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Chapter 45- Siddhaiyya Teaches Renunciation to His Father

Siddhaiyya continued, “Father! He is great who has sacrificed ‘infatuation’. If infatuation is sacrificed, one gets wisdom and divine knowledge. That divine knowledge helps us swim across the ocean of ‘Samsaara’. That bestows the grace of ‘Parameshwara’. Hence, whatever I’ve decided to do is infallible and highly difficult path. So, you leave all worries about me and together with your wife; spend the rest of your life in meditation on God. Bless me and return back home. This is my final decision and will”.

Hearing those words from his son, Peer Saheb hugged his son and spoke the following words with tears in his eyes, “Kumara! In such young age itself such a huge and tremendous amount of divine knowledge grew in your mind. Who knows what’s destined for you! Let it be the way God wants it to happen. Whatever a human desires for; do they all get satisfied? Son! We have given birth to you, but have we delivered your fate? So let it be whatever it is destined for”.

This way when his father got emotional, Siddhaiyya said, “Father! Whatever words you spoke, are indeed facts but I’ll tell you one thing, listen! For people who suffer the heats of the scorching sun named ‘Samsaara’ have only one tree to their rescue where they get ultimate and permanent peace. That tree is called ‘Moksha’ (Salvation). Only under the shade of that tree one gets permanent peace and happiness. Whatever attachments arise in childhood, adolescence, youth, and old age; one has to chop them off to get permanent happiness, and that happiness can be achieved by approaching a ‘Sad-Guru’ who would take that disciple towards the path of devotion of God. Infinite bliss lies in attaching oneself to God. I have approached a ‘Sad-Guru’ now and calling me back home from this divine path of devotion, is not justified. As aquatic organisms can’t live leaving water, the same way after getting attached to this ‘Sad-Guru’ I will die if I’m separated from him. So you please go back home”.

To such words of his son, Peer Saheb fell down and cried aloud, hugged his son and said, “Since we gave birth to you, our womb is burning due to this enormous amount of sadness due to your words. Without you my legs are unable to move back home. Your mother with intense love for you is crying day and night, that’s why even after trying to explain you in all possible ways, you still refuse to come back home. Think about your mother’s condition and let’s go home”.

Siddhaiyya replied, “Father! Whatever ways you adopt to convince me, whatever you try out to take me back home, even if you beat or scold me; or even if you cut my throat I am not going to leave the lotus feet of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami whom I have considered my ‘Sad-Guru’. Once a person attaches himself to ‘Sad-Guru’ he finds no other happiness more blissful than Guru’s service.There is nothing greater in this world that the grace of a ‘Sad-Guru’. So these are my final words to you. This is my last reply. Please give up your hope that I would come with you and kindly go back home. With this I offer thousands of oblations and salutatorians to you and my mother. Please convey the same to my mother”.

Having conveyed his final decision and message Siddhaiyya became quiet. Seeing no effect of his words on his son, Per Saheb left all hopes on him and went to Veera Brahmendra Swami and said, “Veera Brahmam Swami! Salaam! This kid has reached you to get ‘Paratatwopadesam’ from you. Considering him as your son, give him some wisdom. He has become knowledgeable by becoming your disciple. May he get success in understanding the Supreme ‘Brahman’ due to your grace!”

Like that he requested and prayed to Swami for the benefit of his son in his spiritual life. Then he hugged his son for the last time and advised him, “Kumara! Remain focused on your Guru, with full devotion and concentration follow this Guru’s words and get the divine wisdom what you desire for. These are all my blessings for you”.

Saying such words from his core of the heart he approached ‘Govindamma’ and saluted her by saying ‘Salaam’. He requested, “Mother! My son is under the shelter of Swami. Due to his childhood whatever mistakes he does, kindly ignore and dismiss them considering them not as mistakes”.

Thet Peer Saheb approached all other fellow students and said, “Dear children! Consider my Siddhaiyya as one among you. Don’t hold any hatred because of his caste and creed”.
After that he decided to go back home but found his legs not moving due to his love for his son, hence he went back to his son and said, “Son! I’m leaving for home now. You remain humble to all the fellow disciples and remain low before your Guru. Get a good name for yourself in the eyes of everyone”.

Siddhaiyya accepted his instructions and said, “Father! No need to worry about me. I’ll become only glorious by the grace of this Swami. I will not bring any bad name to you. Believe me!”

Listening to such assuring and pleasing words from his son, Peer Saheb blessed him and set himself for the journey back home. But while leaving he turned back again and again to have the glimpses of his son for the last time. Finally he stepped out of the ‘Simha Dwara’ (main gate) of the Mutt, and with heavy heart traversed his path towards home.

On the way he stopped by the house of a “Reddy’ whom he knew in that village. He entered his house, met Reddy and said, “My son is in Swami’s Mutt. Whenever you happen to visit that Mutt to see Swami, please see my Son as well, and keep us informed of his well being”.

Then Peer Saheb came back to his home village ‘Mudumoola’ and narrated everything to his wife ‘Aadambi’. Thereafter that couple spent their lives in the memories of his son and once in a while used to visit Mutt to meet their son.

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