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Chapter 36- The Strange Vedantic Dream

Swami decided to appear in the dream of Govindamma’s mother also. Sri Swami immediately dressed up as a fortune teller woman. That woman’s disguise was like this: - her body was shaking due to old age, she wore a dilapidated saree, a blouse having sleeves extending till the wrist, had a child hung on her back who was made out of illusion (Maya), held a sieve on her head and a stick in one hand.

This was Lord Sriman Narayana who manifested himself as Veera Brahmendra Swami, took a strange form of an old woman and walked through the streets limping with a bent back due to signs of the old age. That was almost late in the night and dawn was just another quarter away. This appearance wasn’t real, it happened all in the dreams of Givindamamba’s mother.

She further saw that the old woman started her journey from the Shiva temple and moved across the streets murmuring something within herself and occasionally calling aloud “Eruka cheputa Eruka” (means will tell your future). Further she saw that many village women flocked around that old woman and said, “O Future Teller Woman! If you tell nicely about our future we would give stomach full food to your son and also good clothes to you. What kind of vision you have, just tell something since we are interested to hear from you”.

Old fortune teller woman replied, “Mothers! My knowledge/story is something which has given birth to the five elements viz. earth, fire, water, wind and sky. The one which has given birth to all the universes, the one which raises as the Kundalini shakti and witnesses everything in every stage be it Jagrut, Swapna, Sushupti (Awakeened, dreaming, Sleeping). My knowledge (Eruka) is the one which bestows ultimate bliss to the realized people. Only those can understand my Eruka (knowledge) who understand me. Who do not understand me can’t understand my knowledge. So I should not tell anything to you people”

Village women couldn’t understand what the old woman said and why she refused to tell anything to these women. They all ran and entered the home of Sivakotayya and went directly to Govindamamba’s mother and said, “Hey! There is some fortune teller woman in our village. She seems to be very experienced in telling future but she refused to tell us anything. I think you should ask her about who would be the husband of your daughter ‘Govindamma’”.

They all ran again towards the old woman and told her that one of their relative wants to know future from her. They asked the old woman to come along with them. Fortune teller woman said, “Dear lady! See my child! He is crying out of hunger. He wants food. I’m a poor woman. You all seem to be very rich but what would happen if you wouldn’t get satisfied with my future telling since you most probably wouldn’t believe and would simply make fun of me. So I would not want to come to your place.”

Those women reassured her saying that they would definitely give food and good clothes to both her and her son. They also promised to give a huge amount if her predictions are liked by them. Finally they assured her somehow and took her to Govindamamba’s house.

Old women smiled and said to Govindamamba’s mother, “Mother! You are a very fortunate woman; I’m a poor old lady. We are hungry so if you could arrange for some food first and then ask me your doubts would be great”.

Hearing this, immediately arrangements were made for their food and both the old woman and her child satisfied their hunger. Finally Govindamma’s mother gave her betel leaves as Tamboolam. While the old woman was chewing the Tamboolam (Betel), Govindamma’s mother questioned, “Hey future teller woman! What’s your home town? Why did you come here from your place? Who is your husband? How many children you have? Doesn’t your husband love you? What’s your name? Tell me.”

To her shower of questions the Illusionist old lady replied, “Mother! To my kind of fortune tellers there is no fixed place or fixed village. We roam everywhere and visit all places telling future to the people out there and this way our lives run. In your village since I was the only one sighted by your friends, they brought me to your place. You asked me about my husband and other details, right? I’ll tell, listen carefully. My husband is the one who is of zero qualities (means beyond all the qualities), a useless fellow, and his name is “Gunarahita (devoid of qualities)”. From him I beget 3 sons, 6 daughters. My name is ‘Bahuroopavati’.

“Now I would tell you the location where my knowledge stays. My Eruka (knowledge) is situated beyond 7 seas in a place which has; 32 stairs, is of 16 hands length, has 2 wings with which it rises up a chain of 6 mountains and finally reaches a huge mountain of 1000 cliffs where 3 rivers unite into one and flow. There lies a central secret place where my knowledge is stored. There I and my husband live together and keep enlightening others with our knowledge”.

Swami (old woman) continued, “You wanted to ask me something about your future. If you want me to tell, first bring 3 cups of rice and pour the same in my sieve”.

They acted immediately and brought 3 cups of rice and poured on the sieve. Then the old woman made 3 hills out of the rice, and touching each one it started remembering all the divine rivers, all the sacred places, all the Great gods and goddesses and prayed to them and finally turned towards Govindamma’s mother and said, “Mother! Due to my prayers all the great gods and goddesses have come and sat in this sieve, so you offer your obeisance to them and ask whatever doubts you want me to clarify”.

She acted as per the old woman’s words and asked, “If you can tell me what the question in my heart is correctly, I would give you lot of money”.

Then the old fortune teller woman started in her own typical village accent to pray to various gods, goddesses and finally said the following things, “Mother! You have a girl child, who was sitting in the corridor one day. A man happened to pass by your home; he saw her and kept staring at her by sitting nearby. She got mesmerized completely. She wants to marry him. Mother Listen! He is not any ordinary man as he looks. He looks like a monk but he is the one Lord who is the protector of all the worlds. The great Lord is in the form of a Sanyasi. The gods and goddesses say to me that he is destined to be the husband of your beloved daughter. They also predict that if you do not give your daughter as a wife to that recluse, your daughter would definitely put an end to her life. There is no harm in marrying her with that saint. She would remain very happy with him. I would definitely come to her marriage.”

“In case you doubt my predictions, please ask your daughter. If she tells you all the same way what I have told, then only you give me my fees, otherwise you need not give me any money”.

To her words Govindamma’s mother got surprised but said, “Alright! I would ask my daughter, if she also tells me all what you said exactly, I would give you lot of money. Come to my home in a week”.

Hearing the words of Govindamma’s mother, that old woman agreed to her proposal and said she would return in a week’s time as decided. She took her child, sieve and other belongings and went outside and vanished all of a sudden. That put an end to the dream of Govindamma’s mother and she woke up.


Here that old lady (Swami) talks seemingly absurd stuff about the storage location of her knowledge and her family. But actually that lecture encompasses a transcendental philosophy. That lady is simply telling about the union of Shakti with Shiva and teaching self realization through Kundalini Yoga.

Her husband of 'Gunarahita means the one supreme lord who has no qualities (Shiva), he is called useless fellow since he does everything but still doesn't do anything. From him she got three sons (three qualities viz. Satwa, Rajas, and Tamas), and six daughters (Kama, krodha, Lobha, Moha, Dwesha, Mada-Matsarya). She says her name is 'Bahu Roopavati' which is nothing but 'Maha Tripurasundari' the goddess Adi Parashakti - the consort of Shiva. Swami is Hari and Hari is of the form of Parvati that's one reason why we see Shiva in Hari-Hara form as well.

The place where Swami’s knowledge resides is none other than the Sahasrara Chakra (of 1000 petals) which is situated above Shat Chakras (6 energy shells) which are spaced along the spine of 32 break pieces and totally having 16 hands (palms) length. The two wings what he said is nothing but the inhale and exhale of air (Hamsa) by which the kundalini rises through the spine. The three rivers are nothing but the three nerves ‘Ida, Pingala, Sushumna’ which finally unite in Sushumna and the kundalini when flows through it, and reaches the Sahasrara chakra, it bestows you the ultimate divine knowledge (self realization). What a beautiful way swami explained the concept using physical objects of nature!

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