Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 43- Peer Saheb Meets Veera Brahmendra Swami

Siddhaiyya was not found in ‘Mudumoola’ village. Because of the extreme attachment what the Parents had on Siddhaiyya they searched for him continuously for 3 days. They left no stone unturned; searched in wells, ponds, huts, houses, enquired his friends, villagers etc. but efforts went in vain. They returned to their home with a heavy heart.

‘Aadambi’ being a mother, her heart knew no bounds of sorrow. She was totally immersed in the ocean of sadness, fall down on the ground and started wailing aloud shouting her feelings out this way, “Hey dear son! When we didn’t have any children, I had prayed a lot to the almighty to get a son. I wished for a sinless, pious child who would be very wise. Almighty had given you to me as a gift. Since the day you were born, I’m spending my day and night just by looking at your face and hearing your sweet words. Son! Many ‘Paigambar’ foretold about you that you would become a great saint; have all their predictions become null and void? In your school also your teachers never get fatigued telling good about you. You always remain one step ahead of your batch mates. Even when your friends used to play, you used to teach good things to others like Prahalada. Even when your friends used to utter some bad words, you used to preach them many sacred things. May be God wanted to take you to his abode so early, otherwise can a human in such a small age possess such a tremendous wisdom?”

She assumed him to have died and further continued crying, “My dear! If our beloved son vanishes away, can we sustain our lives anymore? After rearing you for 14 years, how can I give you away to God? You have gone missing for the past 3 days, but it looks like 3 Yugas have commenced”.

Like that she continued crying by rolling here and there on the ground. Seeing her in such a pathetic emotional situation, Peer Saheb revealed a news which he heard from others, “Dear wife! Some saints of our village tole me that Siddhaiyya is in Banaganapalle Village in Veera Brahmendra Swami’s Mutt. Those Saints also spent last night in the same Mutt where they found this kid of ours. Don’t worry, I’ll go tomorrow and will request Brahmamgaru to order Siddhaiya to go back home”.

Those words of peer Saheb acted as ambrosia for a dying man. Aadambi became very much pleased to hear that her child was alive. She requested, “You please go right now, I can’t wait anymore without my kind. You tell about my condition to Veera Brahmendra Swami and bring my son back home”.

Peer Saheb accepted his wife’s request and immediately ste himself moving towards Banaganapalle Village. He netered the Mutt and found Siddhaiya sitting in front of Swami, and holding the lotus feet of his. Seeing him Peer Saheb got filled with happiness and hugged his son tightly and said, “Son! Do you know how much troubled we were? For the past 3 days your mother has neither slept nor taken any meal. Come on, let’s go home. Can we live without you even for a minute?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Father! I haven’t come here to go back home ever again”.

Peer said, “Without coming back home, what are you going to do here?”

Siddhaiyya said, “I’m learning Vidhya”

Peer, “For your learning and knowledge we have many teachers in our village where I had put you in school”.

Siddhaiyya, “What everyone learns is just Vidhya, what I’m learning is not easily learnt by everyone. I’m learning ‘Brahmavidhya’ here”.

Peer sahib asked, “What is meant by Brahmavidhya, Son?”

Siddhaiyya said, “Alright, Listen! It is that divine wisdom which is beyond everyone's reach. Only a spiritually advanced divine saint can attain it. It is that knowledge which eradicates all illusions and gives us self realization”. That way he explains his father, the meaning of Brahmavidhya.


  1. Hi Santosh, There are few grammatical mistakes in this chapter..please correct the same.
    1.“Dear wife! Some saints of our village tole me that Siddhaiyya is in Banaganapalle Village"..."tole" should be "told"
    2. "I can’t wait anymore without my kind." I feel "kind" should be "kid"

    1. Thanks for pointing them out. I accept them. Will take a note of them if i happen to publish a second edition anytime.

      Thanks a lot friend!