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Chapter 57- Power of Siddhaiyya’s Spiritual Energy

Sri Siddhaiyya appeared in Nawab’s court and stood there without doing ‘Salam’ (without saluting/greeting) him. Nawab got filled with anger and his ego got hurt with Siddhaiyya’s action.
Nawab thought within his mind, “this person How arrogant he is. I’m a Nawab and he is just a common man. He didn’t greet or salute me. That’s disrespectful of me and my position. He is standing like a statue rotating the beads of ‘Rudraksha chain’ in his hands and seems like thinking something else. He seems as if his mind is elsewhere”.

Nawab in order to break the silence asked Siddhaiyya, “Are you from Muslim caste or do you belong to Hinduism? Seeing the outfit of yours you look like a acting fake Sanyasi. What is this Sanyasi attire for?”

Siddhaiyya replied, “Son! Whatever I’m looking like, is neither fake nor acting. I would tell you what actual meaning of acting is. Listen! In this world there are eighty four lakh species. In all those births a soul does nothing but acting. ‘Veshadhaari’ (One who enacts a role), is the soul. And this entire world is a stage. Instead of realizing one’s true self, a soul, under the influence of Maya (Illusion) thinks as if this world and worldly things are eternal. He marries, and lives with his wife and children who are his fellow actors and thinks that is it, that is life, and that is everything. The moment when we come out of our mother’s womb, whatever role we play; all are just for name sake but not real identification of character of us. We have a divine existence, and that true self or true character of ours has to be understood by us. And this is what the instruction of the Swami ‘Sri Veera Brahmendra’ who resided in my heart”.

To Siddhaiyya’s words which seemed so complex to understand to the Nawab. Instead of recognizing Siddhaiyya as a wise man he angrily said, “What Man! You seem to be having all bad qualities talking so rudely to me explaining me some strange things. You didn’t even care to respect me. I have seen many people so far but such a disrespectful person like you were never seen by me till date”.

Siddhaiyya said, “Dear Sir! Long back itself I had offered and sacrificed my six bad qualities as gift at the feet of ‘Jagadguru Virat Potuluru Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami’. I heard that you had called for my Guru for some reason. On his behalf I have come to your place. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Nawab thought in his mind, “First I would know some details from him and then I must also punish him for his rudeness”. And Nawab had the following conversation with him.

Nawab: “What’s your name?”

Siddhaiyya: “My name is ‘Siddhaiyya’”

Nawab: “Which caste do you belong to?”

Siddhaiyya: “I belong to ‘Doodekula’ Caste of Muslim family”.

Nawab: “If that’s the case, your father told me that you left your religion and went to ‘Brahmam Garu’. Is that true?”

Siddhaiyya: “Sir! ‘My’ religion, ‘your’ religion, ‘their’ religion; like this we may have created many religions but God is only one. Am I not correct? A tree may have many fruits but seed from each fruit would give birth to the same tree. We may have many bodies, many creatures, but soul within all of them is only one (Note: - Here Siddhaiyya is talking a great thing. We usually think that there are many souls but a per Advaita (non Dualism) we all have one soul and thet is essentially the supreme God himself. We all have a divine existence which we don’t recognize due to the blanket of Maya. Siddhaiyya has pointed out a beautiful and core aspect of non-Dualism). Hence, in order to get the divine knowledge of the Supreme God, in order to attain realization, I considered Sri veera Brahmendra Swami as Lord Parameshwara and became his disciple”.

Nawab: “Oh! So that’s the reason behind your pride and arrogance for which you didn’t even care to salute me. Even great saints and great people who visited me; all of them did ‘Salam’ to me. What’s the reason behind you not doing ‘Salam’ to me?”

Siddhaiyya: “Sir! Now I understood. So this was the reason why you were so angry with me trill now. Listen! The reason why I didn’t do ‘Salam’ to you is because the power of my salutation isn’t tolerable for anyone on this earth except for one person. Only my Guru Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami has the power to tolerate the power of my salutation”.

Nawab: “What is this strange thing? So you mean to say that you are such a divine personality. Is it? And you also mean to say that your Guru is also a divine soul, right? And I can’t endure the power of your ‘Salam’. What’s this rubbish?”

Siddhaiyya: “Dear Sir! If I raise my hand and do ‘Salam’ to you; you and your throne will get burnt to ashes within a fraction of second. This is true. Please understand”.

Nawab (lost his temper and said angrily): “There is a saying, “A dirty fish makes the pond dirty”. The same way, apart from you having abandoned Islam and joined Hinduism, on top of that you are trying to fool us with your fake Hindu statements. It wouldn’t be a sin if I punish you .You have deceitfully ran through some shortcut and reached our place duping my soldier. Your action of running away from my person is a punishable act and you should get punished for that. Apart from that I head you transformed many of our Muslim people like you. This is also something for which you deserve punishment”.

Nawab lost his temper and became wrathful. Siddhaiyya remained complacent and peaceful to whatever Nawab shouted. Siddhaiyya suggested in a gentle way, “Dear Nawab! You punishing me and I accepting that is fine. But I advise you that if you act on anyone without knowing the other person truly, you would get spoiled. Kindly don’t ever lose your temper without knowing what the other person is!”

Siddhaiyya’s words which were for the betterment of the Nawab entered as poison into Nawab’s ears. He couldn’t get any other idea on what to do with Siddhaiyya,and shouted at him saying, “You consider yourself as someone having divine powers. Can you show me your divinity? What will you do tell me?”

Siddhaiyya smiled and replied, “Dear Nawab! Bring a big rock. After that whatever I am going to do, you can witness that with your own eyes”.

On Nawab’s orders his servants went out and brought a big black rock. They placed it in the middle of a ground. Most of the Cudappa Dwellers who came to know about these proceedings gathered at the ground to see the miracle.

When everyone gathered there including the Nawab, Siddhaiyya steeped down and stood in front of the Rock. He looked at the Nawab and then again looked at the rock. Siddhaiyya remembered his Guru saying, “jai Guru Veera Brahmendra Avatara! Jai Veera Bhoga Vasantavatara!” And then he lifted his left hand in air and saluted the Hard rock saying, “Salam!”

Everyone’s eyes showed a panic stricken condition and remained open for what they had seen! The rock which was huge, hard and strong; got destroyed to small pieces, dust and powder with a great explosion.

Everyone who was witnessing that incident including Nawab remained shocked without any movement for quite some time. The seemed like statues or lifeless idols. Siddyaiyya turned towards Nawab and said, “Sir! This is the reason why I didn’t salute you. Except for my Guru Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami none other on this earth can absorb the energy of my ‘Salam’ or ‘Namaskaram’ (salutation). After seeing practically I hope you have understood now what I earlier tried to explain you by words”.

Siddhaiyya continued, “Just because my father lodged a complaint against me and my Guru, was it correct on your part to ill treat me and my Guru without knowing anything in detail?”
Nawab understood his mistake and started shaking with fear thinking of the possibility of Siddhaiyya issuing a curse on him. He thought within himself, “I didn’t realize his greatness and talked in unparliamentarily. I ill treated him and his Guru as well. I have seen many saints but this kind of person who has divine yogic powers was never there as one of them”.

Thinking about his misdeeds he fell on the feet of Siddhaiyya and prayed in an apologizing tone, “Swami! Not knowing about your greatness I used many bad words on you. Please forget all my sins and kindly protect me considering me your own child”.

Siddhaiyya took sympathy on him, held his shoulder with his hands and lifting him up from his feet said, “Dear Son! You have done no sin to me. In fact whatever words you used on me were like Ambrosia on my ears and not even a single bad word acted like poison for my ears. Your bad words seemed bad for you but for me they were like divine chants, my son! Remember that all these bad words are only till the bodily level but to the soul they can’t cast any influence. People like me who see respect-disrespect, pride-shame, happiness-sorrow, Summer-autumn-winter, and love-hatred equally; they don’t get affected or influenced with any of such emotions. One who can practice equality among all such emotions he can keep his mind in control which is otherwise like a monkey. When the wandering mind becomes our slave, gets handcuffed and remains under-control; then to that person this entire universe comes under his control. He becomes a divine spirit”.

Siddhaiyya continued, “I am also like you. Whatever happened is all due to the grace of the Universal Teacher ‘Sri Virat Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami’s’ divine grace but I’ve done not even an iota of anything in this. Sir! Without churning the curd can you extract butter out of it? The same way my kind of Saints without being tested by you kind of peoples how can our divinity be revealed to the people? So, whatever you have done was a decision of the almighty and you have done no sin to me”.

Nawab with folded hands said, “Swami! Kindly come with me to my palace, I want to offer my devotion to you”.

Nawab took Siddhaiyya with him to his palace and on a golden ‘Peetham’ he made him seated. Nawab washed his feet and did all kinds of respect what people do to saints and then requested, “Swami! I request you to kindly bless me with your grace and bestow me Salvation”.
Siddhaiyya replied, “Nawab! I can’t teach you the path to Salvation since I’m still a disciple and haven’t got the order or privilege from my Guru to do such things. Even then, if I do so, you and me both would become ‘Guru-Drohi’ (disloyal to the Spiritual Master) and would become sinners. If you really want to know the path to salvation, approach my guru Sri veera Brahmendra Swami. He would surely guide you through”.

Nawab requested further, “Swami! Now I am losing interest in this kingdom. I may not be able to rule it properly now. Kindly take me along with you to your Guru and make me also one of his disciples. Also kindly request your Guru to give me Salvation”.

Siddhaiyya replied, “Sir! Because of you kind of good rulers we saints are living in peace. You shouldn’t come with me now. But I’ll surely bring my Guru along with me to your palace when you can quench your entire spiritual thirst”.

Like that Siddhaiyya comforted the Nawab’s anxiety and stayed in Nawab’s place for 5 days. Then the next day Siddhaiyya returned back to ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’.


It’s not a matter of astonishment to see a true disciple possessing such high levels of aura that with a mere salaam a rock breaks into pieces. Yoga trained body can do anything. A true disciple who follows his Guru’s instructions with discipline, dedication, devotion and detachment with other worldly matters focusing his mind totally on his Guru’s feet, gains such high powers. A yoga trained disciple’s body becomes charged with spiritual energy. Due to that spiritual energy of his Chakras, he can do anything on his wish.

We have examples of such feats in our Indian history. Sage Agastya drank the entire ocean in three gulps to help Gods find the demons hidden under ocean. Sage Vishwamitra sent Trishanku with his mortal body to Heaven using Yogic powers. Sage Kapil reduced 1000 kings to ashes by uttering one sound ‘Hum’. Indian history has many such examples of extraordinary saints. That shows the power of Yoga and a Yoga charged body!


  1. Thanks for providing us the life story of Jagadguru Lord Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy in these beautiful chapters. I have been reading them from chapter 1 onwards and I've just completed this one now. By the way can I know what do you think of 2012 phenomenon based on your knowledge of Veerabrahmendra Swamy's kalagyana? Does Swamy mention anything about that in His kalagyana?

  2. Dear venkatesh,

    No 2012 is not the end of the Kaliyuga as what some rumours say. However there are some calamities expected based on Brahmamgaru's kalagyana for the coming year. But again since the Kalagyana is written absed on Hindu calendar year names like Khara Nama Samvatsaram" etc., and since Hindu calendar year names repeat after every 60 years. I am not competent to judge which english year maps exactly with the year name mentione din kalagyana.

    However soem sources say that 2011, 2012 would see some calamities and that could be true also since in 2011 we had Tsunami in japan. Same way it could also show other calamities in next year. But for End of kaliyuga definitely 2012 is not the year. We're still left with many years to go...

  3. The words ' return' and ' back' shouldn't be used together. Kindly remember