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Chapter 55- Swami Cures Leprosy of a Brahmin

The banyan tree under which Swami and his disciples were taking rest, nearby under another Banyan tree a Brahmin suffering with Leprosy was resting in his wife’s lap and was praying to the God saying, “Hey Lord of the Lord! Hey Sriman Narayana! Hey well wisher of miserable people! I’m in agony and praying you. Kindly erase my sufferings or merge me soon in yourself. Hey mother Sridevi! You are the mother of all; how can you see your son’s sufferings, O kindest of all mothers? Mother! I know you as the most compassionate one. Either persuade my Lord to take pity on me or take my life away. I’m unable to tolerate this suffering anymore. Please be kind on me…please remove my pain…please listen to me, my mother!”

That way he was weeping and praying to the goddess of the world. Then he looked at his wife’s face and said, “Priye (dear wife)! Even when my blisters vomited blood and pus, even when my body emanated bad smell, without even a single sign of disgust on your face, you always carried me on your back to all the sacred places of pilgrimage. You have taken all the pains for my sake. But because of the great sins of my previous births I am undergoing this hellish life now. My beloved! It’s only for my sake you are also undergoing unspoken sufferings. My pains are visible to the eyes, who can see your sufferings which are not visible? You don’t get food to eat timely, you are wandering in all the sacred places taking me on your back, you being of a slender and tender body bearing my weight on your back without reporting your pain to me or anyone, you don’t get proper shelter to stay, you don’t have good clothes as well. I can’t see your sufferings anymore! Scriptures say that it’s the dharma of a husband to protect his wife from all miseries and difficulties. But here I’m your biggest misery, your biggest burden. ‘Bharta’ means one who shields, sustains and gives shelter. But here you’re fulfilling the duties of a husband as a caretaker. I’m the cause behind your sufferings. It’s better if death comes to me”. Having spoken those words in pain and distress, he became senseless in the lap of his wife.

Feeling his words and seeing his pathetic condition that chaste Brahmin lady couldn’t get any other option except for bursting out in tears. She cried aloud and seeing her husband’s wounds emitting blood, pus and seeing flies and mosquitoes sitting on them, her tears kept rolling down like a river. She took her garment (Saree) and wiping off the tears of her husband cried and tried to bring her unconscious consort to consciousness, “Swami! Natha! Get up. Why do you feel bad thinking that I would despise your body? Why do you think I would feel troubled doing service to you? Even if I remain in troubles and you remain in bliss then also my happiness would lie in your happiness. If you die, wouldn’t my life become useless? O Lord of my life! Why don’t you open your eyes? Since it’s time for food, due to hunger you are unable to respond or open eyes and look at me. Ayyo! (Ayyo is a typical word in south Indian languages of expressing one’s inability or shock) your mouth is getting dried up. Even there is no water nearby. Ayyo! What to do now! Oh God! With all your kindness and merciful nature, please come soon and cure my husband. Hey all Gods, Monks, Saints, and realized souls! Can’t any one of you remove these miseries of my soulmate? O Trinity, O Ganesha, Kartikeya, O Ashwini Kumara, can’t anyone of you show sympathy on my husband? Ayyo! Seems nobody exists to listen to my prayers and take pity on me. Hey Paramaeshwara you are the only savior for all creatures. My mouth is drying up, I’ve lost all my energy, and I’m too tired to pray you anymore. You only can save us”.

Thus spoke that Brahmin lady and became senseless and slept. Her prayers and cries were overheard by Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami. Swami said to Siddhaiyya, “Siddha! From the moment we came here we could hear some cries of a man and a woman. Those cries and prayers were audible till now. But all of a sudden it stopped. Do you have any idea what could be the reason behind this?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Gurudeva! When we came here, you said within an hour some miracle is going to happen. What is there in this world which is not known to you?”

Swami gave a broad smile and said, “Son! Wake all your brothers up; we would go to that place where from those cries were heard.”

Siddhaiyya took all other disciples along with and together with Swami they all reached the place where the Brahmin couple lay unconscious.

Swami addressed the Brahmin lady as Mother as said, “Amma (Mother)! O great chaste lady! How have you fallen unconscious? Get up!”

Swami’s words made her gain her consciousness and she opened her eyes. Took her husband out of her lap and made him lay aside, she stood up and fell on Swami’s feet. She prayed, “Swami! You seem to be none other than the ’Parmatma’. You have taken pity on our condition and came here to help us. I am not in a position to tell you our miseries and the reason behind our sufferings. My mouth has dried up for the lack of water and due to hunger my words are not coming out”.

Having expressed her inability for telling their condition to Swami she again fell down due to weakness. Swami took one fruit from his bag and said, “Mother! Please have this fruit and fulfill your appetite first and then you can narrate your pain points to me”.

That lady took that fruit from Swami, looked at her husband’s face, turned her face again towards Swami and said, “Swami! In this world a wife’s happiness lies in his husband’s bliss. How would I be able to eat this fruit when i see that my husband is unconscious due to hunger, thirst, and pain of leprosy? You are the all protector Lord. You should first protect my husband and then only you should protect me”

Saying those words she again lost her consciousness and fell down. Swami felt extremely moved with her devotion towards her husband. He approached near the Brahmin suffering from leprosy. Swami touched his body from forehead to his feet with his divine palm (Amruta Hastam) and to the surprise of everyone, his leprosy vanished totally and not even the signs of it were seen. Not only that he was cured of leprosy, but his body got filled with immense energy and power also. He became youthful and energetic.

That Brahmin didn’t believe his eyes for this miracle, and repeatedly touched his own body with his hands to feel that he was freed from that disease. Finally he believed his eyes, and fell on the feet of Swami, and again got up and sat near his wife who was lying on the ground unconscious. He took her head in his lap and patting on her cheeks (trying to get her into consciousness) said to her, “Kanta! Kanta! Get up. Open your eyes my dear. See! Someone who seems to be a divine incarnation has cured my disease. My body which was emitting out bad smell due to the blisters and wounds is emanating good smell now. My body which seemed to me like it would collapse and die soon, is now filled with energy and I’m feeling youthful with this. Definitely in our previous births we would have possessed some great merits for which today I have been relieved of this painful life. Common, getup; we should worship this great godlike saint.

She gained her consciousness and saw her husband freed of that disease, felt extremely happy and asked her husband to fall on Swami’s feet. She also touched Swami’s feet and sat with folded hands. Swami blessed both of them saying, “आयुरारोग्य ऐश्वर्याभिव्रिद्धिरस्तु. शीघ्रमेव सुपुत्र प्रप्तिरस्तु. शीघ्रमेव सर्व विध्यप्रप्तिरस्तु.” (Means, May you be blessed with health, long life, and May your wealth increase. May you beget son soon. May you get all knowledge soon)

After blessing them Swami addressed the couple who were still fallen on the feet of Swami and said, “Children! Get up. What’s your native place? Which caste you belong to? For how many months this disease was troubling you?” To Swami’s queries, they both stood up and with folded hands answered, “Swami! We belong to ‘Pushpagiri Agraharam’. We are Brahmins. This pious person who is my husband, suffered from this disease for the last 10 years. I have been wandering and visiting in all the sacred places of pilgrimage carrying him on my back. I had taken him and visited many Vaidhya (doctors), but all efforts were in vain. After that you became merciful on us and blessed my husband with health and strength”.

Thus she spoke respectfully with folded hands pouring all her devotion on the Swami. Swami addressed that lady with a smile on his face, “Mother! The word ‘Chastity’ has got a meaning today with your selfless service and devotion towards your husband. Now go to your village and live happily”.

That Brahmin lady replied, “Sire! ‘Bhaktavatsala’ (merciful towards the devotees), we would like to spend our lives in doing service to you. We would like to stay in your place as your devotees. Kindly allow us to go to your place along with you”.

Swami smiled and said, “Mother! You are destined to bear a virtuous son. And your husband is destined to become the most wise and knowledgeable Brahmin in your village. He would be far more learned than any other Brahmin of your village. So go back to your village, don’t waste your precious time”.

To Swami’s advice and prediction, they became happy and started towards their hometown, but their feet didn’t allow them to move ahead, again and again they were turning back to have the sight of the Swami. Swami who was seeing all these and noticing the reluctance of their feet to step away from him, with a smile on his face, called them again, “Amma (mother)! I am noticing your reluctance to go away from me. Don’t worry! In another few days I am going to visit ‘Pushpagiri’ village. That time I would come to your house. During my visit to your village a big disaster is deemed to happen, but you and your husband would not get affected. I will save both of you”.

That chaste lady became pleased with Swami’s assurance to visit their home and said, “Swami! Kindly preach us ‘Para Tattvopadesam’ and make us blessed”.

Swami replied, “Mother! I knew what you had in your mind. That’s the actual reason why I called you back”. Swami gave his divine ‘Dwadasakshari Maha Mantham’ (a mantra of 12 syllables) as “Om Hreem Kleem Sreem Namah Sivaya Sree Veerabrahmendraswamine Namah” and said, “Children! Keep chanting this divine ‘Mantram’ always. You would get all the kinds of prosperities on this earth. You would get virtuous children, wealth and everything on this earth and after your life you would get salvation with this”.

To Swami’s blessings, that couple got filled with immeasurable happiness, again and again saluted Swami touched his feet and happily returned back to their home.

With this happy incident all the disciples of Swami also became immensely happy. That Brahmin couple lived a blissful life thereafter and kept chanting that ‘Mantram’ daily and led a happy and blissful life.


  1. The text says that Swami gave his divine Dwadasakshari Maha Mantram as Om Hreem Kleem Sreem Namah Sivaya Sree Veerabrahmendraswamine Namah, but isn't this the Beeja Samputi mantra. From Chapter 20, the Dwadasakshari Mantram is mentioned as being Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Shivaya Brahmane Namah. Could you kindly verify which mantra the Swamiji gave here? Thank You.

    1. Thanks for pointing the discrepancy. I remember clarifying this isue on some otehr article in reply to someone's query. At present i have abandoned focusing on this blog. Hence would not be able to analyze what went wrong (if at all) and where it is correct, etc....Currently I am focusing on something else. Thank you.

    2. No worries. I really appreciate the effort you put into this blog and thanks for the quick reply.