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Chapter 52- Swami preaches Kalagyanam to the Nawab

“Dear Children! To this world which is diving into the ocean of sins, I would come as ‘Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya’ for uplifting the ‘Dharma’ and to punish the sinners. But before I arrive, there would be many calamities seen on this earth. They are,

1. Near ‘Kashi’ city, in ‘Gandaki’ river ‘Salagrama’ stones would dance. Those stones would speak with the people

2. Goddess Lakshmi would come behind me to my place.

3. Goddess Mahalakshmi would make others cry

4. Devotees staying near ‘Prayaga Teertha’ would remain alive and would not be harmed

5. People would sell out Goddess Saraswati

6. In the future, ‘Moosi’ river would bring flood and wipe out your city of Hyderabad

7. Subsequently your both heirs would re build the city and develop it

8. All the forests within your kingdom would bear good fruits always

9. Devotees would reside/take refuge in grave yards

10. All small villages of today would become big cities

11. Power/glory of ‘Chandramati Devi’ would decline

12. ‘Chirukurti’ village would become a big city

13. Calamities would arise in ‘Uppu Maaguluru’ place

14. Goddess ‘Addanki Nancharamma’ would speak to people and would tell them divine secrets

15. River ‘Kaveri’ would bring floods

16. ‘Amrutam’ (Ambrosia) would emerge out from ocean. That’s one of the indications of my arrival as ‘Veerabhoga Vasanthavatara’

17. In ‘Sri Ranganayaka’s temple words of golden value would be heard

18. Women would indulge with other men in relationships

19. The wise ‘Rajayogis’ who have had self realization would get my ‘Darshanam’

20. People having demoniac qualities would behave rashly and talk harshly with people

21. In ‘Suvarnamukhi’ ten high souled (Mahatmas) great saints would be born. That time in ‘Nayudupeta’ village all treasures would vanish

22. in future, days would come when ‘Gold’ would not be found even as small as the size of a pearl. Gold would completely vanish from earth. ‘Peetal’ metal (Which looks yellowish like Gold but isn’t that costly) would then be used in place of gold. ‘Peetal’ which has no significant value at present would become equal to Gold in cost

23. Eastern places would adopt newer ways of living and would become extremely poor

24. People with good character and qualities would reside in ‘Kondaveeti’ borders

25. ‘Bangladesh’ would be digested by the ocean and all life would get wiped out

26. Twenty five sisters would come forward and perform ‘Durga Kalyanam’

27. In ‘Konkana’ place, people would become eligible for salvation (Moksham) by the grace of cows

28. In Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and western states, the one who would know me would get salvation under my grace

29. People would marry without considering ‘Kula’ and ‘Gothram’ systems. Varnashramas would not be followed by them”

“Like this many strange things would happen till I come back. So, always keep doing good and remember me always. You would remain happy throughout your life. Also your progeny would remain in comfort and solace”.

Like this Swami preached few more divine secrets to Nawab and said that he wants to return back to his ‘Matham’. Nawab expressed his gratification and did service to Swami and ‘Siddhaiyya’ that night and became a great disciple of the Swami. Swami blessed him and left his palace and reached the ‘Matham’ where the Viswa Brahmin who was versed in 6 shastras resided. The Viswa Brahmin did service to Swami’s feet and showed all his respect towards Siddhaiyya and gained their affection.

The next day Swami left that place along with his disciples. On the way they stopped at newer villages and took rest there and again set themselves for their destination. This way after visiting many villages they came to ‘Vijaywada’. There Swami spent five days in the Temple of goddess ‘Durga’ and delivered his services and worship to his favorite goddess. After spending 5 days in that temple they started again for their journey towards their destination.


Kalagyana verse no. 5. Which says, “People would sell out Goddess Saraswati”, is already happening. Studies, Education have become commercialized. We have hundreds of coaching centers, tutorials, and schools but none of them focus on quality education and upliftment of the students, rather they torment the students by selling education for high price.

Kalagyana verse no. 18. Which says, “Women would indulge with other men in relationships”, is already happening. Nowadays hardly any marital life sustains itself till end. Extra marital affairs, pre-marital affairs have damaged the fabric of the married life!

Kalagyana verse no. 29. “People would marry without considering ‘Kula’ and ‘Gothram’ systems. Varnashramas would not be followed by them”. This is also happening today. Love marriages, intercaste, inter-sect, inter-language, inter-religion marriages have become very popular today.

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  1. in
    karnataka some events occurred in 2012 and 2013
    like calf born having only two legs(in back ),
    ambrosia trickle down from neem tree , calf was born
    having 2 heads , goat which was born having male and
    female reproductive system in that same goat only, ox having
    five legs and 2 tails , in London lady given birth to 1 child
    and after 6 months she given birth to another child