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Chapter 26- Kalagyana Discourse to Annajaiyya

Veerappayya Charya addressed him and said, “Annajaiyya!” Listen to me carefully. This Kalagyana is a book of divine secrets predicting the future in advance”.

“With full devotion, whosoever writes this Kalagyana, or reads, or listens to, or worships this book with devotion, take my words for granted, Salvation/liberation would be nearby for him.”

1. In this Kaliyuga, lineage of all the great kings would gradually decline

2. Communal rites would increase excessively in all the places

3. Thievery would increase in all the villages and theft of treasure would become common. There would be no one who would be able to stop these thefts from happening or do a trial case on them

4. In every village a ‘Shakti’ (local deity) would be born which would demolish the place to a large extent

5. In the evening time many he-goats would cry; hearing the same, some people would die then and there

6. A comet (dhoomaketu) would appear at the corner side sky of Tirupati. In the noon time many people who would witness that, would suffer from some strange feelings and would die immediately

7. South would blaze, north would also blaze. Due to highly potent electric thunderbolts from the sky, rivers would dry up

8. Fire would become cool like the moon

9. Moon would appear on Amavasya (new moon) night. Due to that some people would die

10. In north side, on a Suddha Padyami day, thunderbolts, lightning strikes, would happen. Soon after that Mayajangas would come who would be so tall that their one step ahead would be equal to walking 7 steps by normal humans.

11. Humans would suffer with such a starvation that children and mothers everyone would wander in fields to find some food. Even then due to acute appetite those kids would start eating soil and other useless stuff every day and night. Due to that some would die

12. In the mid night time there would be some strange screams heard in villages

13. Chaste ladies would earn bad names

14. Religious people would become disinterested in Achara Vyavahara (Religious rights)

15. People belonging to higher castes would lose their fame and glory. Lot many strange things would happen to them

16. Before I come back as ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya’ all sinners would get wiped out of this earth

17. A great soul by name ‘Lingayya’ would show his actual or divine form

18. Sri Sailam Teertham would get spoiled

19. Lord of the Sri Saila place ‘Mallikarjuna Swami’ would converse with people

20. Towards the north of Nandikonda village, in a cave, strangely looking humans processing 12000000 (one twenty lakhs) horses with them would appear

21. People would find golden bulls near Markapuram village

22. A boy called ‘Nagayya’ would read 5 Vedas in five years of age itself

23. Lord Kumara Swami’s temple doors would remain closed for 5 days

24. People who are descendents of Saptarishis, their words would be appreciated and respected by the other people considering them as pious humans

25. Brahmins would also become uninterested to follow the path of righteousness and would also dislike who follow such great paths

26. There would be some communal arguments between Deva Brahmins and Dwija Brahmins. Finally Dwijas would bow their heads in defeat

27. One Shakti would be born in Lingapuram village

28. In Sri Saila mountain the deity idols present inside the Mallikarjuna temple would gain lives and would start dancing in every village

29. Sri Saila God ‘Lord Mallikarjuna’ would appear in person and would forecast to everyone that ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya Swami’ would come. That time a rainfall of blood would happen

30. Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi town would become furious and kill many sinners

31. Different deities would be sent to each state for punishing the sinners: - Goddess Kali would be sent to Karnataka. Durga would be sent to the Muslim countries. Arkasoma would be sent to Tamil Nadu. Lord Veerabhadra would be sent to Karnataka. Every corner state would be punished by Bhairava. Nagendra would be sent to Mahanandi. Yati would be appointed at Kandanoori state. After these incidents, in all the directions across the country, people ranging from 7 years of age to all the ages would suffer from strange diseases like ulcers, cancers, boils on their face, inside their mouth and all over their bodies and would die

32. Strange and unseen diseases would suddenly prevail and people who are sitting, they would die sitting, people who are standing would die in standing posture and people who are walking they would fall dead all of a sudden

33. In the sky Stars would appear in four directions resembling a Homa Gundam (Altar of sacrificial fire)) mere the sight of which would take many lives on the spot

34. A strange sound emerging from the sky would kill many people upon hearing

35. Foxes would definitely howl in regular hourly intervals hearing which people would die on the spot

36. Day and night vultures would assemble together and make a ‘GaGa’ sound. Due to that some people would lose their lives

37. Aquatic animals and fishes would come outside of the water and commit suicide

38. On the Sri Saila Mountain, a crocodile would appear, enter into the temple of Goddess Bhramarambika, and would disappear after bleating like a Goat. Due to that, some people would lose their lives

39. Fire sparks would shower on Sri Saila hill top, and would make some strange noise. A Shakti named “Tejame Tejassu” would appear and roar like a tiger. Various kinds of strange voices would be heard on the mountain

40. Fire sparks would emerge out of Lord Mahadeva’s eyes. Tears would roll down from Parvati Devi’s eyes. Nandiswara would move himself by making a sound ‘Katakata’. Making a sound of ‘Dhana Dhanaam’ he would rub the earth with his feet

41. A strange sound ‘Vaaku Vaaku’ would be heard emerging from the Sun

42. God of Dharma would appear in the Sky

43. Poisonous gases would flow and make Fire sparks emerge out of Lord Parvateesa

44. Lord Basaweswara would shed tears from his eyes

45. Matted hair of Lord Mahadeva would look jumping, dancing and waving

46. Holding Trident the divine beings would move

47. The statue situated on the Ukkusthambam (Pillar) on the mountain would speak

48. Basaweswara who is present before Bhramaramba would wag his tail

49. A person by name ‘Guggillarayudu’ would be killed by elephants in Eluru town

50. Muslims would dance, sing and rule over Tirupati mountain temples

51. Kapidhwaja would shake making a sound ‘Ghumm’. Garudadhwajam would dance jumping in every direction

52. Lord Vinayaka would recite Veda Mantras in all the places. After that from the sky a sound “aa...aa...aa” would be heard. Some people would be killed due to that sound

53. Cows and sheep would cry looking towards the sky

54. Mother earth would scream making a noise of ‘Bho Bho’

55. Ladies would sing lullabies. Blood would roll down from their eyes in place of tears

56. Every village would be attacked by wild animals like tigers and would kill people by biting on their necks

57. People of all ages would sing praises of Veera Bhoga Vasantarayudu in samaveda tunes

58. Rainfall of flowers would happen. On the day of new moon (Amavasya), full moon would be seen. On the same night Earth would shake. Lightening would be seen in the sky. A strange sound would be heard.

59. A sound ‘Bhugul...Bhugul’ would be heard from the sky

60. People belonging to all castes would chant Kesava namams (Names of Lord Vishnu)

61. In villages, towns, and rivers, rainfall of blood would be seen. In such villages Goddess Lakshmi would cry

62. Surya Nandi would emerge. Surya and Chandra would shine brighter

63. Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) would say, “Mahayogi is coming”

64. All the five Vedas would be occupied by low caste people (panchamulu) and they would start reciting them. Those low caste people would hold Panchangam in their hands like Brahmanas and would roam in places explaining the Panchanga to all. Their words would become truth as compared to the words spoken by Brahmins

65. Brahmins would spend their life in service of other caste people

66. All the ancestral lands and property of Brahmins would be occupied by others

67. Everywhere strange kind of torrential rains would fall

68. From the year named ‘Eswara’ to ‘Vikrama’ (These names are based on Hindu calendar names for years), seven villages would become one village. Seven houses would merge into one (Perhaps due to some large scale calamities/destruction the leftover people taking shelter under refugee camps as one family?)

69. Like this there would be many other calamities wiping out the sinners in masses

70. Frog would make sound like a Hen listening to which many people would die on the spot

71. Towards the Esanya direction due to some poisonous gas leakage many people would die (Bhopal Gas Tragedy which happened in 1984)

72. Near Chundikonda area tornado would be born wiping out lives of some people from the earth

73. Towards the eastern direction near my Mutt in the family of Panchananas one small baby girl’s womb would burst and another small baby boy would take birth. Then untimely calamities like thunders, lightening, would come in an unpredictable and unbounded way. Some sinners would enter the mouth of death due to such calamities. That baby boy would reach out to the people and would speak falsely claiming that he is the supreme god and would ask everyone to worship him to get salvation. Those who are my real devotees would never believe him

74. In northern place from a banyan tree a great man having horns on his head would take birth tearing the tree into two parts. He would also reach out to masses claiming himself as the god and asking others to worship him. Real devotees would never fall into his fake words

75. In a western state from the stem of Tamarind tree a naked man would emerge out. He would claim himself to be a great savior of the southern parts of the country. Entire Nellore borders would be wiped out in floods

76. In this way in all the four directions four such strange people would emerge and come

77. On my Mutt an ‘Aridonda’ creeper would be born. On one night within seven ‘Ghadiya’ (168 Minutes=7*24 Mins.) it would trap the entire mutt in its coiled web such that nobody would be able to enter into my mutt thereafter. This would render the Mutt without worship for seven days. Later some of my devotees of ‘Panchananam’ tribe would dare to enter inside the Mutt by cutting the creeper

78. A pig would appear in a Masjid (mosque) and would spark communal wars among Muslims. That pig would enter into others’ houses and people would try to catch it for killing. But it would keep escaping from their hands and bring the chasing men to the banks of Krishna River near Vijayawada. There that pig would vanish at a flash and that would kill hundreds of Muslims who witness that incident

79. A hundred feet high heap of Beatles would be formed (Kalagyana was written in two forms viz. ‘Vachana Kalagyanam (textual verses)’ and ‘Padya Kalagyanam (poetic styled verses)’, this could be a poetic style to indicate uncountable number of dead bodies. Beatles are small bed bugs, if they are assumed to pile up forming a heap of 100 feet height, that perhaps is a poetic expression to say the no. of deaths is uncountable)

80. In Tirupati near Lord Venkateswara’s temple a Vishnu devotee would be born who would completely erase the word ‘Shiva’ for Eight ‘Ghadiya’ [192 minutes =8*24 Mins.). ‘Adi Vishnu being the protector of all worlds, who are these Shiva and Brahma?’ would be his words. That would ignite conflicts and arguments between the two sects Vaishnavites and Shaivites, and their arguments would get converted into fights. That would kill many people. Their debates would reach Sri Sailam area like a forest fire. In Sri Saila Mountain devotees would quarrel fighting for ‘Patala Ganga’ questioning whether it belongs to Shiva or Vishnu. Hearing all these rubbish some saintly people would come to calm them down, but seeing no solution they would say, ‘O Devotees! This discrimination and argument is of no use. So we would tell you one thing. To whomsoever the Patala-Ganga belongs to, can take away the waters with them’. Hearing those words both parties would agree. Vishnu devotees would smear Vishnu mark on a devotee’s body and would make him sit inside the ‘Patala Ganga’. Nothing would result. Next, Shiva devotees would think of trying their hand. Vaishnavas would take the Vishnu devotee out of the waters. One Shaivite would be smeared with ash all over his body and would be made seated inside the Patala Ganga waters. That moment all of a sudden water would start making a churning sound and a sound ‘OM’ would resound all over. At the same moment 32 types of divine instruments would be heard sounding. Patala Ganga would vanish for a while. Subsequently, disruption in planetary motions would occur by causing instant calamities killing many sinners. Fake devotees would get killed, true devotees would survive. My devotees would never get harmed by any calamity!

81. Apart from these, another strange thing would happen. Goddess Lakshmi would come from Seema area. As soon as she comes, all the people would be able to live a rich life

82. River Kaveri would overflow due to floods and would engulf many big towns within itself

83. Law breakers would become rulers and law followers would get ruined

84. My devotees would sprinkle my good dharma over the earth

85. Many fake gurus would also emerge everywhere

86. Whosoever reads, hears, or recites my Kalagyana regularly would enjoy all good things in their lives as well as they would get liberation after their life

87. Before my arrival many kinds of such strange happenings would be seen

Swami stopped at that and continued, “Hey Annajaiyya! You are the incarnation of Lord Brahma, I’m the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva is present as a Rajayogi by name ‘Ananda Bhairavayogi’. So, Hey Annajaiyya! In a few days I’m going to change my name and adopt a new name “Veera Brahmendra’. I’m going to move out of this place. You should always remain pious and remember this Kalagyana told to you. You should remain in this same Mutt along with Achchamma and spend your life here in devotion”.

“I would give you a Maha Mantra, listen! ‘ॐ नमो नारायणाय (Om Namo Narayanaya)’. You should regularly chant this Astakshari (Mantra comprising of eight letters) always. When Shadakshari and Asthakshari merge, it becomes a powerful mantra. Thus, if one recites these two mantras together, it would give anyone liberation beyond doubt. Hence the combination of the two would be “Om Namah Shivaya Om Namo Narayanaya”. You should always chant this joint Mantra by which you would get auspiciousness, peace and all good things in your life”.

Annajaiyya folded his hands in devotion and stood in front of the Swami and addressed him like this, “O leader of the universes! Hey dweller of Lakshmi’s heart! You have explained this Kalagyana very well which is all about predictions of the future. I would also like to know about your incarnations in the past Krit, Treta, and Dwapar yugas”.

Veerappayacharya replied saying, “Son! You will be here only. We have plenty of time to discuss that. See Achchamma is coming. Let’s park this discussion to some other time. Be seated”.

Meanwhile Achchamma came inside the Mutt along with her blind son named ‘Brahmananda Reddy’.

Swami looked at Achchamma and enquired, “Mother! Who is this boy? Is he the same son about whom you talked about? If yes, was he born blind or it was something that he lost his sight in the middle somewhere?”


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