Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 6- Sage Atri Perceives the Divine Aura of the Infant

Meanwhile Sage Atri happened to pass by her side. He was going to take bath in Saraswati River. He saw her weeping, approached near her and said, “Devi! What is the reason behind your Husband’s Samadhi? Why are you weeping? This baby is looking like a supernatural being. He is not a common infant; in fact 16 divine qualities (Shodasha Kala) are oozing out of his face. He is definitely some ‘Avatara Murty’. Perhaps for his birth itself as a premonition there originated a big star in eastern part of the sky”.

Sage Atri was perplexed with the divinity of that child and with folded hands kept glancing at the child’s face.

Prakrutamba however started crying aloud. She addressed Sage Atri, introduced herself and narrated all that happened. Then she lifted her child on her hands and said, “Without my husband my life is useless, but seeing this child I can’t die. Here I am putting this child in your hands, I request you to take care of this child”. Having said those words, she handed that child over to sage Atri and sat in Padmasana beside her husband, locked her breath, kept her backbone straight, raised her Kundalini to penetrate the Sahasrara chakra and applied ‘Shiva-Jeevaikya Sandhanam (The yogic method of uniting a soul with Shiva)’ and united herself in Lord Shiva. Thus she got liberation as like as her husband.

Sage Atri took that infant to his hermitage (Ashrama) and started rearing him with cow’s milk. He gave him a name ‘Veerambotlayya’. He was none other than that great Guru - Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami, and this name was his initial name.

The divine aura of that child constantly attracted sage Atri’s mind. At last he couldn’t stop himself and with his divine yogic vision looked into the past of that child to know who he actually was! The revelations made Atri shocked for a moment but again he felt extremely overwhelmed. He understood the reason behind the birth of that infant as follows.

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