Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 40- Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami becomes a Father

Swami used to spend his time in giving spiritual discourses to the devotees, clarifying their queries. He would treat each and every devotee with all his love, respect and affection. Swami in the Mutt used to shine as like as Lord Parameshwara shines on mount Kailash.

After some days Govindamma gave birth to a male child whom the parents named as “Siddha Lingayya”. In the same way the couple gave birth to ‘Govindayya’, ‘Sivaramayya’, ‘Potuloorayya’, Omkarayya’ and thus became parents of total 5 male children and one girl child by name ‘Sri Veera Narayanamma’. Later they gave their eldest son ‘Siddha Lingayya’ to Govindamma’s father Sivakotayya for adoption.

When they attained appropriate age for marriage, their parents decided to get all of them married. They selected for their second son Govindayya, a girl called ‘Giramma’ of Kolamalapeta village, ‘Paapamma’ of ‘Yatsalyamaram’ village to ‘Sivaramayya’, ‘Parvatamma’ of ‘Kolamalapeta’ to ‘Potuluraya’, and a girl from some other village to ‘Omkarayya’. On one auspicious day they all were married to the respective brides.Then Swami gave his daughter ‘Veera Narayanamma’ in marriage to the son of a wise Viswa Brahmin and settled her life as well.

Thereafter Swami gained thousands of devotees. Whosoever used to visit Swami’s Mutt in Kandimallayya Palle village, after listening to his discourses used to become his devotee. This way Swami’s popularity increased and lot many devotees turned into his disciples.
All disciples were tied with only one thread of thought, “Swami is an incarnation of Lord Hari and Hara together”. With that unanimous feeling they used to serve him with all their devotion.

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