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Chapter 41- Little Kid Siddhaiyya Runs Away From Home

There was a village called ‘Mudumoola’ 8 miles away from ‘Kandimallayya Palle’ village. In that village a Muslim couple used to live by names ‘Peer Saheb’ and his wife ‘Aadambi’. They had everything but only one thing which they lacked in their life was –a child.

They used to spend their life piously as per their Islam religion and its traditions. They would observe regular fasts, would pray to their god religiously, would offer sweet dishes to their God, would always respect ‘Peer’, ’Paigambar’, and ‘Fakir’ whosoever happened to visit their village and would serve them with sweet dishes.

This way after some years, due to the grace of the almighty, they gave birth to a child. The parents named him as “Siddhaiyya” (Perhaps his actual name was Syed, but he became famous by name Siddhaiyya. Hence usually everywhere we find his name as Siddhaiyya). His birth put the parents into an ocean of unending happiness.

Siddhaiyya started growing as like as moon grows from new moon day to full moon. When he attained an age of seven years, he was taken to a school where he exhibited his extraordinary intelligence. He would remain ahead of his batch mates in every subject. He also used to be seen exhibiting good qualities like calmness, respect etc. He always used to remain thinking about God and was spiritually at a different plane altogether when compared to his classmates.

He also sued to teach his parents that one should always avoid doing viz. killing of animals, telling lies, stealing, and desire for other woman, hatred and jealousy for neighbours, beef eating, etc.
Siddhaiyya’s wisdom not only used to make his parents happy, but it also used to fetch enormous respect from the neighbours as well. By that time he had become a 12 years old lad. He was a gifted child who had Brahmagyana right from the childhood. He also had enormous respect for elders and Saints. People who saw him, they used to think “whether this child is a second ‘Prahalada’?”

When Siddhaiyya attained 14 years of age, he despite being a Muslim, wanted to learn Hindu Yogas and Shashtras. He wanted to learn Sankhya, Amanaskha, Taraka from some ‘Sadguru’. He started looking for someone who would be able to lead him on the right spiritual path. One day when he was thinking about the same, he heard some local saints singing the glories of Sri veera Brahmendra Swami. He heard everything about that great Guru and immediately got filled with a sense of renunciation.

For him the worldly matters carried no meaning anymore. He left his home without telling his parents and straight away reached Kandimallayya Palle village. He rushed towards Swami’s Mutt and stopped at the main entrance. He saw a number of disciples sitting in meditation. He had no bounds for his happiness and entered inside. He sat silently for a long time in a trance, and then gained his senses back and couldn’t stop himself from narrating out his feelings like this, “Aha! The moment in entered this Mutt, my right eye started palpitating (N.B:- In India we have a superstition/belief that if right eyelid palpitates for males, it brings good luck). Mere the glimpses of that Swami itself are making me get Goosebumps. I don’t know what is there in future for me. This Mutt seems as if this is second to Kailash Mountain. Swami himself looks like Lord Shiva. All the remaining devotees seem to be the demi-gods”.

Siddhaiyya also noticed various groups of people indulged in various kinds of yogas. He saw people sitting in Siddhasana, Bhadrasana, Gomukhasana, Swastikasana, Pramukhasana etc asanas, doing Rechaka, Pooraka, Kumbhaka kind of Pranayamas. He also saw groups of people meditating within themselves on each energy shells like Adhara, Swadishthana, Manipooraka, Anahata, Visuddha, Agneya. He further saw people in various mudras like Dhyana-Shanmukhi, Shambhavi, Radhayantra, Khechari Mudra, etc. He also sighted groups who were chanting Ashtakshari mantram of Lord Narayana, and others who were chanting simply Suddha Omkara. He also witnessed people doing Anushthana of Veera Brahmendra Swami by following rituals of worship.

And on seeing the great Swami, he noticed that Swami was shining among the crowd of devotees brilliantly as like as a moon shines among innumerable stars. He had no bounds for his happiness and lost his senses temporarily. After a while when he came out of the trance, he fell on the lotus feet of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami, prostrated and prayed him saying, “Srimad rajadhiraja Raja Rajeshwara! Hey son of the blessed parents Paripoornacharya and Prakrutamba! Hey sacchidananda Lord! You are the real sadguru! You are all pervading! Considering me as the dust of your feet kindly make me your disciple”.

Listening to the prayers of a young boy, Swami blessed, “Seeghrameva Adanda Prapti Rastu!” (Meaning-may you get bliss soon). After getting blessed by Swami, Siddhaiyya sat near his feet with all his devotion and focus on the Swami.


The levels of devotion what Siddhaiyya possessed, only when a disciple reaches to or scales above that level in ‘Guru Bhakti’ (Devotion to his Guru), then only one becomes liberated in that very same life. India produced such great gems about whom we read in our History books.

Prahalada, Upamanyu, Markandeya, Dhruva, Hanuman etc. were devotees of exceptional levels. Perhaps that’s the reason why their names echo in our minds till date even if they aren’t physically around us!

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