Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 39- Newly Wedded Couple Goes for Pilgrimage

Sri Veera Brahmendra swami together with all his disciples used to spend his time in answering to the spiritual queries of the devotees in Kandimallayya Palle village. This way after spending some days, one day he said to his wife Govindamma, “Kanta! Unless I visit the greatest sacred places and serve the deities present over there, my heart would not remain calm”. On hearing such a wonderful thought Govindamma expressed her wish with happiness and said, “Nadha! In that case I would also come with you. After having children I may not be able to take out time for such pilgrimage. So kindly be pleased on me and with all your grace allow me to accompany you in this pilgrimage”.

Seeing her desire wrapped under the blanket of politeness, Swami replied, “My love! You are my soul, without you I’m not going to travel anywhere. We both will go. This ‘Suddha Panchami Thursday’ looks good to me for starting for this journey. So, plan for all the things which would be required to be carried along”.

Having instructed her like that, he also started other travel arrangements from his side. On the stipulated day that divine couple left the village and travelled through many dense forests. They wandered visiting the monks dwelling there, staying in their hermitages to take rest, again travelling through forests, climbing up & down the great mountains and again taking shelter in some hermitage during nights.

This way they travelled and visited sacred places like Kashi, Gaya, Prayaga, Simhachalam in north then again moved southwards and visited Kala Hasti, Kanchi, Kumbhakonam, Rameswaram etc all sacred southern places. Then they visited Chidambaram, Chiyali, Sri Rangam, Tirupati etc places and reached Guntakallu.

From there they visited Hampi, and served Lord Virupaksha. From there they went to Pandari and served Pandarinadha, and finally reached Sri Sailam. There they bathed in Patala Ganga and Lingala Gattu waters. They carried some of the waters from that pond and performed Abhishekam to Lord Sri Mallikarjuna Swami of Sri Sailam.

This way they stayed in Sri Sailam for few days taking rest in some caves where they used to spend time in spiritual discussions with the monks dwelling there. After staying in Sri Sailam for quite good number of days, they visited Banagana Palle village where they had a Mutt build by Achchamma. They met everyone out there including the Nawab of Banaganapalle area.

Again they set themselves out for journey, and next they visited Omkara Kshetram and served Lord Omkareswara, then travelled to Mahanandi and bathed in the sacred pond present over there and worshipped Lord Mahanandiswara.

From there they went to Ahobilam, where they served Lord Narsimha Murty. Then they reached Giddaluru and visited Lord Patala Nageswara Swami and finally they completed their pilgrimage and reached to their home place Kandimallayya Palle village.

Few devotees of Kandimallayya Palle village thought of building a Mutt for this divine couple. They finally turned their thoughts into actions and soon they built a Mutt for them and Swami Veera Brahmendra and his consort Sri Govindamamba lived in the same Mutt.

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