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Chapter 56- Peer Saheb Registers a Complaint

After the miracle of curing the Brahmin from leprosy and bidding them farewell, Sri VeeraBrahmendra Swami together with his disciples set themselves on the return path to their village ‘Kandimallayya Palle’

Before reaching their village they had to pass through a village named ‘Atlaata Palle’ which was twelve miles away from ‘Kandimallayya Palle’. Swami and team stayed in a temple to have lunch. From there they had bath in the ‘Tungabhadra’ River and went to the temple of his favorite God ‘Sri Veera Bhadra Swami’. Swami performed Puja (worship) to the Lord ‘Veera Bhadra’ with ‘Sahasranama Stotram (1000 names)’ recital. Then he did ‘Karpoora Harati’ after doing other rituals like ‘Dhoop, Deepa, Naivedyam’. That night they spent in the same temple and early morning next day they resumed their journey and finally reached their home village ‘Kandimallayya Palle’.

Few days later, one day Siddhaiyya addressed his Guru as ‘Swami’, and asked a question, “Swami! One who dies, does he have any rebirth or not?”

To his query on Janma Rahasya (Secrets of Birth), Swami replied, “Son! Everything emerges from a minute seed. After taking birth, the human gets inside the blanket of ‘Maya’ (illusion) and thinks that he is his body itself, he doesn’t realize his true self and keeps developing attachment with his body, his relatives, worldly pleasures, comforts etc. and in this entire process he wastes his precious time & life in enjoying worldly pleasures. Finally when death comes, he leaves the body and falls into the vicious circle of births and rebirths due to his ‘Karmas’. Only the one who gets Janma Rahitya (birthless state – Salvation) falls out of that cycle and finds eternal peace. So, to answer your question; apart from the ones who achieve ‘Janma Rahitya’, all others have to take births again after death. Hence one has birth after death and that’s true”.

Siddhaiyya asks further, “Father! You talked about the state of ‘Janma Rahitya’. Could you please elaborate what is the nature of that state and how does one attain that?”

Swami foresaw someone’s arrival and shortly replied to his query and said, “Siddha! The state of ‘Janma Rahitya’ can’t be explained through words. However, I would discuss that in detail some other day. For now, just understand that the way a fried seed/nut can’t give birth to a plant even if you sow it, irrigate it; similarly after reaching the state of ‘Janma Rahitya’ there can’t be any further births. But learn it as a truth that one who hasn’t attained that state, he surely has births and rebirths further”.

That way when Swami was answering to Siddhaiyya’s question, a soldier from the Nawab of ‘Cuddappa’ entered the mutt with a message from the Nawab. The message read,

Salutations (Salaam)! As per the complaint lodged with us, by ‘Peer Saheb’ of ‘Mudumoola’ village; you have taken away his son and converted him into Hinduism. As soon as you read this message, you should come to our palace in ‘Cuddappa’ and have to answer to our questions truly. Another option is; you should go to ‘Mudumoola’ village, meet ‘Peer Saheb’ and settle the things down.

In case neither of the options is followed; then you, your disciples, Mutt; everything would become history. - Cudappa Nawab

Swami finished reading that letter and handing it over to Siddhaiyya said, “Siddha! Your father has registered a complaint against me in ‘Cudappa’ Nawab’s court. He alleges that I have made you ‘Matabhrasht’ by taking you away from your religion Islam and converted you into Hinduism. Hence the orders for me are to appear in the court of ‘Nawab’, answer his questions and accept the judgement what he gives. Son! For the same reasons many times, I and my sons have asked you to go back. But you were firm in your decision and stayed here. Did you see what your father did now?”

‘Siddhaiyya’ with folded hands pray fully said to Swami, “Sire! Why do you worry about this matter? On your behalf I’ll go to the ‘Nawab’s court and return with success after give appropriate reply to him. Till the moment your blessings are with me, difficulties can’t even touch me. Please allow me to go”.

Swami said, “Son! I am not unaware of your courage, and capabilities. Go and return with success”. Swami blessed him saying, “Digvijayi Bhava” and permitted him to go to the court of ‘Cuddappa’ Nawab.

Siddhaiyya touched Swami’s feet and saluted him with devotion. Then he took the soldier alongwith him and set himself on the way to ‘Cudappa’.

On the way that soldier asked a question to Sri Siddhaiyya, “By the way, why did you give up Islam and adopt Hinduism?” Siddhaiyya imagined the divine figure of his Guru within his mind’s eye and thought in his heart, “If my Guru’s divine grace remains on me I would transform all the Muslims of your village into Hindus”. After thinking those words he smiled and then replied to the soldier, “Friend! Why do you bother about that, be fast and walk in front of me”.

Siddhaiyya appeared to walk behind him but all of a sudden as if he vanished; with such a lightning speed Siddhaiyya left him behind and reached ‘Cudappa’ before the soldier reached.

In the ‘Cudappa’ place Siddhaiyya found Muslims and only Muslims everywhere. He went inside the market place which was full of Muslims and sat on the ground in a crowded place. Due to the divine attractive powers of Siddhaiyya and by the divine grace of Swami VeeraBrahmendra, all Muslims came near SIddhaiyya and sat around him. The entire village Muslims asked many divine secrets about the God. Siddhaiyya explained them many spiritual things and also taught them ‘Advaita’ knowledge (knowledge of Non Dualism). For two days Siddhaiyya kept wandering in the village markets and public places. Within two days astonishingly huge no. of Muslims of the village got transformed like Siddhaiyya taking interest in Hinduism. They applied 3 horizontal marks of ash on their foreheads, wore ‘Rudraksha’ beads around their neck, and wore saffromn clothes like ‘Sanyasi’ (renunciant). All of them looked like Siddhaiyya in attire and form.

Seeing all these transformations, Islamic Guru ‘Kaazi’ approached Siddhaiyya with anger and asked, “Hey! Are you a dweller of this village or an outsider? If you are a visitor then tell me whether you are planning to reside here itself or would leave this village?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Sire! For some reason the Nawab of your place asked my Guru to appear before him. On his behalf I have come here. I am not going to stay here forever but I will not leave this place until my objective is completed”.

Kaazi replied, “Oho! So you are the one who came from ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’ village. You asked our person to walk in front of you and trickily somehow you reached here prior to him. You came here and transformed all the villagers like you. He believed your words and you vanished from his behind. He was searching for you. Good that you were identified. Good! Stay here only”.

Kaazi directly went to the palace; stood in front of the Nawab and greeted him, “Saheb. Salam! Two days back the one who vanished from the eyes of your soldier whom you sent to ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’; that thief is found now. Not only he adopted Hinduism some years back; but also he has transformed many of our ‘Sahebs’ like himself into Hindus. You should bring that rogue to your court and give necessary punishment. If you don’t stop him now, I’m afraid; there would be no one left as Muslim in our village”.

Judging the criticality of the message Nawab immediately sent one of his servants to Siddhaiyya’s place and asked him to bring him to the court. That servant of Nawab spoke to Siddhaiyya and said, “Sir! For some reason our Nawab wants you to appear in his court. Kindly come with me right now”. Siddhaiyya accepted his request and went with him.

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