Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 44- Siddhaiyya refuses to go back home

Seeing his son countering his requests, he said, “Son! You do not have complete 15 years of age, in such a tender age why do you need to service this kind of saints? Moreover we belong to Muslim religion, why do you need this Hindu religion? Our god is ‘Allah’. Don’t you get fear of getting scolded and laughed at by fellow Muslims? Also, we have Mecca, Madina and many sacred mosques, why do you need this Hindu Mutt? Even Hindu scriptures call Mother and Father as gods, so in this old age of ours is it right for you to leave us in sorrow? Is it not your duty to serve your parents? Only after we leave this earth, you would require a Guru for yourself right? Do you think, leaving us in such a painful situation and going behind Gurus would give you salvation? Only with the thought that you would look after us in our old age, we reared you till this age; is it justified on your part to abandon us like this?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Father! I’ll give answers to all the questions you asked me just now. Please listen carefully. You asked me why I need ‘Service of Guru in this young age’; answer is, the soul which resides in our body is beyond the identifications of age. Your religion, my religion, your god, my god; like this do we have these many gods? Whatever you call him, god is only one right? Ornaments are many but gold is one, correct? Similarly whosoever has interest in whichever name of god, worships him in his beloved form, that way only we have so many religions. Moreover, in all my previous births I was born from the womb of many mothers, so all of them became my parents? Could I look after them till their death or could they live and take care of me till my death? Father! You haven’t understood the real meaning and motto of life, and out of ignorance you are speaking this way”.

Again Peer Saheb put forward his thoughts and said, “You don’t know these Gurus. They cast a spell on you kind of people by saying that they would give you ‘Gurupadesam’, but make you fall i9n their illusions and traps. So come on we’ll go home”.

Siddhaiyya explained, “Father! You said Gurupadesam is illusionary spell, but Gurupadesam is something which would make you come out of the Illusion (maya). You are simply talking under the effect of ignorance. Moreover, you are illusion (Maya), I am Illusion (Maya), entire world is made of Maya, but only the supreme God who stays above all the layers of Maya is not any Illusion (Maya), and Gurupadesam takes us towards that Para Brahma. Entire world is Maya, we all have taken birth due to the influence of Prakriti (nature) through ego and infatuation. If we remain attached to our body, sense organs and do not worship God, how are we going to achieve liberation? Father! You are elder than me and I’m your small kind, you please think of my words in your heart once, I’m sure you would be able to find the truth”.

Peer Saheb turned a different stone now and said, ”Kumara! We parents have aspired to see you married, and have children to continue our race. We have already found out a beautiful bride for you within our own relatives only. Come let’s go home, we’ll get you married”.

Siddhaiyya said, “Sire! What are you talking about? You are talking like a crazy person. I have renounced this world altogether and came to service Swami Veera Brahmendra, and you are asking me to marry? You and other ignorant people normally feel that there is a lot of happiness in getting married, possessing wealth, having infatuation for the wife, getting marital pleasures from her. But all such happiness and pleasures are Earthly. They can never give you salvation and permanent happiness. Moreover, I feel pity on those people who enter the trap called as Marriage”.

Then Siddhaiyya started preaching him the path of renunciation.

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