Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 4- Bhojayacharya and Papamamba

In a village named ‘Nandikonda’, there used to live a very pious man named ‘Veera Bhojayacharya’. He was the ‘adhipati’ (owner) of a mutt named ‘Papaghni’. He used to live a religious life following all the dharma and used to regularly pray Lord Parameshwara three times a day. He would always consider all other women as his own mother, and used to show mercy on all living beings. He had a very devoted and pious wife named ‘Veera Papamamba’ who used to consider all living beings as her own children. Such a magnanimous and pious couple they were! Both were great devotees of Lord Shiva and used to offer prayers with full devotion.

Only one thing they lacked was, - a Son! In order to get a son they used to pray to the Lord with full devotion.

One day when Veera Bhojayacharya was not at home, a Saint visited his ashram. That saint was radiant and was looking godly due to his brilliant aura. Veera Papamamba welcomed him and offered him food and water. That saint addressed Veera Papamamba and said, “O Sinless Chaste woman! I know that you have only one problem; the problem of not having a son. You are afraid by thinking of the suktis which say ‘अपुत्रस्य गतिर्नास्ति (To the sonless, there’s no good life after death)’, ‘अपुत्रस्य गृहं शून्यं (A house without a son is charmless)’. But you need not worry. In a matter of few days by the grace of the Lord Parameswara you would get a son who would be ‘Daivansha Sambhoota (a divine soul)’. He would not be any ordinary child, rather he would be an incarnation of the Lord himself. He wouldn’t be born to you, but a sage would give you that child for adoption.”

Hearing this she got overjoyed and asked the Saint in this way, “O Father! Please tell me where can we find that sage? What should we do to reach that sage’s place? Please reveal these secrets and make me blissful”. To this the saint replied saying, “O Devi! Very soon you and your husband would plan to do a trip to all Teerthas. While returning back home from your Pilgrimage, on the way near the bank of Saraswati River you would be visited by a sage. That sage, seeing all Satva Gunas (Good qualities) in you and your husband; would give you a child for adoption. He would tell you all the details of that child. So, plan for that trip soon, my words are true, true, and true”. Saying thus three times, the Saint vanished out of sight all of a sudden.

When her husband returned home, she offered him a seat, sat near his feet and narrated all the happenings to him. Veera Bhojayacharya - being a renunciant practical thinker, and a Yogi who doesn’t ever attach himself with the worldly feelings and bondages; without even listening to her words entirely, simply dismissed her story saying, “You becoming a mother is just an illusion. Why do you daydream about motherhood always? Come out of all such illusions and stay focused on the Lord Parameswara”. To his blunt reply, she felt sad and again tried to explain and said, “Swami! Kindly rethink about what I said. For so many years we have been worshiping Lord Parameshwara and now he became pleased of us, came in the form of a saint and told me the secret of possessing that divine child as a son. So kindly accept my wish of doing a trip to all Teerthas”.

Listening to his wife’s prayers, he agreed to plan for a trip out, for Sarva Teertha Darshanam and assured her that in few days he would arrange for the same.

Next day few women visited their Mutt and started offering worship to the Samadhi. They circled around the Samadhi with folded hands and prayed to God for granting them a son. On seeing all these, Veera Bhojayacharya realized, “Leaving aside the thoughts of salvation, how attached these humans remain with the worldly things! Perhaps becoming a mother is such a sweet dream which every woman cherishes. Probably that’s the reason why my wife also keeps on praying for a son. Perhaps this is the strong force within her which made her plead multiple times even when I dismissed her desire of Pilgrimage!”

His perturbed mind didn’t allow him to sit calmly; a debate started between his mind and heart saying, “Giving birth to a child, rearing him, feeling pain for all his agonies etc., every stage is painful. Still then, for a mother, all these things look petty when compared to the feeling of motherhood; what’s that force which remains so strong in women? Perhaps that’s something a man can’t understand!” Like this, with a mixed no. of supporting and opposing thoughts in his mind, he went inside, had a shower, did regular worship like ‘Sandhya Vandanam’ etc. and fell asleep.

Next day Veera Bhojayacharya got up early in the morning, had his bath and went to the Samadhi to offer prayers, when he saw an Ajanubahu (one with long arms) saint standing at the premises. He was having eyes resembling lotuses and his face was oozing with the radiant aura.

Seeing him, Veera Bhojayacharya lost all his debatable thoughts which were running in his mind till that moment. He became pacified and with folded hands approached the Saint and sat in front of him. Seeing him, that saint addressed him and said, “Hey! What are you waiting for? Till now hasn’t your mind decided to plan for the pilgrimage? Do not waste time since you both are going to get a precious gem which is invaluable. Your lives would get purged by having that child as your adopted son. Your wife ‘Veera Papamamba’ is a devoted wife and a chaste woman. Accept her wish for pilgrimage and soon plan for it!” Saying so, that saint vanished then and there itself.

Veera Bhojayacharya realizing his ignorance addressed to Lord like this, “O Mahadeva! How ignorant I was! You came in the form of a Saint and enlightened me. But all the time I assumed that saint to be a normal human. What a fool I am!” He felt remorse and then understood that the same being had met his wife last day.

Veera Bhojayacharya then decided to go for the pilgrimage together with his better half.


  1. Ajanubahu means whoe hands reaches below than knee when he stands (one with long arms). all yogis avatars are ajanubahu and thats sign to recognize yati and avatar.

  2. thanks for the correction. Udpated the same.

  3. Papagni matam now in karnataka. Nandhi konda is other than nandhi hills,near banglore