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Chapter 30- Kalagyana Discourse to Banaganapalle Nawab

Swami addressed to everyone and continued, “Hey people! Mere listening to this Kalagyana would bring all sorts of prosperity and property to you. So listen to me carefully with full focus”.

“In order to punish the sinners and protect the virtuous, I would come as Veera Bhoga Vasantavatara after 5000 years of Kali age gets elapsed. Till that time numerous calamities and strange things would happen on this earth. They are:-

1. One Eeta tree (a variant of date tree) would be born which would sleep at night and would stand erect in the day. This way it would remain alive for 8 years and on Saravana Suddha day (a day after the new moon day in the month of Aug) it would fall down forever. That would bring many difficulties to the nation

2. Another strange thing is, after 5097th year called as Dhatru from Margasira month (Dec) to Magha month (Feb) of year named Eswara; in this period Golkonda, Kondaveedu, Veesukonda, Tadiparti, Gutti, Bellari, Nellore, Munimadugu, Eetamukkala, Guntur, Mangalagiri, Vijayawada, Kambham, Kurnool, Markapuram, Tanjavoor, Pushpagiri, Kanchi, Mysore, Chennapattnam; in all these cities there would be such a scarcity of food that for one rupee people would get only one finger pinch of rice. Apart from this, people would suffer from burning sensation under their feet which would rise till their head. People would scream due to intolerable pain and would die

3. People of all eighteen castes would eat flesh of goat

4. Varnashrama Dharmas (Celibate, Householder, Forest recluse, Renunciant) would get spoiled

5. Aacharam (religious rights) would become wiped out completely. Anacharam would prevail

6. There would be nothing called as forbidden relationships among people. People would become lustful without considering about the relations what they are tied with

7. Fruits of hard work of one would be enjoyed by others

8. In this world, Patibhakti (veneration towards husband) would decline

9. Husbands and wives would often quarrel

10. Everyone would become prey to infatuation beyond the limits

11. Lust and anger would soar to the skies

12. Truth and Justice would alleviate, while injustice would keep elevating itself. This is the indication, now also people should try not to turn a deaf ear to me and should try to develop wisdom within them. Apart from these there is another strange thing going to happen in your own village, i.e., my devotee Garima Reddy Achchamma’s lineage would stop without continuation. In her lineage also nobody would survive. Whatever huge no. of cows she has would get extinct. I have written Kalagyana staying in her place as a cowherd and placed my kalagyana in her home on which a Tamarind tree is born. Before my arrival as Veera Bhoga vasanta Raya, that Tamarind tree would bloom with Chamanti flowers (Chrysanthemum). The river “Jurreru” which is surrounding this village would get over flooded and three fourth portion of this village would get wiped out. After that whosoever becomes the Nawab/king of this village would not rule this place righteously. By and by Nawabs would gain lesser earnings. However, till the sun and moon are in the sky, the Shiva Lingam built inside the Mutt of Achchamma would get worshipped regularly without break”.

“Apart from these there would be many things which would happen in this age of Kali. Let me stop this Kalagyana here itself. Hey people of this village! You always meditate on me so that you would always be protected and attain Sadgati in your life”.

Having heard these words of Swami, entire village clapped and said “jai...Jai” in praise of him and happily went back to their respective homes.

That night Swami revealed some divine secrets to Nawab for which he became very much pleased and said, “Swami! I want to offer some villages to you”.

To his offer swami broadly smiled and said, “Son! I am a loner. What would I do by taking lands and property of those many villages from you? If I want, it’s not impossible for me to get anything. But then, since you offered with devotion, I would want you to donate a small piece of land to Garima Reddy Achchamma’s Mutt so that there would be no dearth for food and Naivedya (holy food offering) to the Lord Eshwara installed inside the Mutt. That Mutt would get benefitted by your offer of a piece of land. That’s enough. Your fame would remain alive till the sun and moon exist”.

To that, Nawab agreed and instantly donated a land of 50 acres around 2 miles away from the Mutt in the area called ‘Magani’. Even today also that Mutt is being worshipped and regular food offerings are coming from that land only.

Like this Swami stayed in Banaganapalle for some more period preaching and teaching good things to the people over there. People believe, Kalagyana indicates that Swami remained in his Veerappayacharya name in that village for 23 years. After that he changed his name as “Veera Brahmendra Swami’ and went out of Banaganapalle.


Here we read that Swami lived as ‘Veerappayyacharya’ for 23 years. From Chapter 27 we know that he stayed as ‘Veerambotlayya’ for 14 years. Later stories of this book tell us that at the time of entering Samadhi he was 175 years old. So, effectively in a period of 138 years he had done many great things travelling across various states of India. Those days there were no fast mode of transport and communication as we have today. Perhaps such great saints like ‘Veerabrahmendra’ and ‘Adi Shankara’ were born to take all pains for them to educate the country with spiritual awareness erasing their ignorance.
It becomes our duty to honor their pains and stride that path towards Salvation which was shown by them.


  1. Is there any photo of Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya? Is he the 'Kalki'?

    1. Yups, Lord Kalki's photos are available on net.


    3. Vira Vasantharaya is still yet to born, how can you ask photos? But for your curiosity i can tell features of him. He will be in slight golden shade, wears kaavi clothes only, he wears vibhudi tilakam, has a dandakam in hand, and vajra shaped chappals. He just looks like a saint at age of 11 years.
      No. He is not kalki avatar. kalki avatar is still 427056 years to go. This year is just 4946-47 years in kaliyuga.

  2. Hi Santosh,
    Would you please paste the photos link of Lord Kalki

    suryaprakash pisay

    1. Dear Suryaprakash,
      I don't have any collection of Kalki photos. You can search in google for "lord Kalki images" and you would get plenty of them.