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Chapter 35- Kalagyana Discourse in Peddakomarla

Swami said, “Children! The Kalagyana which I’m going to narrate to you all; you should regularly study this and should remember me always. If you do so there would all auspiciousness in your life and after”.

After passing on that instruction to them, he started narrating the Kalagyana like this.

1. “Children! After the commencement of 5000 years of Kaliyuga, Dharma would decline drastically on this punya bhoomi (sacred land). (Note:-He calls India as sacred land and predicts loss of Dharma on it, so one can imagine about the ill-fate planned for other countries)

2. Everywhere Adharma would sour to the skies

3. For Indians, ‘Para-Dharma’ would become ‘Swa-Dharma’

4. Justice would become injustice and injustice would sound as justice

5. Truth would fade out and lies would sound as true words

6. People would leave the Vaidika vidhya (Vedic rituals) and would get attracted towards practices which would give them instant but fleeting happiness

7. People would stoop down to such an extent that they would not mind anything about caste, creed, gothram and relationships. They would say all such things are respectable in books and we only know two castes viz. Bull and Cow

8. People would give up interest in Varnasramas and would adopt a freestyle life for themselves. Not only this, they would also preach the same to others saying, whatever is mentioned in Veda Shashtras (Vedic scriptures) is all cooked up by the priests of those days for their benefit. Fake preachers would be born who would say that Bhakti, Gyana, Viaragya kind of paths belong to the timid natured, impotent men who are scared to enjoy the life. This way through wrong preaching they would not only spoil themselves but would also divert others on the wrong path

9. Devotees would keep searching for the existence of God due to the prevailing lectures of atheists

10. Husband-wife, siblings, Teacher-students, relatives, kings and people everyone would resort to deceit and would bring harm to each other’s property, character and lives

11. Time and nature would change their pace. There would be no timely rains, on time produce; dairy animals would give less milk. Dairy animals would also get decreased in number. Entire country would experience shift in all regular events

12. Sinners would die

13. प्रभव पार्धिव मध्ये बहु प्रलय निश्चयं | अनन्तर आनन्द मध्ये रक्तपातो रणरङ्ग भूमे ||. Kaliyuga’s 5000 years hence starting from the years by name ‘Prabhava’ to ‘Pardhiva’ there would be many cataclysms all over the world. Mass deaths of people, animals, and soldiers would happen. Fire bursts, poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, tornados, world wars, landslides, explosions in mountains, killings by lifeless machines (perhaps tanks, unmanned aircrafts?), deluges in rivers and oceans (tsunamis?) would wipe out lives on a large scale.

14. शनि स्तितौजुम्वरासौ भवेत् भूभार नाशनं | आनन्दे धनुजब्द्येतु लोकेस्मिन कलिनाशनं ||. When Saturn enters Zodiac sign Gemini, many sinners would be killed and in the year named ‘Ananda’, ‘Kali Dharma’ would decline. (This means again loss of lives to relieve the burden of earth.)

15. People would slaughter each other in mass due to misunderstandings and quarrels. Caste and communalism wars would increase

16. Cities would increase in this world

17. Kaliyuga’s 4081 year onwards after sixteen times the year named ‘Ananda’ passes all these things would happen

18. Great devotees would stay in Kashi

19. Women power would increase in western countries

20. Northern states would remain playing with swords (means wars- may be like Kargil, China war etc)

21. Southern states would involve in quarrels and people would die due to the same

22. Brahmins would not learn Vedas and would spoil themselves

23. Somayajulu (Brahmins) would live by killing animals

24. Devotees in Prayaga place would survive

25. Devotees would be born in grave yards

26. Villages would turn into towns and cities

27. Parents would not even care about Dharma and would sell their girls for the body business (prostitution)

28. Awareness about me would increase from the year named Prabhava till I come as Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya

29. All Jitendriyas (conqueror of senses) would be killed by arms and ammunitions

30. Due to strange wars many kings would lose their lives

31. Son would insult father, wife would insult husband. Father-son, husband-wives would live their lives on their own style without caring for the fellow member

32. Deva-Pitru Karya (religious rights towards God and departed forefathers, like Yagna, Shraddha etc) would not be done but people would start preaching upadesam (wise words) to others

33. Infatuation and laziness would increase. Entire world would follow its own way of thinking for their life

34. Srutis and Dharmas would be taught to Brahmins by the Shudras. Brahmins would face many insults

35. Temples, Agraharam (communities or houses of Brahmins), and Ashramas would get demolished

36. Untidy and low caste people would become temple owners and worshippers. “Rajanumate Dharmah (means citizens following what King says)” would get changed to “Prajanumate Rajah (means rulers following as per the words of citizens)” and would become the rule.

37. Rulers would get scared of people

38. Japa (chanting), Tapa (penance) and Swadhyayanam (self analysis) would get extinct. But Shudras would spend their lives in Japa and holy rights

39. Lions kind of wild animals, due to destruction of forests, due to export to other countries, due to killings etc would get extinct

40. Trees would give feeble amount of fruits and flowers

41. Saintly humans would live for a small life span due to diseases, and poverty whereas sinners would enjoy long lives and would thrive in food, health and money

42. Royal class women would spend lives in road side pipes

43. Sky would look red and yellow across the country. Due to that many people would get killed

44. In the sky a star would be seen as huge as a mountain. That is the star of ‘Yuga Parivartana (Yuga change)’. Many people would sight that star since its birth and would die. During such a time in order to protect the good people and to punish the evil people I would come as Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya. But before that, all things would happen very fast at lightning speed within a minute.

45. People would be able to converse through mind (telepathy?)

46. Ant would be seen of the size of an elephant

47. Maya Shakti would converse with humans

48. Pig would give birth to elephant

49. Cock would scream like human

50. Goat would give birth to a male goat of five heads

51. Quarrels would rise near Kaveri river, and seven feet high heap of beetles would fall dead at one time (‘beetles’ might be a metaphor used as a poetic way to refer to humans)

52. Newly born babies would converse

53. Calf would be seen transparently within the womb of a cow

54. Male goat would bleat like a cow and due to that sound, many lives would be put off

55. Jaggery/sugar would become bitter and Neam tree would produce nectar kind of milk

56. Meteor shower would happen on a thunderous Amavasya night (new moon night)

57. Shrill and strange screams would he beard from the mountains

58. A child of six months would sing

59. A cow would give birth to a calf having 5 heads and 2 female genitals out of them one vulva would resemble human’s and another as the cow’s

60. A cow would give birth to a human. He would argue wisely with humans

61. Gold would vanish slowly and other metal (peetal) would be sold in gold’s price

62. Yati of Nagumalle place would die in a strange manner. Humans would get wiped out in the same Nagumalle fashion

63. Lot many more strange things would happen. People would not be able to understand the Paramardham (divine secret) behind the good things and would follow wrong paths

64. Even then my devotees would not deter from their faith in me. Such devotees would be protected and sustained by me with all love and care as like as a mother sustains her child

65. Miracles of Sun would be visible to people. That’s the indication of my arrival time for you

66. Sun would look in yellowish hue and in human form

67. In the year named Bhava by sravana (August) all villages, cities and towns would get wiped out due to terrific floods in rivers and oceans

68. In the year named Bahudhanya twenty five cities would get wiped out in bloodshed

69. Omkara sound would be heard from the earth

70. In ‘Palnaati Seema’ area in a Brahmin’s house bitter gourd plant would yield tamarind fruits

71. In ‘Banaganapalle’ village the tamarind tree which took birth on top of my Kalagyana pot would bloom Jasmine flowers

72. In Indrakeeladri mountain of Goddess Kanaka Durga some strange quakes would be seen and mountain would crack. For some days Goddess Kanaka Durga would not find any place even to stand, and then she would reach Kandimallayya Palle village

73. Sun would shiver

74. My devotees would keep looking for me to come

75. Papaghni Mutt would become highly developed

76. Kumbhakonam temple would fall down and would cover the Kumbha completely

77. Five year old kid would predict future

78. In Kashi city many stars would shine brilliantly

79. Viswkarma being spread all over would create many strange things

80. In every home sorrow and tears would become common

81. Those people who follow truth and are spotless wise men would see people who would ill-treat them, giving their own interpretation for Srutis (Vedas), shastras (scriptures)

82. These kind of people would become common-- who are filled with bad qualities like anger, lust, greed, infatuation; who do not follow varnasrama stages; who are stone hearted; who quarrel for no rhyme or reason; who remain untidy; who serve bad character rulers to get favors in return while abandoning their own parents, spouse and children; and who would remain immersed in intoxicated drinks thereby spoiling their families

83. In Vikrama Nama Samvatsaram (year named Vikrama) entire world would shake with fears and rich people would become paupers

84. My devotees need never fear. To them there would be no harm

85. One who chants my Dwadakshari Maha Mantram (Mantra of twelve letters) 12000 times with full devotion, I would get pleased with him, protect him as a father, would give all happiness in this world and also permanent peace after death

86. In the year named Raktakshi on Marga Suddha Saptami day (seventh day after new moon day in the month of Feb) in Chennapatnam town, in the home of a Brahmin a seven year old girl would give birth to a male child. That child would have four hands, three legs, one horn on his head. That child would live for 22 days and then on 23rd day he would die by forecasting that ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya Avatara’ is coming with 32 medals having a Ratnamaru sword in his hands to protect wise and punish the sinners

87. Towards north of Kurnool in a Shiva temple a Neem tree would be born. In the year named Pardhiva in Kaartika (Nov) month for 32 days festivals would be done to that tree. On 33rd day lot many foul smells would emerge out making people sick with boils and blisters due to such gases. In this way lot many people would die

88. Like this many would die due to many such disasters. But stay firm in your belief in god and you would remain protected. With fear in heart, one can’t find the Brahmam. With unshaken devotion only one can find the Supreme Being within oneself

89. Heavy stones would become as soft as cotton

90. Eleven devotees would be born in Suvarnamukhi

91. People of Bangaladesh would get digested under the ocean

92. Great kings and rulers would become weak and timid

93. My devotees would often happen to witness evidences of my miracles

94. Earth would get drenched with the blood of sinners. Entire earth would become red with blood (Indicates mass annihilation, may be world wars?)

95. Thieves would enter villages and would abort the fetuses of pregnant ladies

96. Kshatriya caste would decline

97. In the year named Dhata there would be heavy sorrow spread everywhere. Due to troubles from various other countries and due to various calamities people would die

98. Due to absence of head of the house, women, children, and old people would suffer hell lot of troubles

99. Now I will narrate happenings which are destined to happen before the year named Ananda comes. Listen!

100. Three years kid would retaliate to elders with haughtiness

101. Man would howl like a wolf. Wolf would howl like a pig. Pig would scream like a human saying ‘Father!’ Elephant would scream like Yama - the god of death. Meteor shower kind of sound would be heard

102. Blisters would be born on faces. Hips would swell and people would not be able to move. Like this due to many strange diseases, calamities, volcanic eruptions, floods, fire rains, thunderbolts, poisonous gas leakages, landslides, mountain blasts, toxic fevers sinners would get erased out in multitude”.

“There are many other future predictions to be discussed, but would tell some other time. Now it’s getting late for you all, please return to your homes”.

Hearing swami’s words everyone got filled with respect and devotion for him, did many salutations to him and traced their route backwards to their homes.

On one hand the entire village had accepted Swami’s divinity and had become his devotees. On the other hand ‘Sivakotayya’ the father of ‘Govindamma’ was still with a notion that the swami was a fake tantric who knows many tricks of deceit. He would tell the same thing often to all those who would raise the topic on Swami. Slowly people realized and they turned deaf ear towards Sivakotayya. They used to regularly come to Swami to attend his discourses and used to get benefitted out of it.

But Sivakotayya was so much allergic towards the Swami that mere his name would seem poisonous to him. Swami who was all knower of these facts thought to himself that unless Sivakotayya and his wife understood the divinity of him they would never allow their beloved daughter to marry him. So he decided to appear in their dream and tell the truth.

That night Swami in disguise of a saint appeared in the dreams of Sivakotayya and alerted him saying, “If you do not give your daughter in marriage to the divine incarnation that is living in the Shiva temple; your daughter Govindamma would not live and she would put an end to her life. This is true!” Having spoken thus, he disappeared from his dream.


Kalagyana verses no. 13 and 14, have already happened wiping millions of lives from the surface of earth. World War-II ended in last Pardhiva (1945), again the next Pardhiva was 2005 before which we had seen Tsunami which claimed 230,210 lives)

As per astrological calculations whenever Saturn enters a zodiac twice he would eliminates many people. It's like a period of stay, when he enters a zodiac he remains there for 2.5 years, so that period remains devastating to the world.

Saturn entered Gemini in the years 1913, 1943, 1973, and 2003. In 1913 (created World War-1 where causalities were 37 million), 1943 (killed 50-70 million in World War-2), 1973 (Famine of 1974 in Bangladesh claiming 1,000,000 lives, Cyclone named 'Super Typhoon Nina' in China claiming 210,000 lives), 1973 (Dhaka Tornado of 1973 claimed 681 lives, & Banqiao Dam failure-China in 1975 claimed 231,000 lives), 2003 (Bam earthquake-Iran claiming 26,271 lives, European heat wave claiming 40,000 lives, Indian Ocean Tsunami of Indonesia in 2004 claimed 230,210 lives, Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 claimed 79,000 lives).

The year named ‘Ananda’ repeated itself in 1915 and 1974 whose death tolls have been mentioned above.

Also the Kalagyana verse 36, indicates the replacement of monopoly with democracy.


  1. 3. For Indians, ‘Para-Dharma’ would become ‘Swa-Dharma’ : basically hindu dharma is the basic dharma of india but now cristians , muslim etc has become swa dharma
    46. Ant would be seen of the size of an elephant ,48. Pig would give birth to elephant: genetic techonology ???
    53. Calf would be seen transparently within the womb of a cow: x-ray and MRI, echo techonology

  2. Dear Anonymous Friend,

    3. Firstly "Dharma" is not just religion. It is wider that religion. Righteousness, Duty, Life-Style, Nature and Religion all are called Dharma. That verse no. 3 is seemingly simple but is highly complex since lot many inferences can be drawn of that. I cna also say, for Indians whose Dharma was to abide by the rules mentioned in vedas by doing Trikala SandhyaVandanam, remaining chaste, having no amorous mindset for others' wives, etc etc...but nowadays Indians have incorporated western life style, they don't even know abc of Puja, don't even offer Shradd to their departed forefathers, they wear western clothes and take pleasure in extra marital, and live in kind of relationships etc. So, here if we see, we have changed our "life style" and adopted western lifestyle. This is also an example of Para_Dharma becoming Swa-dharma. Sri Krishna in Gita says, "Sreyan Swadharmo Vigunaha Paradharmaat Anusthitaat..Swadharme Nidhanam Sreyah Para Dharmo Bhayavahah" (in this also krishna is not talking abour religion. It's about values, of course some websites translate it as religion which is incorrect).

    48. Nope. This is not about technology. In some village of Andhra Pradesh a Pig is reported top have given birth to Elephant. These are some strange things which would happen in kaliyuga. We can't map everything in technology.

    46. Ant looking like elephant could be in true sence as a strange unusual miracle or could be about invention of microscope, we don't know.

    53. We do have that technology which can see what's inside the womb of an organism. But i don't think this is related to that otherwise why he mentioned calf? he could have generalized it saying organisms within the womb could be seen...My fingers crossed to see this event happening :)

  3. 83. In Vikrama Nama Samvatsaram (year named Vikrama) entire world would shake with fears and rich people would become paupers

    This could refer to DOT COM BUBBLE?

    1. Sorry..i didn't understand what's 'dot com bubble'. could u pls through more light on that?

  4. From Wikipedia

    The dot-com bubble (also referred to as the Internet bubble and the Information Technology Bubble[1]) was a speculative bubble covering roughly 1995–2000 (with a climax on March 10, 2000, with the NASDAQ peaking at 5132.52 in intraday trading before closing at 5048.62) during which stock markets in industrialized nations saw their equity value rise rapidly from growth in the more recent Internet sector and related fields. While the latter part was a boom and bust cycle, the Internet boom is sometimes meant to refer to the steady commercial growth of the Internet with the advent of the world wide web, as exemplified by the first release of the Mosaic web browser in 1993, and continuing through the 1990s.
    The period was marked by the founding (and, in many cases, spectacular failure) of a group of new Internet-based companies commonly referred to as dot-coms. Companies were seeing their stock prices shoot up if they simply added an "e-" prefix to their name and/or a ".com" to the end, which one author called "prefix investing".[2]
    A combination of rapidly increasing stock prices, market confidence that the companies would turn future profits, individual speculation in stocks, and widely available venture capital created an environment in which many investors were willing to overlook traditional metrics such as P/E ratio in favor of confidence in technological advancements.

  5. 65. Muladhara represents Earth so swamiji might be referring to the hum sound that is generated from muladhara (so sound from ajna – see chepter 9 on Kundalini Yoga)

    hundreds of thousands of people worldwide has reported experiencing strange hum sound.
    The Hum was first reported in Bristol, UK, in the 1960s. Although not all people are able to hear it, nonetheless it has become a public health issue.
    Local Bristol newspaper reports from the 1970s to the present detail the destructive impact the sound has on those who hear it. Headaches and popping eardrums
    along with a feeling of pressure in the head are a few of the distressing symptoms that accompany the Hum. Several suicides in the Bristol area were directly
    attributed to the sound’s torturous assault, resulting in a government inquiry into the source of the noise.

    The Hum is not confined to the UK; it is heard by people all over the world, most notably across Northern Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia,
    and New Zealand. Within these areas are key sites where the sound activity is more pervasive and received by more people. Locations that are considered
    hot spots include Bristol, UK (1960s); Taos, New Mexico (1970s); Largs, UK (1980s), Kokomo Indiana (1990s); Auckland, New Zealand; and currently Windsor,
    Ontario. Many people in the United States know of the phenomenon as the Taos Hum, but in truth we might more accurately call it the Worldwide Hum.
    The excerpt above taken from this book

    This book has details of so many unordinary phynomena occurring in the western world.