Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 53- Swami’s Visit to Southern Places

Because the Nawab had shown extreme devotion and respect towards Swami and Siddhaiyya and gave them many gifts before letting them go; other disciples of Swami became envious of Siddhaiyya.

They discussed among themselves saying, “Siddhaiyya is nowhere in comparison to us in terms of devotion towards the Swami, Guru-Seva, Yogabhayasa, or anything else. But still he receives respect from everyone. Not even a single time some cared to respect us. We all have to do something to make Siddhaiyya look inferior to us otherwise if the same trend continues we will become useless”.

Sri Swami overheard their discussion and thought, “Oho! So, this is the jealously feeling which these boys have on Siddhaiyya. Once I should exhibit Siddhaiyya’s levels of Devotion and faith to these boys otherwise their pride would not subside”. This way having decided to break their false pride and to show them the levels of devotion what Siddhaiyya possesses Swami silently passed by without scolding them for their conspiracies. They tried many ways but couldn’t bring any harm to Siddhaiyya or his stature.

Swami and his team then visited many places namely Tenali, Bapatla, Chirala, Ongolu, Nellore, Kala Hasti, etc. and kept wandering those places by making the people iterate about the divine. They reached Tirupati finally. In Tirupati, they visited all the Teerthas, and bathed in the sacred waters. They stayed in Tirupati for five days.

The next day they set themselves towards ‘Cudappa’ village and on the way while traversing through the forests they kept taking rest in between under some tree.

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