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Chapter 51- Swami Lights Oil Lamps Using Water

Sri Swami while seated in ‘Padmasana’ position was giving discourses to his disciples when the servants of the Nawab came inside and saluted him saying ‘Salam!’ and said, “Swami! We aren’t aware of the reason but our Nawab has invited you to his palace. Kindly come with us”.
Swami agreed to their request and went inside, took his bath, did afternoon ‘Sandhya Vandanam’, ate the lunch, took some rest and then got inside the palanquin sent by the Nawab. In sometime Swami reached the Nawab’s palace.

Nawab’s servants went running inside and gave the news of Swami’s arrival to Nawab. Hearing that, Nawab immediately got down from his throne and ran outside to receive Swami. Nawab with folded hands said, “Swami! Please take your seat” and offered him a nice seat. Then Nawab with full devotion prayed further “Sire! With you stepping inside my palace, my entire dynasty has become sacred with your divinely presence. Swami! We heard that you possess divine existence and powers. Because of the blessings of you kind of heavenly souls only my kind of people remains in bliss”.

To his sincere prayers Swami replied “Son! Everything in this universe is the form of Brahman** and nothing else. Even the soul is pervading in all the beings hence Jiva (Soul) is also the form of Brahman. The way a pot of water is called ‘pot of water’ but when 5the same water is is in an ocean it remains one with the ocean. Similarly people should see all beings as the form of the Brahman. Those who does so are also the forms of Brahman. Hence you are also the form of the same Brahman”.
(* Brahman-> Note that Brahman is difference from Brahma (consort of Saraswati). Brahman is the supreme soul beyond whom there is nothing)

To Swami’s beautiful; explanation of soul’s oneness with Brahman Nawab became happy and requested Swami to fulfill one of his desire as follows. Nawab said, “Swami! I have a desire. If you could fulfill that, it would give me lot of happiness”.

Swami replied, “Son! You need not explicitly put your desire in front of me. I already knew it well before; even before that thought came in your mind. Go and get a cup of water from any well of your choice, then bring it inside and pour in any of the lamps of your choice near the ‘Peetham’. Or else, bring a brand new lamp, pour that water into it, put a wick and lit it; it would definitely light”.

To that reply, Nawab became totally startled and thought within himself, “Swami put out his words exactly in the same manner as what I thought in my mind. He is a divine soul who knows the future. He is a divine incarnation beyond any doubt. But anyway I would do the same as what Swami has instructed and see what happens”.

Having decided thus in his mind; he ordered his servants to bring a cup of water from outside, and ordered to bring a new and unused lamp. When they returned back with the instructed items, he carefully put that lamp near the ‘Peetham’, poured some water, prepared a wick of cotton with his own hands and immersed it inside the water. Then he sparked some fire and lit the wick with it. To his surprise, the lamp with water was shining with more light when compared to other lamps present nearby. Seeing this miracle, Nawab got filled with extreme happiness and was totally satisfied. Then he approached near the Swami and Siddhaiyya who was doing the ‘pada Seva’ to his Guru, did lot of service and with folded hands prayed, “Mahatma (High souled one)! I heard that you are knower of the future and an incarnation of the Lord. It has been proved by you when you correctly guessed my inner desire before I could express it. How can a common man do so if he is not a divine soul? I have a request for you; kindly tell the future of my Kingdom”.

To his request Swami started telling the ‘Kalagyanam’ to that Nawab.

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