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Chapter 46- Swami Tests Siddhaiyya’s Devotion

The day when peer Saheb left Siddhaiyya in that Mutt and left alone to his village, Siddhaiyya prayed and praised Swami in many ways and stood in front of him and said, “Sadguru Swami! Please gift me the knowledge of ‘Siva Yogam’ and make me grateful”.

Swami replies, “O Siddha! Your parents after hearing that you have got yourself inclined towards learning the scriptures of another religion, they felt worried and your father came here to take you back. He pleaded before you, and tried his best in many ways to take you back home. But you stood adamant and didn’t accept and obey your father’s order. In this young age itself you have not obeyed your parents’ wish and didn’t go back home. This is disrespectful. So you follow your father’s request, go back home, marry the girl they choose for you and live a happy married life. Because of your actions I may get a bad name”.

That way Swami tried to test Siddhaiyya’s mind. Swami wanted to see if Siddhaiyya is fickle minded or he is firm in his Guru-Bhakti.

To Swami’s test Siddhaiyya replied with folded hands, “Father! SadGuru! Because of my good fate, I have become ‘Sarva Sanga Parityagi’ and without diving into the ocean called ‘Samsaara’ I came to you, you please show me the path to salvation. After taking refuge under your shelter to seek divine knowledge and to traverse the path towards Salvation, you are asking me to go back and dive into the ocean of Samsaara? Is it justified on your part to make me fall into the web of illusion? I can give up my life in front of your lotus feet, but would never go back home. Father! Firmly I promise you that, in any case I’m not going to go back home. You kindly be graceful on me and bestow me the knowledge of ‘Siva Yogam’ and make me a blessed soul”.

After listening to Siddhaiyya’s firm words, Swami Veera Brahmam said, “Son! Whatever you have asked me, that is very difficult to understand and to practice. You being in such a tender age, it would be very difficult for you to understand and practice the same. So listen to me and go back home”.

Siddhaiyya said, “I have taken refuge in your lotus feet by considering you as the combined divine incarnation of ‘Hari and Hara’. You are everything for me, and if you yourself say such words to me who else is my refuge tell me?”

Siddhaiyya expressed his Bhakti by total surrender. To his words Swami said, “Siddha! On this earth there are 13 qualities which humans are unable to give up and consequently they are penetrating deeper into the cob web called Maya and are vanishing inside the same. How can you of tender age be able to cross that Maya? How can you comprehend that ‘Para Siva Yogam’? That ‘Siva Yogam’ which is the divine sport of the Supreme God which pervades through all the universes and all living beings, You can’t see that divine light. Even if you see, you can’t bear that. Even if you tolerate, you can’t achieve oneness in that. Hence leave all these childishness and go back home. Don’t force me. Moreover the rulers of this era are Muslims. You also belong to that religion. So, if you try to abandon Islam and adopt Hinduism, we would have to be answerable to the Muslim rulers of our villages. This Mutt would get harm and defame due to you. Hinduism is like poison for Muslim followers. Since the time when Muslim rules came, we have seen many Hindu temples, idols, scriptures getting demolished. Why I’m telling you all these, and why Govindayya, Potuloorayya tried to move you out; did you get the reason behind all these? I’m beyond all descriminations, for me you or any other person; all are equal and all are my dear ones. Nobody exists whom I dislike. Only reason why I and my sons have repeatedly been telling you to go back home is the fear of getting into difficult times due to Muslim rulers. Nothing else is the reason”.

After listening carefully to Swami’s words Siddhaiyya said, “Due to my virtues of previous births, I have got this opportunity to service you kind of Guru. Kindly be merciful on me and teach me ‘Para Siva Yogam’. Make me your servant. The moment the dust of your feet touched my head, I realized my previous birth’s knowledge. If you happen to disallow me to be at your service, I’m going to give up my life in front of your feet but in any case never am I going to go back home”.
That way Siddhaiyya expressed his devotion with all politeness and tears rolled down his cheeks. Then Swami said, “Siddha! Whatever I’ve told you for your benefit, seemed not desirable to you. That Siva Yogam is tough for even the Gods. It needs lot of efforts to make the monkey kind of wandering mind to focus and to regulate the different kinds of winds flowing in our body. For people who can do so, they might succeed in achieving the ‘Para Siva Yogam’ but for a young child like you, is it not too difficult to achieve that? Devotees who leave food and sleep, controls all their senses (Indriyas), hides the 3 Gunas, burns out the attachments, detaches oneself from infatuations on others’ wealth and others’ wives, burns the wood called ‘desire ‘ with the fire called as ‘knowledge’ and always remains meditating on the Guru; such devotees may achieve success in Siva Yogam, but how can you kind of young child achieve such a difficult feat?”
Siddhaiyya felt that even after showing his unyielding devotion, swami didn’t get convinced; he felt very sad, cried aloud, held Swami’s feet with his hands and started murmuring within himself “I should now leave all attachments with this body. When my Guru doesn’t have faith in me, why should I live?” Slowly he grasped some breath and replied to swami, “Father! It’s only for you those Saints and Monks do penance in forests, those Kings and Brahmins remain submerged in you and attain Salvation. I may not be as great as those people. I may be devoid of qualities, I may be ignorant. But Swami! For you it’s not impossible to turn me into a wise man, bestow me all good qualities. Father! Out of all these devotees who have taken shelter under your grace, why have I only become an odd man out? If you kind of all knowing divine saint abandons me, then who else in this world would support me, wipe mu tears and bestow me that divine wisdom?”

Speaking such words out of extreme pain and devotion, he held Swami’s feet tightly and sat silently there without leaving Swami’s feet. Seeing his extreme, unfathomable and unyielding devotion Swami’s heart became filled with love and affection. Swami said, “Siddha! Don’t cry, don’t be sad” and Swami made him calm down. But Siddhaiyya was still doubtful whether Swami would accept him or again ask him to go back.

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