Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 25- Annajaiyya Meets Veerappayacharya

Sri Veerappaya Charya swami used to spend his time in the same Mutt which was built by Achchamma for him. He used to stay there preaching the ignorant people with the divine knowledge, clarifying their doubts on Dharma etc. People started becoming his devotees seeing the divinity in him.

One day Achchamma sat near Swami, held his feet in devotion and asked, “Swami! I have only one son. But he is blind. From outside he doesn’t seem to blind but he can’t see in reality. What would be his future?”

Swami replied, “Mother! I am very well aware of that fact. You need not worry about that. He holds the fortune to see this world with his own eyes. Bring him to me day after tomorrow early in the morning the time when I do worship.” After that Swami went away inside for doing worship.

Meanwhile ‘Sri Annajayya’ who was the incarnation of Lord Brahma, after visiting many sacred places, went to Sri Sailam, worshipped the Lord over there, served the Saints who were doing penance inside the caves of Sri Sailam. After having met all such people he decided to move on to another sacred place called ‘Mahanandi’ to worshop Lord Mahanandiswara. On the way was ‘Banaganapalle’.

After roaming in the Banaganapalle village he finally reached the Mutt built by Achchamma for Swami Veerappaya Charya, entered into the Mutt and found Swami sitting inside writing kalagyana. His aura was too divine for anyone to get mesmerized. Annajayya thought within himself, “So far I have met so many Saints but none of them had such a divine aura on their face. This Swami looks like he is not an ordinary Saint. He must definitely be an incarnation of the supreme divine soul Sriman Narayana. The very glimpses of him unite tightly my focus on to him. Some good thing is surely in store for me. He is my savior”. Having had such thoughts in his mind, he simply sat near Swami’s feet.

Veerapayyaa Charya having noticed all these things, turned towards Annajayya and said, “Son! Who are you? What’s your name? What have you come here for?”. To his questions, Annajayya with folded hands in devotion said, “Swami! I’m born in the caste of Viswa Brahmins. My name is ‘Annajayya Brahmananda’. Swami! I am have renounced this world and hence travelling all the sacred places worshipping the deities over there. While I was going to Mahanandi village to worship the deity ‘Lord Mahanandeswara’ I happen to pass by your village when I had the privilege of having your divine glimpses. Swami! You seem to be lord Parameshwara to me.”
After having spoken thus, Annajayya enquired, “Sire! What’s that book which you are writing?”
Swami Veerappaya Charya replied to his question saying, “Son! This is a book of future predictions ‘Kalagyana’ contents of which are divine secrets”.

Annajayya requested, “Swami! Please be kind on me and preach me the divine secrets which you are authoring. I would be highly thankful to you”.

Veerappaya Charya closed his eyes and in his mind he read the past of Annajayya. He found that he is none other than the incarnation of that Divine lord Brahma, the consort of goddess Saraswati. Swami replied, “Son! This book is for the future. I’ll recite the verses and narrate the incidents to you. Listen carefully”.

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