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Chapter 38- Sivakotayya Consents for Swami’s Marriage

Sivakotayya conversed for a while with Swami and enquired about his childhood and past. He came to know that Swami was a loner; he was an adopted son of Veera Bhojaya Charya and Veera Papamamba of Papaghni Mutt in Nandikonda village. After talking for a while Sivakotayya requested Swami to take bath so that they can together have lunch.

Swami went inside, had bath, did Sandhya Vandanam (Worship) then came for the lunch and sat beside Sivakotayya.

Govindamma’s mother made all arrangements for a delicious lunch and she came to serve them. She first served some food on Sivakotayya’s plate and then when she was about to serve food to Swami; Swami interrupted her and said, “Mother! I have already brought my lunch box. It contains some rice item, I would only eat that, please serve me the same”.

Govindamma’s mother felt a little pain for Swami’s blunt words, but having no other way around she took Swami’s box in her hands and opened it. To their surprise it smelled very delicious, and was hotter than the food what she cooked just now, the rice item which Swami had carried turned into very delicious food items and porridge.

Seeing this miracle the couple had no second thought of doubt and they folded their hands in respect and prayed, “Swami! We considered you as a common man; we never knew that you are the all encompassing Sarveshwara. We had insulted and condemned you many times within ourselves from the day our daughter argued with us. Even when our daughter explained us about your divinity we disdained you without giving any importance to her words”.

They further prayed for apologies, “Swami! Kindly spit your anger if at all you hold any on us, and with your divine hands kindly have the lunch so that we can feel privileged. Also if you could give us the divine prasadam (Sacred food) a little we would be grateful”.

To their request Swami gave the Prasadam to eat and the couple with utmost veneration consumed that food as Swami’s Prasadam.

Then Sivakotayya’s wife went inside and brought Govindamma with her. She asked her, “Daughter! Salute this Swami, take his blessings, Teertham (Sacred water) and Prasadam (Sacred food)”.

Govindamma folded her hands with devotion and with a little smile, mixed with shy she saluted him blushing. She sat with her eyes lowered in respect under the feeling of shy.
Swami blessed her and said, “Seeghrameva Kalyana Prapti Rastu! Suputra Putrika Prapti Rastu!” (May you get married soon! May you bear good sons and daughters). Having said thus, swami gave her Teertham and Prasadam.

Givindamma took Teerdham and Prasadam with devotion and with a feeling of shy she stood with her head low and was seen with a gentle blushing smile on her face.

Swami addressed her and said, “Devi! Does it suit you to feel shy like any ordinary women? You being an incarnation of the great goddess herself, does it suit you to behave as normal humans?” Having explained her about her divinity, Swami and everyone had their lunch.

That night Swami revealed many divine secrets to Sivakotayya and made him his devotee. Sivakotayya fixed an auspicious day for the marriage ceremony and did the Kanyadanam. That way Swami and Govindamma got married.

Sivakotayya took Govindamma near him and said, “Daughter! With your grace only we happened to get the protector of the three worlds as our son in law. You have made our lives pious”. That was Sivakotayya expressed all his love and respect for his daughter.

Swami and Govindamma stayed in Sivakotayya’s house for some days and then finally with Sivakotayya’s permission went back to Kandimalayya Palle village.

In Kandimallayya Palle Swami’s devotees felt very much pleased to see Swami in married life. Everyone enjoyed the bliss of seeing that great couple together. Everyone stayed in happiness thereafter.

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