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Chapter 37- Govindamma Convinces Parents

Based on the dream she had, the next morning Govindamma’s parents rushed into the room of Govindamma. They found her lying on bed and weeping. Her parents came near, sat beside her and said in pain, “Dear Govindamma! You were gifted to us as a daughter by this goddess Eswari when we didn’t have any children. So you being an apple of our eye we are not able to see you feel sad about anything. Can we see you unhappy? You tell us what would soothe you; we’ll do the same to make you happy. Since the day you argued with us, you have forsaken food and sleep. Come on dear! Now cheer up”.

Saying thus, both of them sat on either side of Govindamma. Then Govindamma addressing her parents said, “Dear parents! I have no worries except for the one that the person who sat on the corridor of our house yesterday staring me, whether he would be my soul mate or not. This is the only worry I have”.

Her parents expressed their inner fear and said, “Child! We have a fear of getting a bad name in the society if we wed our beloved daughter with a Sanyasi. How would we be able to face the people? So, once again kindly rethink and select someone else as your husband, we’ll be more than happy to get you married within no time”.

Govindamma explained and assured saying, “Parents! If you give my hand to that Sanyasi, there would be no bad name to you in the society. In fact you would be honoured. The Sanyasi whom you are considering a normal human is in fact, the great god Lord Sriman Narayana’s incarnation. He is complete, imperishable, one who protects the worlds, one who shines with his own light, whose abode is Vaikuntha. Moreover entire village was an eye witness of his divinity when he gave life to a dead man ‘Reddy’ and again when he taught a lesson to the crooks by making their false pretence of death into reality. One who can give or take life, he is definitely supernatural being. All these miracles happened in front of your eyes, right? Have you ever heard any story of any yuga where someone would have made a dead man alive, or made a living mad dead and again got him back to life? Certainly not! He did all such miracles just to erase your misconception that he is a Tantrik. He just wanted to make you understand that he is the Supreme god and there is no harm in giving your daughter to him in marriage”.

She continued, “One who had incarnated 9 times in the past to protect dharma on earth, has himself incarnated as a sanyasi in this Kali yuga to turn the ignorant into wise. He is an incarnation and not just a human being. Believe me and my words! You both had undergone severe penances in order to get a child, and by the grace of goddess Eswari you gave birth to me. So, please give me in marriage to that Lord who is in the form of a Sanyasi”. Having spoken thus, she started looking at their parents with a ray of hope for acceptance of her proposal.

Seeing her beloved daughter pleading so many times her mother couldn’t stop her emotions and said to Sivakotayya, “Nadha! Whatever our Govindamma narrated about the Sanyasi is exactly what I was told by the Fortune teller woman in my dream this morning. Apart from all these what our child told us, that old woman also told two more things. She told me that if we don’t marry our daughter with that Sanyasi, she would put an end to her life, and if we let our daughter to wed that sanyasi, she would enjoy all divine name and fame in her life. So, I request you to go to that swami’s place and invite him for lunch today in our house. After that we’ll see whatever happens”.

To her suggestion Sivakotayya replied, “Kanta! I have no objection if you are happy with this idea. If you are asking me to invite Swami for lunch, I’ll do the same. My happiness lies in that of yours”.

Then Sivakotayya went to the Shiva temple where Swami was living. He found Swami in deep meditation and hence decided not to disturb him till he wakes up. So, he sat near his feet and waited for Swami to come out of meditation.

As soon as Swami came out of his Dhyana, Sivakotayya saluted and asked few questions, “Swami! What is your caste? What is your name? What is your home town where you live? Could you please answer to my questions?”

Swami replied, “Father! I belong to the caste of Viswa Brahmin who belongs to Deva Brahmins. My name is ‘Veera Brahmam’. I belong to ‘Kandimallayya Palle’ village. I have come here while visiting other places.

Sivakotayya said, “Swami! Even we belong to the same caste of Viswa Brahmins. I would like to invite you to our home for lunch today. Kindly accept my desire and come to our home for lunch today”.

Swami replied, “I have no objection for your invitation but already I have a box of food with me, I can take this with myself to your home and I would eat the same sitting beside you”.
Sivakotayya couldn’t say anything to his wish and agreed readily. Both Sivakotayya and Swami started from the temple and reached Govindamma’s house.


That was the coupling force between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Whenever they incarnated, they incarnated together and always got wedded to each other. As Sita she couldn’t live without Sri Rama, as Rukmini she wrote a letter to Krishna warning him of her death if he doesn’t take her with him and marry. Here also that great goddess Lakshmi who was in the form of Govindamamba, couldn’t live in separation with her eternal consort who was in the form of ‘Veerabrahmendra’

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