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Chapter 54- Siddhaiyya Eats a Rotten Dead Dog

Sri Swami decided to break the ego and jealousy of other disciples and with his yogic powers created a rotten dead dog on the way they were traversing. That dog’s body was decayed and many worms and insects were entering and coming out of it. Entire environment was filled with intolerable bad smell.

That bad smell was so intense that it was almost making the Swami’s disciples suffocated at a distance of one mile. Due to that foul smell those disciples closed their nose, and were feeling very uncomfortable. They showed all signs of disgust through their facial and verbal expressions or actions.

But Siddhaiyya, who was above all happiness and sorrows and who was above all pleasures and pains; was unaffected. He was simply walking behind the Swami following his footsteps by doing Swami’s dhyana within himself.

Finally all of them reached near the dead dog. Swami ordered everyone to stop and stand there. Swami looked at all his disciples except Siddhaiyya and said, “Children! You all are winners of your senses, you all are from high caste families, you are devoted to your Guru, and you all have firm devotion & determination. Those were the words which you people spoke among yourselves few days ago, and I overheard your discussion. You all are envious of Siddhaiya’s ‘Guru Bhakti’”.
Swami continued, “If you all are really so devoted to your Guru, if you all think that you would never deny your Guru’s order or instruction; then you all should eat that dead Dog raw right now without any hesitation”.

To such an unexpected ‘Guru Seva’ those disciples remained startled and thought within their own heart like, “This extreme foul smell is so intolerable to my nostrils that I want to go away from this place. But Swami ordered us and made us stand here. This intense smell is itself disgusting then how can I imagine myself in my weirdest dreams even of eating this Dog? I can’t even dare to look at that Dog. If I don’t follow Guru’s order I would become ‘Guru-Drohi’; but if I follow his order death would be easier than swallowing that disgusting dog. Both ways I’m trapped”.

Having thought alike among their hearts they looked at each other and then looked at Swami and stood in front of him with heads down.

Swami questioned them, “Children! What happened to you all? Why are you standing so silent? What happened to your intense Guru Bhakti?” To Swami’s question they didn’t have any answer and stooped their heads down. At that time Siddhaiyya spoke to Swami, “Sri Guru Saarvabhouma! I’m like the dust of your feet; I have already dedicated my body, mind and soul to your lotus feet. This disciple of yours is always ready to jump and die if you order me to jump in burning fire. The instruction what you gave to my brothers; I’m ready to follow and complete that task If your complete blessings are there then what difficulty is there in eating this dog? Swami! Kindly allow me to do that”.

Swami felt happy to see such a tremendous devotion and said, “dear son! I’m not unawre of your devotion and determination. So, go and eat that considering it equal to Ambrosia”. Saying those words Swami pampered him by patting and rubbing his back.

Siddhaiyya fell on Swami’s feet, took his blessings and went near the dog. He sat calmly beside the dog and took the crippling and crawling disgusting insects which were coming out of the dead body with both of his hands filling the palm and said, “Yetat Sarvam Sri Veera Brahmendraarpanam” and ate it as like as someone eats cashew nuts blissfully. There were no signs of disgust on his face. He was blissfully immersed in his Guru-Dhyana and ate that dog completely without even leaving any traces; not even there were any insects as left over. Whatever he ate became like fruits and vegetation in his mouth, due to the power of his 'Guru Bhakti'.

Other disciples stood like statues without having any signs of life in them. After completing the feast Siddhaiyya got up and touched the feet of the Swami. Swami blessed him saying, “Chitta Suddho Bhava” and turned towards the other disciples and said, “Children! Did your doubts on Siddhaiyya’s devotion and determination get answered with this incident? Or still you have something to test him? What do you think about Siddha? He is perfect n Guru Bhakti, Guru Seva. His levels of devotion are boundless and immeasurable. Out of all the people who have faith in me and are devoted towards me, this Siddhaiyya is the foremost and topmost among them. Didn’t you see a spectacular example of his devotion just now? Do you still hold jealous for him?”

Those disciples understood the supremacy of Siddhaiyya and accepted their stupidity. They unanimously praised and prayed to Swami and Siddhaiyya. Then all of them moved again on the road theough the forest where they found a huge banyan tree and thought of taking rest under it for a while.

Siddhaiyya sat near the feet of Swami and requested him saying, “Swami! Kindly teach ‘Sankhya Sootram’ to me and make me blessed with that knowledge”. Swami replied, “Son! In sometime a strange happening is going to be seen. So this is not the right time for that discussion. I will teach you that once we are in our ‘Matham’. All of you take rest for now”.

As per Swami’s instruction all other disciples slept there but only Swami and Siddhaiyya remained awake discussing other things.


Ideal disciples of olden days used to live as per the orders of their Guru. Although possessing such high levels of devotion towards a Guru used to bring certain negative experienced in their life, yet the one, who used to consume the negative experiences considering them as elixir with undeterred devotion for the Guru, used to gain unparalleled name, knowledge and finally used to reach Salvation by the grace of the Guru.

Siddhaiyya shows his exemplary levels of devotion and becomes a role model for others to follow.

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