Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 49- Tarakopadesam and Pancha Mudras

Swami said, “Siddha! I already taught you ‘Pranava Panchakshari mantra’, it’s meaning, and its effect, right? Now I’m going to teach you ‘Taraka Yogam;’ listen carefully with full concentration. One who desires of conquering their senses and ‘Indriyas’ by practicing Taraka, Sankhya, Amanaskha yogas should start with Tarakam first. So whatever ‘Pancha Mudras’ I’m going to teach you, you follow them keenly”.

“Whatever Taraka yoga you are interested to learn, comprises of five ‘Mudras’ called ‘Khechari, Bhoochari, Madhyama, Shanmukha, and Sambhavi. While practicing them one would hear Dasavidha Nadam - ‘Chitti, Chini, Ghanta (Bell), Sankha (Conch), Taala (Cymbal), Venu (Flute), Bheri (Bugle), Mrudanga (Drum), Meghanada (thunder)’ kinds of sounds within himself. One who establishes himself in an undeterred way by winning over all the distractions using his knowledge; would realize the fact that he is none other than the supreme divine almighty himself. This is self realization which makes one disillusioned and makes clear the fact of ‘Advaita’ that there is no duality between soul and God. He himself is the supreme Lord and apart from him there exists nothing”.

Swami continued,”Therefore, I’ll teach you the procedure to see those Pancha Mudras, follow me carefully.

1. Khechari: - Khechari means focusing on the ‘Bhroomadhya’ (place in between the eyebrows) either by closing the eyes or keeping them open

2. Bhoochari: - Bhoochari means to focus the sight at the tip of the nose without shaking the eyes

3. Madhyama: - Madhyama lakshyam means to focus the sight in the middle of the nose portion and to concentrate inwards of one’s self

4. Shanmukha: - Shanmukha means to focus the sight at the Bhroomadhya after closing the two eyes, two ears and two nostrils (using fingers)

5. Sambhavi: - Sambhavi mudra means to fix the mind constant, removing all ‘VikaramsAntarlakshyam) (distractions)’ by focusing inwards within oneself (

Son! One has to practice all these 5 Mudras first, and then one should master the Sambhavi Mudra and remain firm while doing that. One can do this by fully eyes closed, or half eyes closed position. Doing this excercise and seeing the divine ‘lakshyam’ within oneself is what is known as ‘Taraka Yogam’. These ‘Lakshyam’ are Bahya lakshyam, Madhya lakshyam, and Antarlakshyam”.

Calling him affectionately - “Siddha”, Swami continued, “You have learnt the methods of mastering 38 divine qualities. Those methods are nothing but Khachari, Shanmukha, Sambhavi which fall under ‘Antarlaksham’ category and ‘Madhyama’ which belongs to ‘Bahirlakshyam’ category. Hence, you practice them by sitting in ‘Padmasana’ posture & realize the ‘Para Brahman’ within your own self and become blissful”.

“I would teach you ‘Lakshya Triambakam’ in detail some other time. Tomorrow we would go for visiting Northern places (Desa-Sancharam). Get ready for that tour early morning itself. On the way one of the devotee would ask me about the ‘Lakshya Triambakam’ then I would explain that concept in detail”.

Having predicted that incident to Siddhaiyya Swami went inside the Mutt for doing worship.

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