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Chapter 48- Qualities of a True Disciple and a True Guru

Siddhaiyya addressed to Swami as ‘Sad-Guru Chandrama’ and asked, “Swami! How should a disciple of a Sad Guru be?”

Swami answered, “Son! Listen to me carefully. A Disciple who is interested to do service to a ‘Sri Guru Murty’ should possess the following qualities - faith, belief, devotion (guru bhakti), peacefulness, calmness. He who is very meticulous, who fears from doing sins, who sacrifices/dedicates all his Karmas and their results to his Guru, who never expects fruits for his deeds, who remains unattached with this world of Maya, who always takes pleasure in singing the glories of his Guru and who always keeps meditating upon his Guru is a real disciple. He should have desire for salvation, should destroy the seed of ignorance (agyana), and should give up - ego, attachment, infatuation, pride of one’s own body, attraction for wealth, anger, greed, lust, and jealousy kind of bad qualities. He should follow a non-dualistic approach (Advaita) and should consider his Guru as everything. Such a devoted student gains the eligibility to become a real disciple, and he always dwells in the divinity of his Guru”.

Siddhaiyya asked, “Swami! A disciple should possess all those criteria which you stated to become a true disciple. But then what are all the qualities an ideal Guru should possess?”

Swami replied, “Son! An ideal Guru is one who follows Justice, who understands Dharma and follows it strictly, who has affinity for good deeds, who is devoid of pride, infatuation and ego, who remains unmoved and unaffected with insult and flattery, who has compassion for all living beings, who is inclined to do service and favor to all, who has no discrimination and is not partial; such a master can be considered as a true Guru”.

To swami’s explanation Siddhaiyya smiled happily and further asked his doubts, “Swami, Sad-Guru Chandrama! In this world there are people who are wise & know many things and there are others who know nothing & are ignorant. Are all such people allowed to do ‘Brahma Vicharana’?”

Swami replied, “Siddha! Celibate, house holder, renunciant person, man, woman, Brahmin, Shudra anyone can do ‘Brahma Vicharana’ when their mind gets firm towards god. Everyone is eligible for attaining ‘Brahma Gyana’. Be it a child, an adult, an old man, a sick person, a woman, a low caste person all are equally eligible. However the ignorant people are getting fettered in ‘Maya’ by thinking numerous absurd things like - I’m a sinner, I’m poor, I don’t have resources to perform worship, I belong to low caste, I’m a woman etc. All these useless worries are not the attributes of the soul, and they are ignorant of this fact and are falling under illusion. To such people who are bit by the snake called ‘Ignorance’, ‘Brahmagyanam’ acts as a panacea and makes them come out of the self built darkness”.

Siddhaiyya felt satisfied and further requested, “Swami! In order to get Brahmagyana from you I took your refuge. Father! Yesterday you had given a discourse to all other disciples about how to make our lives fruitful. I would like to listen and learn it again from you, kindly repeat the same discourse”.

To his humble request, Swami smiled and started with the following sloka:

“भोगे रोग भयं, कुलेच्युति भयं, वित्ते नृपालाद्भयं, माने दैन्य भयं, बले रिपु भयं, रूपे जरायुर्भयं, सर्वं वस्तु भयान्वितं बुविनृनां वैराग्य मोह भयं”

“It means, One who has desires for pleasures, has fear of diseases; one from high caste has fear of decline of their ‘Jaati’; wealthy has fear of kings and thieves; respectful has a fear from scoundrels; powerful has a fear from enemies; beautiful has a fear from decline & old age; body has fear from death; like this wherever you see, everything has fear of something”.

“Hence having the wisdom of the fact that this entire universe is ephemeral and renouncing this world under the effect of enlightenment is what is termed as ‘one’s life becoming fruitful’”.

Swami continued, “Son! In this forest called infatuation/Maya there is a hunter called ‘Manmadha (Desire/Lust)’ who with the help of this nature binds the ignorant human as his prey. He makes his prey fall under the pits called attachments, lures him by throwing a bait called ‘Wife’ to attract him within his range, takes his bow called desire and an arrow called ego, hunts him and finally presents the hunted gift to the ‘Yamaraja’ (god of death). Therefore common human beings ignorant of these facts keep diving deep into the mirage made up of infatuation for wife and children and finally face lot many troubles due to all these cobwebs called as attachments. For such people who are enticed and shackled deep inside such cobweb called illusion; it’s highly difficult to get disillusioned and attain salvation”.

Swami concluded and said, “A realized wise man would remain aloof of all such attachments, considers himself just a witness of all the Karmas (‘Nimitta Matra’), focuses his mind on the almighty, stays unmoved in the moments of happiness and sorrow equally, considers joy, sadness as related only to the body and not to the soul, lifts himself above all worldly matters and attachments; such a person is said to have made his life fruitful, and he only attains liberation and gets permanent peace”.

Siddhaiyya became satisfied with the discourse and prayed to Swami and requested him, “Swami! In the most easy and understandable way kindly teach me ‘Sankhya, Amanaskha, Taraka Yogams’ and make my life blessed. First of all please teach me Tarakam”.

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