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Chapter 5- Paripoornacharya and Prakrutamba

In the village named Brahmandapuram there used to live a sinless saint called Paripoornacharya and his wife Prakrutamba. Paripoornacharya was a very pious and devoted human. He used to worship Lord Shiva daily by chanting ‘Panchakshari Maha Mantra’. He was married to a highly spiritual and devoted lady called ‘Prakrutamba’. She was sinless and a great chaste woman. For some years they both lived happily, after which Prakrutamba had a desire for motherhood. She wanted to beget a son. She approached her husband and expressed her desire this way, “O Natha! I’m having a desire of becoming a mother. My inner heart says that we should go to Kashi and serve the Lord Vishwanadha with full devotion. Lord Vishveswara would definitely give us a great son. Kindly accept my desire and plan for the Kashi trip”.

Listening to her desire Paripoornacharya immediately agreed and accepted her wish. That couple set themselves for their journey towards Kashi. On the way they visited many divine places of pilgrimage and finally reached Kashi.

The next day they woke up and completed all the daily chores, bathed in river Ganga and went directly to Vishwanadha temple to offer their prayers. They worshiped that great supreme Lord blissfully. Prakrutamba spoke to the Lord in her heart this way, “Hey Lord! You’ve entire universe as your form, you're eternally blissful, you're the supreme controller, you're the one who incinerate sins, and you’re the dweller in the hearts of all devotees! Please accept my prayers, Swami! We have always been your devotees. In order to get a son we have come to your place. O Father! I want you to take birth from my womb and enlighten this entire world.”

In the same manner she used to pray to Lord Shiva every day after worshipping him in the temple.

In order to uplift this humanity Lord Veera Brahmendra Swami was about to be born. Before his arrival; in the eastern portion of the sky a new star was sighted. Some people got filled with fear thinking that to be a bad omen while devotees were filled with joy foreseeing some divine soul’s birth for the benefit of mankind. Such devotees started eagerly waiting to see that divine soul incarnate and offered prayers constantly to Lord Parameswara.

One night when Prakrutamba was sleeping, Lord Shiva came in her dreams and said, “O Devi! I’m going to be born as your son. But After nine months as soon as I would come out of your womb, your husband would die”.

Hearing this she woke up and immediately informed her husband about Lord Shiva’s prediction. Seeing her worried, her Husband Paripoornayacharya said this way, “Hey Dear! Neither I was ever born; nor will I perish! I’m spread across the universe; right from a small straw, to astronomically large galaxies I’m spread everywhere! I'm zero and I'm infinity! I’m the reflection of the same Para Brahman hence I can’t die. You’re affected with attachment, you’re under the effect of Maya and hence for the sake of obtaining a child you have become sensitive. I’m Vilakshana Swaroopa (of fabulous form), you are Prakriti. When the Supreme Lord Shiva, who himself is the Vilakshana (extraordinary) lord is taking birth from your womb, doesn’t that mean I would be with you in that form? This is the Paramardham (divine secret), learn it carefully! People usually fail to understand this Advaita tatwa (Non Dualistic essence).”

Listening to his teachings of non dualism principle (Advaita), she became free of worries and everyday served her husband with devotion. They stayed in Kashipattanam for some months. One night after dinner, Prakrutamba went to sleep. All of a sudden she experienced something strange. Out of astonishment she opened her eyes and saw that entire room was dazzling with brilliance, as though it was a day time. She remained perplexed on her thought that when there was no lamp available in that room, then where from such a divine flash emanated? She wondered and lying on the bed she saw that, the light started diminishing a little and became the size of a cart wheel. Then again slowly it became the size of a full moon. She was watching everything in a trance with astonishment. Suddenly she saw that, the light came near her and entered her body. She was totally in trance and simply fell asleep.

Next day she told everything to her husband, and found herself to be pregnant of six months period. They spent their days in Kashi itself till she attained nine months pregnancy. Towards the end of her ninth month, they decided to go back to their own village - Brahmandapuram. While they were moving, she started experiencing labor pains and near Saraswati river bank she gave birth to a divinely looking child who was looking as like as ‘Apara Shiva Murty’ (Lord Shiva). As soon as she delivered that child, Paripoornacharya sat in Samadhi, united himself in the supreme Lord Shiva and attained liberation.

She remembered the dream where Lord Shiva predicted all these and felt her life as useless without her husband. She decided to follow her husband and die like him but seeing the new born infant she stopped herself for a moment and sat there in sadness.


Here one point what we should note is; Lord Shiva promised her that he himself would take birth as her son. Also, we know that Lord Shiva cannot lie. But we would see a twist in chapter – 7.

That explanation is covered in the ‘Foot-notes’, section of Chapter – 7. That’s an inter-esting revelation; hence don’t miss to read that.

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