Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 60- Kakkaiyya Dissects His Wife’s Belly

While Swami was explaining the ‘Shat Chakra’ details to Siddhaiyya, a person named ‘Madiga Kakkaiyya’ over heard their entire conversation by hiding behind the wall. He thought within his mind, “I used to think that God is somewhere in some different worlds, but by the grace of this divine soul through his ‘Amruta Tulya Vakyams’ (nectar like words) I have known the secret that God are in our own body and nowhere outside. This body is comprised of ‘Pancha Kala’ (five arts), ‘Pancha Shakti’ (five energies), ‘Panchagni’, (five fires), etc total 96 ‘Tatwam’ (qualities), and on top of that, all the ruling deities are present in the same body of ours”.

Kakkaiyya with foolishness thought, “If so many divine Lords can be seen within the human body itself, then it’s so easy to get salvation. Right away I should go to home and cut the womb to throat of my wife so that after seeing those great lords I would get immediate salvation”.
With such a stupidity which is called ‘Moodha Bhakti’ (a devotion without applying any intelligence), he rushed towards his home. When he entered his home he found that his wife was in a deep sleep. He thought that it was the perfect chance which he should not lose. He looked around and took dagger and first cut her throat, then tore her belly from bottom to her neck. He immediately threw away that knife and put his hands inside the cut and widened it. Alas! To his consternation there were neither any Gods, nor any ‘Lingams’, nor any ‘Shakti’, nor any colors, nor any kind of five fires were visible.

With immense grief and intolerable shock of losing his beloved wife he collapsed on the ground. After sometime he gained his consciousness back, got up, sat and thought, “In order to see the ‘trimurtis’ (Trinity Gods) inside her, I became merciless, made myself a stone hearted, didn’t even think about my wife’s life even for a second, with all my heartlessness I cut the stomach of my wife who was so dear to me. Since I had been hearing lot many good things about ‘Brahmamgaru Swami’ I considered his ‘Mayavadi’ (illusionary) talks as authentic, I believed the words of that fake Guru and got deceived in such a pitiful way. Just because of his teachings I became little greedy to gain the glimpse of the Lords and killed my wife whos was such a chaste lady and who was very dear to me. What should I do now? What a foolish person I am! What an act of stupidity I have done!”

He cried aloud for a while and then started talking with himself again, “Oh God! Narayana! I happened to listen to the stupid talks of the Fake guru and have killed my wife brutally with my own hands. Hey refuge of all fallen souls, hey ‘Bhakta vatsal’ (protector of the devotees), I have been duped by the words of that fake swami. Hey Lord of the lords! Why did I overhear the stupid talks of that fake Guru and his disciple? Even if I heard, why did I desire to see that theory practically? Even if I desired to see the trinity why did I think of seeing them in my wife’s body only? Even if I had thought of seeing them in my wife only, why didn’t I stop myself from doing that brutal, and terrible sin of killing my own wife, that too when she didn’t know about anything and was in sleep? I have committed a great sin, “Stree hatya maha Patakam” (Killing a woman is most heinous sin). Now who will save me from this great sin? I’m the biggest sinner present on this earth at this moment”.

After lamenting for long, he gained his leftover courage and decided to go back to the Swami and Siddhaiyya’s place. Again he sat behind the same wall and whatever Swami was teaching to Siddhaiyya, kakkaiyya started screaming saying, “Don’t listen. It’s all fallacious, he is fooling you. These are foolish talks”. He started denying every teaching what Swami was giving to Siddhaiyya.

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