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Chapter 27- Veerappaya cures blindness of Brahmananda Reddy

Garima reddy Achchamma continued, “Swami! He is my son, a person with many good qualities and a wise man. In his childhood he had good sight. But I don’t know why but suddenly he lost his sight. His eyes look like a normal man’s eyes only but he has no sight. This is his misfortune”.
Swami takes Brahmananda Reddy near him and said, “Son! Sit here.Your good days have come now”. Saying thus, he put his hand over Brahmananda’s head, with his thumb finger pressed the Broomadhya (place between eyebrows) and said, “Son!You keep your eyes closed for 10 minutes and thereafter open them”.

When Brahmananda Reddy opened his eyes he started seeing things hazily. With that there were no bounds to his happiness and he fell on the feet of Swami and said,”Swami! You are none other than Lord Sriman Narayana who has given sight to this sinner. Sire! When mere placement of your hand on my head could give me some sight then if I dedicate my whole life for your service then I can imagine that the results would be beyond description. Hey Guru Sarvabhouma! I’m a dust particle under your feet. Please make me blessed byshowing me the path of good deeds”.

Having heard his honest prayers, Swami became more compassionate and said, “Son! No worries. In a few days your eyes would be able to see properly. Those who invest their faith and worship me would never face hardships. Those who do not believe me, or who criticizes those who believe in me and my writings would certainly face lot many troubles. Son! Brahmananda Reddy! I would tell you your previous birth’s story. Listen! In your previous birth, you were responsible for spoiling the eye sight of your chaste wife. She could not tolerate the pain and committed suicide by jumping in water. As a punishment for that heinous sin you had lost your sight. This punishment was destined to be for your lifetime, but because you had done some good deeds by servicing many saints in your previous life, due to those blessings you happened to meet me. Moreover your mother’s goodwill has also added to your virtues. I’m going to give you a divine Mantropadesam, listen with a sacred heart”

Swami spelt “Namah Shivaya” in his right ear and said, “Son! If you chant this mantra regularly, you would soon develop your full eyesight and would gain good health”

Swami turned to everyone and continued, “Son, Brahmananda Reddy! You, your mother Achchamma alongwith this divine soul Annajayya, have to stay here in this Mutt. You three people should remain here and take care of this Mutt as like as Trimurti takes care of the world. You should live a pious life and preach my divine Mantra and my name to all the devotees who come to you. Always have faith in me and on my behalf install a Shiva Lingam here and keep worshipping daily and finally you all would get united in Lord Shiva. I would stay here for only few more days. Need to close few more activities. After that I would take up a different name, “Veera Brahmendra” and would become a Rajayogi”.

Hearing his words, Brahmananda reddy enquired, “Swami! I have a small doubt. You told us that you would leave this name ‘Veerappaya Charya’ and would take a new name ‘Veera Brahmendra’. Does that mean you would put an end to this life and take a new birth with a new name or you would simply change your name?”

Swami replies, “Son! My incarnation itself comprises of three names. In my childhood till 14 years of age “Veeram Botlayya”, thereafter “Veerapayya Charya” and here onwards “Veera Brahmendra” would be my name. I would remain famous in those three places by these three names. People who know me completely are nowhere present in all the 14 worlds. However I know everything about everyone”.

Having heard the explanation for the question of Brahmananda Reddy, all three of them got satisfied and promised to stay in the same Mutt. They all worshiped Swami with devotion again.

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