Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 3- This is Not the End…

That was the ‘Vaisakha Suddha Dasami’ day (tenth day after the new moon day in the month of April) and it was nearing 2 o’clock in the noon. And 2:30 was the predefined auspicious time for Sri Veerabrahmendra’s Sajeeva Samadhi. Entire village flocked at Kandimallayya Palle Mutt together with the Nawab of Kurnool. Many devotees from other villages also assembled at the venue.

Addressing the crowd for the last time, Swami revealed many more secrets of his Kalagyana about his arrival as Kalki.

Then, addressing the entire crowd, he instructed, “Children! Remember my Mantra which is the ‘Beeja Samputi’ (seed letters); this would bestow you with all sorts of happiness and would protect you like an armor from any kind of calamity. ‘Om, Hreem, Kleem, Shreem, Namah Shivaya, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamine, Namah’. Chant this Mantra regularly and remain blissful while you live; and when you leave, you would get liberation for sure! There are no restrictions for anyone. Women, men, people from all caste and creeds, can chant this Mantra of mine. With my mantra, there are no limitations like time, day, cleanliness etc.”

Then Swami called his wife ‘Govindamamba’ and said, “Devi! It’s almost the time for me to enter into the Samadhi. So, listen carefully to what I tell you now! You should not remove your ‘Mangala Sootram’, Bangles, saffron mark on forehead, and other items of a ‘Sumangali’ (married woman). The way you used to decorate yourself till date, you should continue the same in my absence also. Remember that those who consider you as a window and hate you for not having abandoned the aforesaid items; such people would get destroyed. The way you were worshipped till now, you would remain venerable by everyone in future as well. Remember that I am alive! I would remain alive! I’m not an ordinary human to die sitting in Samadhi; I’m entering Samadhi for penance and would remain alive for next hundreds of years till I come back as Kalki! This is not the End…this marks the beginning of my future manifestation called ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’, otherwise known as - KALKI”

Swami addressed his children and the spectators saying, “Dear sons and devotees! It’s time for me to enter the Samadhi. My suggestions for you all are; remain peaceful and calm natured, remember me always, remain devoted to the almighty, and follow the path of righteousness. Children! There are many more secrets which I can preach you, but I am running short of time. Be affectionate with Siddhaiyya. His name and fame would remain inerasable till the time sun and moon would last!”

Swami’s sons asked Swami to give his hand stick, ‘Paduka’ (wooden slippers), and ‘SikhaMudrika’ (an ornament worn on the matted hair lock) to them, but Swami refused and said, “These are the property of that pious disciple, who had served his Guru for continuous twelve years, with full faith and devotion. These are for my dearest son – Siddhaiyya!”

Then Swami sat in ‘Padmasana’ (a yogic posture) inside the Samadhi and lit an ‘Akhanda Jyoti’ (everlasting flame) inside. Then he asked those devotees to seal the four walls from all sides completely. Devotees closed the doors and sealed the walls from all sides.

That was the ‘Vaisakha Suddha Dasami’ day of 4094th year of Kaliyuga when that Lord of the Lords Vishnu who incarnated as ‘Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami’, after walking on this earth for 175 years; sat in Samadhi to prepare ground for his appearance in the future as Kalki…

Few questions arise! Where was Siddhaiyya? Why wasn’t he seen at the venue when Swami entered Samadhi? Why was he so dear to Swami? What’s the birth story of Swami? Who were his parents? What were Swami’s childhood pastimes? What were his lifetime glories?

To get answer to all such questions let’s travel 175 years backwards in time, from this venue. Let me take you to a small village of Andhra Pradesh, which was called by name ‘Nandikonda’. This was the origin, to where Swami’s story traces its roots. From there we would trace our journey backwards, capturing every small moment of Swami’s life till this point (and beyond) where from we’re beginning our time travel…


  1. Dear sanjay,

    why can't you place google add's on your blog?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Dr. Devendra!!!
    But my aim is not to earn money from this blog. And google adds eat up lost of space and degrades the beauty of the blog. So, i didn't prefer going for adsence option.

    P.S:- I'm Santosh by the way, not Sanjay :)

  3. Thanks so much for writing about this great sage !!! i was eagerly searching about his details!!!!

  4. Hi Santosh,

    Great work. I am really frustated with today's world. I don't see any one behaving good and having ethics. I am waiting for kalki to come. I really think every time every day about the atrocities happening in this world and when would god come. I want to see kalki. I want to join him.

  5. Dear Anonymous (Sorry I don't know your name so..)

    Yes, even i feel the same seeing today's world going from rack to ruin. However, the key to happiness is to remain always immersed in our favourite form of God. So, friend! keep all your worries and tensions aside and focus on God, be righteous, always walk on the path of satya and dharma, follow the ideal principles shown/taught by god..Then i feel we can change the world!

  6. Hi Santosh,

    Thanks for such a nice blog. I am searching a lot regarding Veerabrahmendra swamy from long time and now I am here in the right place.

    Are there any writings about the sage in telugu?
    If so can you please post the links?

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    You would surely find so many books in Telugu by so many authors in the market. There is no online links available. You'll find telugu books only in devotional bookstores for purchase.

  8. Dear Santosh,

    could u please tell me 5047 of Kali age in terms of AD/BC

    And I want to know is Sri Veera Bhoga Vasanta Raaya born
    if yes then tell me when and Where?

    In some blogs they are showing that He(veera Bhoga Vasantaraya) mightbe Born in 1956-1957'
    How much they are true?

  9. Santosh,

    living in today's world we are indirectly causing so much harm to mankind, nature and mother earth making earth no more a safe place for future generations. It is we who did this. Nothing is good may it be economy, people's thinking, people's lives, governments, climate.

    living now we are causing so much harm knowingly or unknowingly, may it be directly or indirectly. if we have to live, we cannot without damaging or hurting any thing (nature, species, mankind, resources, climate, mother earth). we are in such a position neither we cannot quit nor we cannot live. struggling to understand why we here, the purpose of our life. we living just for the sake of living, doesn't know what we are living for?

    do you have any answer for this?

    Please enlighten me.

  10. Dear Suryaprakash,

    i'm not sure about these calendar year conversions. A learned scholar may be able to map such dates.

  11. Dear anonymous friend,

    True that we humans are causing harm to nature. But it's a collective effect. We alone can't change the world but we can definitely change ourselves. At our level if we do good things like say, "not using plastic/polythene, planting more trees, not purchasing cars if we do not really need them..etc". Then definitely there would be some good to the world. Remember that single single drops when collected that becomes a pot of water. So, every small effort towards betterment is always fruitful.

    Secondly you asked about purpose of life. Purpose of life is to gain salvation through knowledge and devotion. All other things are just materialistic. One thing what goes with us and helps us after death is our good karma, so having our focus only on God primarily is the purpose of our lives.

  12. Dear Sir,
    Download from scribd is not possible it says book is part of scribd archeive now . asking for payment. can you give other link for download

  13. Dear Raj,

    This blog itself is an exact replica of that book. You may read from this blog posts itself.

    Alternatively, if you want to download that PDF from scribd, you need not pay. If you upload any of your documents to scribd (could be any small creation of yours), you'll be able to download my book.
    After archiving the books scribd works on give and take policy. Either through money or through document contributions. So, u may upload any of ur file and then u'll be able to dowload.

    It still it doesn't allow, then u may read from this blog itself. Hope this info, helped!

  14. I read your book and went to Brahmam gari matt this weekend. Liked the place very much. Saw all the jeeva samadhis there. Saw swami's house and Siddaiah swami samadhi too.

  15. Dear Vijay,

    That's a great news you shared. You made my day!! Great to know that you visited Brahmamgaru's Mutt and visited all those sacred places.

    Hats off!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. I had been to Veer Brahmendra swami mutt and went to a place close by on top of a hill where there is a cave. It is the place where Eshwaramma used to meditate. The place is awesome it gives you a different feeling of being in a different world. The pujaris there are really nice. Inside the cave one of the pujaris dug up an area and found another hollow place where the entire cave is filled with haldikumkum and vibhuti which leads to a well inside the hill where eshwari devi used to have a bath. There is a small idol of Eshwaramma where according to the pujari everyday a huge snake comes at some point of the day and surrounds the idol and leaves. Had also been to Yaganti the place where Veer Brahmendra swami meditated. Thanks a lot it is actually because of your blog that I came to know a lot about Veer Brahmendra Swami.

  17. Dear Akshay,

    That's a wonderful experience that you narrated. You are really blessed by Veerabrahmendra Swami and also by Eswaramma. That was an awesome piece of info that you shared. Thank you so much. It made my day!

  18. dear santosh,
    are you sure obout the dates beacuse kaliyuga will end around 432000 years as said in bhavishya purana,only 5000(approximatly) years passed so far.kalki(Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya) will take birth at end of kaliyuga(43200) which is diferent from your version(5047).iam confused
    please reply me

  19. Each Yuga only lasts about 5000 earth years max and not more than that.........
    432000 years is spiritual years and not earth years......
    Can you imagine what would happen to Mother earth if KaliYuga lasts about 432,000 earth years? Mother Earth is already damaged due to humans greed, ego, etc in the last 2,000 years......

  20. Went for a long trip to Andhra Pradesh and visited all beautiful temples in Srisailam and Cuddapah area. My bhagya is good to have visited Bhramam Garu guha, his home, eswari devi muth , Eswari devi cave,Navratna Mandapam, Siddhaya muth where I got the chance to see the akhanda jyoti of which is burning since 400+ years, the bhrama danda of Bhramam garu and the ring that he wore and his padukas. It is so serene environment in Kandimallayapalli. Hopefully will get to go there many times again and again.

    1. That's an awesome experience, Akshay! Felt very happy to know about your trip details. May god bless you with all happiness.

  21. Hi all,
    Have anyone come across the recent Uttarakand devastation prediction in the Brahmamgaru kalagyanam ? At one place it is mentioned that Nandana and Vijaya nama year lots of natural calamities would occur. My guess is this one was probably predicted. Any views ?

    1. Yes you are rite... Uttarakhand devastation predicted in Brahmamgari Kalajnanam, I got about it in my recent research, and also Brahmamgaru mentioned about Sri Narendramodi also. I recently found these matters, it is going to be announce. Presently You can check here about North Indian Floods (Kashmir Floods) here in my blog

    2. That's so great if these events are also predicted. Thanks Mallikarjuna garu!

  22. Iam an ardent devotee of sadguru.... and iam taking deeksha since fifteen years..... upto my belief sadguru was already born..... he will come soon to rule the world.....

  23. is tha mantra is Om, Hreem, Kleem, Shreem, Namah Shivaya, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamine, Namah’ or Om Hreem Kleem sreem sivaya veerbrahmane namah:

    1. As per all the versions of books i read, both these mantras are given. So, you may choose whichever fits your interest and opinion.

  24. In many sites... its written that india would be divided in north and south..under the forces of vasantha raya...... is that true? then when is it predicted to happen?