disputes ranging among its people and people would kill each other for the same reasons. Such cases would become common in every town and village

42. People of such a short height would come who would need a ladder to climb the Vempali Plant (a plant which has brinjal kind of fruits but remains very near to ground. To such a plant also they would require a ladder. It indicates that Lilliputians kind of dwarfs would come)

43. People of low castes would disrespect piously living people of higher castes

44. One who builds Temples does priestly jobs and other sacred works, such people would remain poor

45. Vijayanagaram city would be venerable for some time and would lose all its glory afterwards

46. The city of Kashi would remain dirty for forty consecutive days

47. People would flock together at Kurukshetra area and would do a mass murder

48. Kondaveedu area would be ruled by Vishnu devotees

49. Godavari River would get completely dried up for twelve days continuously. After that all of a sudden huge flash floods would be seen in that river

50. The gatekeeper statues present in front of the Sri Kalahastiswara temple would fight with each other on a particular day

51. Tirupati Venkateswara swami’s right shoulder would shiver

52. In Mangalagiri village Vaishnavas would have conflicts, divide into two groups, would fight and die

53. Dogs would kill horses

54. Images on the screen would rule countries (Cinema actors would become political leaders. It is happening already. Chiranjeevi, Rajni Kant, Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, and many more examples can be cited)

55. Stars would be visible in the day sky. Due to that, entire population of some villages would get wiped out

56. Meteors shower would take place

57. On Karteeka Bahula Dwadasi day, in North direction, stars with four faces would be seen and would shine for 25 weeks

58. Lakshmi would leave Karnataka state

59. Hidden treasures of India would be robbed by Muslim rulers continuously for some years, after that Velam Reddy kings would steal the remaining ones

60. Mandapaludu would talk with humans in Malayalam

61. Road routes to Tirupati would be blocked

62. Earth would become wet with bloodshed

63. Bones would heap up to the level of hilltop

64. Evil spirits would increase and dance

65. Crows would cry in an unusual way

66. Wolves would cry in regular intervals every time increasing their pitch. People who hear those sounds, would die

67. In north direction of Kondaveeti village the Garuda pillar made of Rock would fall down. Due to that some people would die

68. After 5000 years of Kaliyuga, Ganga would dry up/vanish from Kashi

69. Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi would rotate around herself for three hours continuously

70. Goddess Kamakshi of Bilam (BilamKamakshi) would vomit blood

71. Ambrosia would trickle down from Neem tree (Happened on Oct-28, 2010 in a village of Andhra Pradesh and was telecasted in TV9-An eminent news channel of Andhra Pradesh)

72. Macharla village kings would get slain by a mad woman. After that, Lord Chenna Kesava Swami’s effects would decrease in Macharla

73. Karempoodi area kings would gain disputes and would slay each other in battles

74. Due to torrential rains and wind, rocks would tumble down in the southern area of Srisailam

75. Rain of blood would fall

76. Rocks would break into pieces and would fly in sky like crows and vultures

77. Rocks would discharge blood and pus

78. New born babies would talk

79. Smoke and fire would be seen in the sky

80. Six religions would merge into one

81. In the night time strangely, ‘ghanaam...ghanaam’ sound of ten different temple bells would be heard emerging from the sky. Also sounds of conchs would be heard

82. One would steal another’s property

83. One’s wife would become another’s personal property. Only sinless people would be able to protect their wives to themselves due to my grace

84. Sinless men and chaste women would survive

85. Sacred places would get demolished

86. Divine places of gods would be ruined by sinners

87. Hidden treasures would be found out

88. Muslims and Shudras would become priests of Venkatachalam temple and do worship

89. Venkateswara Swami’s treasure would be stolen

90. In the same sacred place six scoundrels would be born

91. Tirumenam would be done to Veeraraghava Swami of Tiruvallur place. That time that Lord would perspire and the perspiration would be like pots of water flowing out

92. In the place between Krishna-Godavari Rivers, cows would assemble in herds and would give up their lives

93. People would gather in groups and take refuge in forests

94. Due to cold and high fevers people would die

95. In the middle of Krishna River a golden foundation would be visible. Whosoever sees that would lose their eye sight

96. In Karnataka state, Muslims would break temples, and idols of the temples

97. Brahmins would leave all their culture and traditions. They would starve due to hunger

98. A crocodile with two heads would appear in front of goddess Bhramaramba of Srisailam temple. After a while it would merge into Bhramaramba idol

99. Blood bath would be seen in Shiva-Vishnu temples

100. Two golden swans would come from Sky and would roam in villages, forests and rivers. Greedy and sinful people would desire to catch those golden swans for themselves, and would become blind and would die in heaps.

101. From east to west there would be a orange colored stripe seen in the sky

102. ‘Ghanaam..Ghanaam’ sound would be heard from mountains

103. Strange things would be observed day by day

“Like this, there are many other divine secrets. O Mother! These kinds of strange happenings would keep occurring till I come as ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya’ in my next incarnation in Kali Yuga. There are many other things which would happen, I would tell you those things later. For my devotees, getting Salvation would be as easy as eating a peeled banana. Those who invest their faith in me, worship my Kalagyana with devotion, read and recite the same in front of others, would get all eight kinds of treasures (Ashtaishwarya). Hence you always keep thinking of me, you would get Brahmatwam”. Thus spoke Swami Veerappaya Charya. Having listened to all these, Achchamma became overwhelmingly happy and requested Swami to come along with her to Banaganapalle village back to their home.

Thereafter whatever Kalagyana Swami wrote, he kept them safely in Achchamma’s home in a vessel covered by the soil. After some days, there emerged a tamarind plant on the Kalagyana vessel. Achchamma got a Mutt built for Veerappayacharya swami. Inside that same Mutt both of them used to do penance every day. Achchamma renounced everything and started living with the swami as his devotee

There emerged a Tamarind tree on the vessel inside which Swami had hidden his Kalagyana of 14000 verses. Today also that tree can be seen in the same village. That tree looks divided into two branches, and is approximately 50 feet tall. The girth of that tree is approximately one ‘gajam’. Age of this tree is approximately 700 years, and it is still green, and alive. Whatever tamarind fruits it bears can’t be eaten since the fruits when opened/torn show up only black dust and rust. They aren’t edible.

This tree gives regular indications of calamities to people. Whenever any disaster is scheduled to happen, all its produce is shed automatically in a night’s time. When diseases like cholera was about to spread, from the center of the two forked branches it dripped some blood. That blood after becoming dry resembled saffron (kumkum). These miracles are happening till date.

When someone enquires the Banaganapalle old aged villagers, “How old this tree is?” Usually the answer comes like, “Since my childhood I have been seeing this tree as it is today and even my ancestors have reported the same”.

Till today those villagers offer prayers to that tree regularly.


  1. is prophecy "Hidden treasures of India would be robbed by Muslim rulers continuously for some years, after that Velam Reddy kings would steal the remaining ones" related to Reddy brothers looting minerals and oars in Karnataka?

  2. I'm not sure. That's why i have not put my thoughts in brackets, which otherwise i did for other prophecies where i was sure of what it says.

  3. 54. Images on the screen would rule countries : doesnt it mean that images on the screen such as news and other programs on television, computer, ipods and other electronic gadgets are in a way ruling countries because images in screen doesnt only mean actors.
    42. People of such a short height would come who would need a ladder to climb the Vempali Plant : i would like to ask sir santosh ji to see if the kalagyana has some thing like "people would need ladder to climb vempali plant" or "very short people will appear" because the vempali plant is so short that people needing ladder for such plant is almost impossible to imagine unless divine intervension or otherway around if "the plant becomes so tall that people need ladder to climb it" which is possible with todays advancement in biotechnology and tissue culture technology that someday scientist find a way to grow these plant tall. please consider these points

  4. Dear Anonymous friend,

    54. Your point could be valid. But in telugu version its said something like (not exact words but as far as i recollect): "Tera meeda Bommalu Desalu paripalistayi" which majorly indicates as though talking about Political leaders. Even there is a Telugu movie on Brahmamgaru where in a song the lyrics goes like, "tera meeda bommale paripalanaku vochchi adhikaramulu chalayinchenu" which roughly means on screen figures (actors) would become political leaders. Lot many Telugu books detail out the way i did. But i liked your way of thinking and that could also be correct. Only Brahmamgaru knows exactly what he meant since he wrote Kalagyana in two styles Vachana and Padya. Vachana is direct prose style, Padya means poetic style, and poetry always has multiple meanings and only the poet would know exact meanings.
    42. here also i appreciate your way of thinking. You have a point. It could be the other way round as you said. Due to some hybridization tall vempali plants also could be created. But the kalagyana verse is as i wrote, so i am not sure what would be the actual outcome. It could be possible that due to some gene mutations (say in 3rd world war, who knows?) people like LILLIPUTS might come who might require a ladder to climb the Vempali plant? Or as you said, we may also have a tall vempali tree build through technology.

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  6. I had met a haryanvi person he had plenty of stories describing murders being very common in haryana and strangely they come in groups to kill people .47th prophecy. It is really sad to see the world turn around from how it was earlier. Year by year it is getting worse.

  7. It is not said as images on screen ............
    It is said in telugu as 'rangula varu rajyam aleru' which means actors Rule the kingdom.