Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 29- Swami Turns Meat into Flowers

Next day early in the morning Nawab’s servants visited Swami’s place with a palanquin covered with flower garlands. They seated Swami inside and with various instruments playing behind their procession traversed through the entire village and finally reached the Nawab’s palace.
Nawab hearing the arrival of Swami immediately got down from his throne and went straight to the swami and arranged for a golden seat in his Ranga Mahal. Swami was asked to be seated on that seat. Nawab with all his respect and veneration said, “Mahatma! With your entry in my home, my entire lineage has become cleansed. I heard that you are beyond all barriers of caste and creeds. I also heard that you are simply the incarnation of divine Parameshwara. But your face and its aura itself speaks everything about you. Swami! If you could accept the request of this poor son of yours and accept my desire of you having lunch in my place, I would be highly grateful to you”.

Swami replied, “Son! Whatever is your wish you are free to serve me. Do as your heart says”.
To that Nawab became pleased and in order to test the swami he got meat prepared and brought that in a golden plate covered with a cloth of silk. He got that placed in front of Swami. Swami being all knower of these things, simply smiled a little and with his hands uncovered the silken cloth from the meat plate.

To the consternation of everyone present over there, all the meat turned into nicely smelling flowers of golden hue.

Nawab feared thinking that swami might curse him because of this kind of prank what he played. And immediately with all remorse he fell on the lotus feet of Swami and peaded, “Mahatma! I am ashamed of the prank I have played. My intension was not to disgrace you in any way. All I wanted to see your divinity and other than that I have no other reason behind this. Please don’t get angry on me and kindly forgive me for this mistake”.

Swami replied with compassion, “Get up my son! You have done nothing which would have angered me. I’m not angry on you. To those who have faith in me, I would remain always protective for them as like as eyelids protect the eyes.Leave aside all the fears and doubts of your heart and get up”.

To this Nawab became happy and with folded hands stood in front of Swami and said, “Sire! Considering me your son, please teach me the path which would lead me to Sadgati”.
To his request Swami accepted and stayed that night in his palace and preached him Brahmopadesam. Also he shared some divine secrets with him and taught him some good principles of politics as well.

Nawab with satisfaction said, “Swami! I’ve become detached with all the bondages now. Whatever Kalagyana, you have authored, request you to kindly preach that to me”.
Swami agreed and replied “Son! Listen to the Kalagyana with full focus. Whatever Kalagyana I would tell you now that would make you free of all bondages and attachments”.


Great sages always face such tests at every point of their lives. Those tests actually highlight their good qualities, divinity and expose them to the world.

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  1. This turning of meat from to flowers is there in Raghavendra Swamy Charithra !!