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Chapter 42- Swami’s Sons Insult Siddhaiyya

Veera Brahmendra Swami’s sons Govindayya and Potulooraiyya heard about Siddhaiyya who came to Swami’s place to become his disciple on his own interest. They got infuriated when they came to know that Siddhaiyya hailed form a Muslim family.

Govindayya and Potulooraiyya went straight to their father (Swami), saluted him with folded hands and said, “Father! We heard that a Muslim boy came to your shelter to become your devotee. Don’t accept him, get him out of the Mutt campus, otherwise you and your fame would get a bad name”.

Swami replied, “Sons! Oh! So this is the reason behind your anger! Cool down! Don’t lose your temper”

Swami’s advice didn’t calm their anger and they directly went to Siddhaiyya and started shooting discriminating remarks as, “You are from a different religion and belong to a low caste in it. You desire for Advaita knowledge in this young age? Do you think you would get it? Whatever efforts you put in, you would not be able to master ‘Para Siva Yoga’. How dare you kind of fellow reach our kind of people for knowledge? You cannot understand the ‘Para Brahma tatva’ howsoever hard you try for it”.

Like this they criticized Siddhaiyya beyond all limits and barriers of politeness. To their sarcastic remarks Siddhaiyya presented himself with utmost respect, folded his hands and replied, “Swamis! Your anger is not worthy of showing on my kind of insignificant boy. Kindly accept me as one of your brothers and protect me with all your grace”.

Speaking such polite words Siddhaiyya was about to fall on the feet of both the sons of Swami, but they stopped him, caught hold of him and pushed him out of the Mutt.

Siddhaiyya expressed his thoughts, “Swamis! You are despising me only because I belong to Muslim religion and hail from a low caste? Did you not know about a Stone hearted, cruel man who used to kill animals, belonged to low caste, and who used to chop off the heads of all travelers - Valmiki? Didn’t that dacoit turn over a new leaf and become a saint just because of a wise man’s words?”

To Siddhaiyya’s politely expressed valid argument they replied, “Without looking at your and our castes, how dare you preach us? Enough! Stop talking anymore and immediately get lost of this Mutt”.

Siddhaiyya again said, “Swamis! I would tell you a small thing, please listen to me peacefully”. He continued, “Brothers! Some scholars who study all shastras keep differing opinions based on castes, but that is not correct. ‘सजातिर आत्मानो जाति व्यवहार प्रकल्पितः’. ‘Niralambopanishad’ tells us that every human if tries to realize his true self he would find that there is no caste to the soul. The difference is all created by humans based on the qualities and work. Brahmins etc kinds of caste system or Shaiva, Vaishnava kind of religious sects etc. are all made based on the interests, qualities and mode of work what they do”.

He further explained, “It’s all those fake gurus who are creating this discrimination among men and are diverting the mankind away from the path of salvation”.

He requested, “So, to discriminate me based on my caste and religion; is it justified? For you kind of great scholars is it apt to act with me like this?” But unfortunately his wise words acted as fuel to their anger. They shouted, “Hey! Stop your chatterbox! Whatever rubbish you want to utter, speak standing outside the premises of this Mutt”.

Saying such harsh words, both the brothers started beating him. Siddhaiyya ran inside and caught hold of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami’s feet and prayed, “Swami! Except for worshipping your feet, I have no other desires in this world. I have left everyone & everything behind myself and came to you just to dedicate my life in your service, but my brothers Potuloorayya, and Govindayya started beating me. Can’t you please take pity on me and tell them what is right?”

Seeing the devotion and tears in Siddhaiyya’s eyes, Swami turned towards his children and said, “Sons! Why are you quarrelling with him? Without knowing who he is and all his whereabouts how can you behave in such a way”.

Swami enquired to Siddhaiyya, “Son! Who are you? What’s your name? Who are your parents? Tell me more about you.”

Siddhaiyya replied, “My father’s name is ‘Peer Saheb’, Mother is ‘Aadambi’ I belong to ‘Doodekula’ caste. Having recognized the fact that world is an illusion and our main objective should be salvation; I have abandoned all worldly pleasures, detached myself from even my parents and came running to your place in order to service your lotus feet. Now it’s your responsibility to protect me”. Having spoken those words, he clasped Swami’s feet tightly and didn’t release it.

Swami addressed his sons and said, “Sons! Peacefully sit here and listen. This body suffers from many diseases like ‘Vaata’, ‘Paitya’, and ‘Sleshma’. Hence this body is like a water bubble. On such an ephemeral body, people usually cultivate attachments and forget the importance of Guru-Seva and worship of God. Finally they enter into the mouth of death where they get tortured in hell and instead of getting salvation they fall into the vicious cycle of births and deaths. Apart from this, ‘You and I’ kind of discrimination should not be done by our kind of knowledgeable people. What difference does the ‘Caste’ make? Everyone is born out of semen and ovum only; hence everyone’s caste is same. So hereafter treat this Siddhaiyya as one among you giving him equal respect and value”.

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