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Chapter 32- Swami Decides to Get Married

That way after staying in Kandimallayya Palle village for some more days, Swami thought of becoming a Rajayogi. So, he set himself out for visiting other villages. After visiting few villages finally he reached a village called as ‘Peda Komarla’.

In that village there used to be a Viswa Brahmin by name ‘Sivakotayya’. He was a potter and used to earn his living by the job of pottery. He was a pious man and always used to remain in the thoughts of the almighty.

He had no children for a long time so he used to pray to lot many deities for the sake of a child. One day he prayed to Goddess Eswari with heavy heart and said, “Mother! At least can’t you only take birth in my house as my daughter? If you don’t take birth as my child then I would give up my life in front of you”. Having spoken such words to the goddess he stayed in front of the goddess for 3 days without even eating or drinking anything.

On the third day at night time he became very weak and was unable to open his eyes properly. So everywhere a kind of haze had surrounded his vision. That time he heard a voice from the idol, “Son! Sivakotayya Chari! What are you suffering this stringent punishment for? Why are you observing such a strict vow? I’m willing to take birth as your child as per your wish itself. Now put an end to your stringent wows”. Having spoken thus, she disappeared.

Sivakotayya regained his senses, saluted the goddess and had his dinner after having bath. While having dinner he told to his wife, “Dear! The goddess Eswari herself is going to take birth as your child”

To his words his wife with extreme happiness said, “Swami! Is that true? Or you are just making fun of me?”

Sivakotayya reassured, “Kanta! That is completely true. Devi herself told me the same and disappeared. I swear on that Devi herself”. She got satisfied hearing that truth spoken by her husband.

Soon she became pregnant. One day Goddess Lakshmi’s aura entered her womb and after nine months she gave birth to a daughter. The couple named her as “Govindamma”.

This Govindamma was very kind since her childhood. She would treat all Atithi (guests) very respectfully and would serve them. She would always remain in devotion towards the Sarveshwara. She would always hold utmost respect for elders.

When she attained an age of twelve years, her parents were worried about her marriage. Whichever person they would chose for her, she would not even look at that person. This way many youngsters failed to win her heart and went their way backwards.

Her parents took her closely and Sivakotayya held her affectionately and said, “Mother! Whichever kind of person we brought to you, you rejected. Even we had selected a poor guy also just because he had very good education and he was a wise person, still then you have turned him as if he was very insignificant. You tell me what kind of person you are actually looking for?”

To her father’s question she replied, “My dear parents, listen! I would tell you who I am looking for. I have always been worshipping to Lord Parameshwara to give me a husband who would be an incarnation of Sriman Narayana himself. I would not marry anyone who would be immersed in these worldly bondages. The one who would dwell in Brahmananda (Supreme spiritual bliss) by remaining above all the worldly things such a renunciant’s image is there in my eyes. I would not marry anyone other than him. This is my decision. I can put an end to my life but would never marry anyone other than that Divine soul”.

After listening to her words, her parents scolded, “You should either ask for a rich person or a wise and highly educated person. You should always aspire for a life where there would be no dearth for food, clothes and happiness. A sanyasi who can’t even cover his body properly how can you be happy with him? What would your peers think? Wouldn’t your friends mock at you? How would we parents be able to stay happy if you marry a Sanyasi? Since your childhood we raised you with all our love and affection. How can we give away apple of our eye to a Sanyasi? My child! Listen to my words and understand. You ask for any other thing. Do not let our hearts pain. You are an ignorant kid; you do not understand life at this moment. Even now if you can’t change your mind then go and ask friends of your age. Whosoever got married in your friend circle, have any of them chosen a Sanyasi as their husband? Open your eyes and see the world first”.

To their words she said, “My dear parents! Even if you bring a rich person or a well educated wise man, my heart would never agree to marry him. The one whom I have already selected in my heart is a Purana Purusha (eternal being), a person of divine wisdom. At present that divine soul is in our own village. He sits in a temple in the form of a sanyasi. If you bring him to our home and marry me with him, you both would become grateful by doing that. Believe my words. Yesterday when I was sitting in the corridor; that divine soul happened to pass by our home. He sat in front of our house for a while and kept looking at me for a while. That moment onwards I have lost my senses, my soul has got united with that of his and I am not able to sleep even”.

Having spoken thus, she ran into her bedroom, fell on the bed and cried to Parameshwara, “Hey Supreme Lord! Hey final refuge of everyone! The one sanyasi whom you showed me yesterday at our corridor, kindly make him only as my husband”. Thus she cried, prayed and slept weeping.

Her parents talked to themselves, “Perhaps that sanyasi would have spelt some black magic on our dear girl”. Neighborhood women also flocked there and said, “How strange this is! A little girl is retaliating to her parents for a Sanyasi! Perhaps some black magic is cast on her. Just get her treated by someone”. Having given them such useless advices they returned back to their homes.


Here goddess Eswari says she would take birth as Sivakotaiyya’s daughter, but actually goddess Lakshmi incarnates as this girl who later becomes the wife of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami.

Here goddess Eswari shows Advaita (Non-Dualism) as like as her consort Lord Shiva showed non-dualism in Chapter – 05. This proves that Goddess Parvati is called as Goddess Lakshmi in Vaikuntha – the abode of Vishnu!

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