Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 34- Some Crooks Play Tricks with Swami

That incident had become a matter of gossip among the villagers of ‘Pedda komarla’ place. They discussed, “a dead man becoming alive is something we neither heard nor seen in our lives. This still looks strange to us. Only a Parabrahma Swaroopa can make such an impossible thing possible. A common man cannot do such a miracle”.

Meanwhile few disbelievers of them argued saying, “nobody can make a dead man alive. That swami is not a divine incarnation as you people think; he must be some Tantric showing some black magic creating illusions. We would bring his reality to the forefront”

Having said thus, they decided to make one of the sleep on the death bed pretending to have died and planned saying, “one of us would pretend to die and we all would take that person on our shoulders crying towards the Shiva temple where that swami lives. We’ll see what he does with this person. We would uncover his true self to all of you”.

Having decided thus, one among them slept on a death bed made of bamboo sticks, others covered his body with a white cloth and tied him with ropes. They all carried him towards the Shiva temple with false tears in their eyes.

Swami having noticed all these said to the Shiva temple priest Brahmayya, “Son, did you see that? These crooked fellows thinking myself to be a Tantric see how they are bringing a living man in disguise of a dead body to me. See the fake sorrow on their face. ‘Vinasa Kaale Vipareeta Buddhih!’ It’s their bad time which is making such things out of them”

Swami was just discussing this feeling pity on the ignorance of those crooks, they arrived near the temple. Swami approached them and asked, “Sons! Who is he? What is the reason behind his death?”

To his question, those crooks with fake sorrow replied, “This person was suffering from fever for the last 15 days and yesterday night eight o’clock he passed away”.

Swami said, “Pity on him! He had died. What can we do if someone brings bad luck for himself by his own will? We can wake up a man who is sleeping but one who is enacting as slept can’t be woken up, right? This fact is known to you all kind of knowledgeable people, I’m just a Tantric”. Having spoken thus, swami returned inside the Shiva temple together with Brahmayya.

Those crooks went aside the temple and slowly untied the ropes of the dead body and tried to wake him up to complete their drama. To their astonishment, they found him to be really dead. They went inside deep grief for whatever had happened and were unable to find out a way out of that big trouble.

One of them who had a bit of wisdom advised them, “Brothers! He is dead, and I see that with such an attempt of prank we all would be in soup if we go back to the village. How can we escape and what can we answer? I have a suggestion. That Shiva temple dweller saint whom we considered a Tantric must not be a common man. He must be that lord Shiva himself who came down to punish we kind of sinners. Only he can take us out of this troublesome time. So, unless we go back to him and fall on his feet, there is no other escape from this problem”.

They all agreed to his wise suggestion and taking the dead body alongwith them they approached Swami and feel on his feet crying and prayed, “Sire! We deserve this punishment for having tried to trick you considering yourself as a common man. Swami! You are none other than the incarnation of that Para-Shiva. You are Para-Brahma. You are a spotless divine soul who knows the future. You are kind and you pervade all the beings. Kindly forsake our sins from your heart and with all your kindness considering us as your own children kindly pardon us”. They prayed to him in many ways.

Swami, being an embodiment of Karuna (compassion) asked them to sit and went to the dead body and placed his hand over his forehead. Alas! He got up as though just woken up from sleep, and sat there. Knowing all what happened with him, he sat there and bowed his head in shame.
Swami addressed them and said, “Children! You have not done any bad to me. Whosoever knows me is dear to me and I love such people. Whatever you have done to prove me a tantric didn’t displease me”.

Swami’s words made them feel at ease and they calmed down. Swami continued, “Children! In future whatever is going to happen in this Kaliyuga, I’m going to narrate the same to you all, listen carefully”.

Having said thus, Swami started to narrate Kalagyana happenings to them.


Self Realized Gurus (Saints) never possess negative qualities like anger and lust. Every action of their life brings a teaching for the mankind. Here we read that Swami makes that prankster dead temporarily. But that was just to make them realize their mistake.
Bringing him back to life shows two things about Swami. His compassion for the fellow human and second thing is it reflects his divinity. A human can take others’ lives but a human can never give life to anyone. Only God or godly (divine) human can do so.


  1. Swami i had lost ma fiance whom i was about to get married but he died on 9th nov 2011 by eating poison as we had a big fight.he love me truly and i also love him very m lonely i could'nt live without him i want 2 make him alive n starts a new life again.but his dead body has been buried could u please make him alive once pls i m ready to do evrythng 2 gain him back.pls help me m helpless.

  2. Rani Ji,

    I'm sorry to hear about that. I can understand ur feelings. May god guide you and show u appropriate path to recover from this shock.

    God bless!