Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 47- Brahmopadesam to Siddhaiyya

In his Test when Siddhaiyya passed with flying colors, Swami thought within his own heart, “Aha! What a level of devotion! In this world there are many devotees but such a pure hearted, such a serene natured, such a person having so much of keen interest in Guru Bhakti, is not visible anywhere to my eyes. Many of my devotees have worshiped me and got my grace, but such a devotee possessing calmness, composed nature, etc. has never been seen in my life so far”.

With those thoughts of Siddhaiyya who touched his heart with his devotion, Swami became extremely graceful on him and took Siddhaiyya near him and patted him with affection and said, “Siddha! You don’t fear. Don’t be sad. Look at happiness and sadness equally. Son! Sit in ‘Padmasana’”.

Swami then wiped his face with his hand and smeared sacred ash on his forehead, wrote ‘Pranavam’(OM) on his tongue, positioned his backbone and head straight and then said, “Son! Now you leave all your worries. I’ll convert your body of flesh (Mamsa Pindam) to a body of divine sound (Mantra Pindam)”.

Then Swami spelled the following divine Mantra in his ears, “Om Hreem Kleem Sreem Namah Sivaya Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamine Namah!

Then Swami said, “Son! Listen to me carefully. Whatever target I’m going to show you, stay focused on it and experience the divine bliss. Siddha! You are not a common human being; you are the all knowing Lord Sarveshvara! So, see the ‘Antar-Lakshyam’. Son! When you see the target (lakshyam) you should control your wandering mind and stay focused on the ‘Param Jyoti’ (Divine flame) which you are seeing. This way you can enjoy the divine unlimited happiness”.

Swami reassured Siddhaiyya saying, “You are safe here in this Mutt, leave all your fears apart”. Then Swami went inside the Mutt for worship.

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